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    I would go for a dream ring myself. I am too scared to Google 'cream ring' as I am worried what might appear on my phone!!
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    Why so late lol We'll be there for 11am!!
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    Meeting at the Saltire bar near Livi North about 12:30ish
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    There were very legitimate concerns about no information or, worse still, misleading information coming from the club during the close season and the very beginning of this. However, under the new chairman, the club has gone a long way to remedy that and, frankly, I wouldn't be getting too het up about a delay in officially posting details of a friendly match arranged at short notice which will involve fringe players and is not even being hosted by the club. As has been said, the details of the match are widely known from other sources, I honestly don't know why you seem so exercised by the matter.
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    After reafing this post i am shocked that our catering pies are no local. I have sent a club a tweet to confirm this?. Mr gows would be a great choice? Also i would buy a cream ring each game.
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    "He will use it as an exercise to get minutes for Aaron Doran, Zack Elbouzedi and Collin Seedorf, who are working their way back from injury."
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    So why is it not on any of the clubs official platforms then? Remember the promise about better communcation?
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    Excellent cause and only £5 a ticket. Looking forward to this and a good chance to restore some 'Pride of the Highlands' lol.
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