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    No but there might be an update in tomorrows Courier
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    I really wouldn't be having a go at anyone until you can at least use capital letters and full stops. My 6 year old can do that.
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    Is he just knocking at the door then
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    Havent a clue re first bit but Robbo is on record as saying if hes still here at end of July hes staying? As for the team I think its wayyyy too early for any predictions. As so many have come in we have to give it time to gel. Last time we got relegated it took time to adjust and Im anticipating the same this time. Tbh my hopes are for a top 4 place to get us in playoffs and anything more will be a bonus.
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    We are lucky that the Highland League clubs have twitter accounts to keep us informed of what is happening at our club.
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    I dont think we are struggling for players, The players we have just need game time to gell together. Raven is only contracted till the end of December, If he's not on Robbo's long term plans, why play him? Raven is a legend for his goal in the cup semi, but every footballer will have their great day ( mostly) he's had his, and i thinks Ravens time is up with us.
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    and there is no need to be a smart ass on here you as allways fans do not have a real say on this form due to all site mods over the top at times can see why a lot of fans do no join this forum due to the people in charge of it
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