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  1. Flash Bob: "I played 10 mins for Macclesfield" Other Yuppie: "Who?" Flash Bob: Never mind.
  2. I doubt Harper would be keen, I'm sure he'll have a lot more lucrative and local offers. But Marsella appears to be on the road a lot, and so there could be a part-time position, but with the finances as they are, it seems unlikely. Don't have enough keepers to coach! esson could coach himself! it is a slight worry, If Esson gets injured. * I like stating the obvious*
  3. There aren't many players who deserve much stick that have played for ICT. Niculae, Blackman may have some history, Hayes, Reguero, OTJ, Tade all left to rival clubs. Hogg left after injury. Barrowman used to get quite a bit. McGuire too. Is any of it warranted? Certainly, in Roberts case, no. Is there a "boo" ometer we can refer to?
  4. You could be right. Was it the straw that broke the camel's back or something more to it? I'm wondering if it had been ICT would there have been such weight put on it?
  5. Does that also not bring with it a signing ban? I'm not sure.
  6. I wonder how important Inverness Caley Thistle is to the wider economy? How much has the city of Inverness and surrounding areas benefited from the team's existence? Certainly, since the Sun's headline to the long SPL stay, it has done well for the name Inverness. Think of the impetus to have 'Inverness' in the title. HIE and VisitInverness etc. wouldn't admit it, but I bet ICT does more for the national awareness of the city than all their work put together. Such a value, unfortunately, has no financial rewards for the club. However, I think if the club is debt free, and sustainabl
  7. At the very, very least, administration, -15pts next season and one heck of a battle to stay up. That's the rosy picture.
  8. They need 2000 people to buy season tickets just to keep convulsing until the SPL prize money comes. I have no sympathy. Not for the club, and not for the fans. I'm sorry, Morton, Airdrie, Motherwell, Dundee, Gretna, Rangers, Dunfermline...it's not as if its a first. Added to that, a potato could have seen this coming years ago. They, the fans, had two options. To go along with it, as they did wholeheartedly or make enquiries and push for transparency and assurances. To my knowledge, "hee-haw" springs to mind. It has to stop. And the only way it stops is by fan power...look at Dun
  9. Capofamiglia: Butcher Capo Bastone: Malpas Consigliere: Marsella Caporegime: Foran A mafia hitman is usually a capo regime (captain, skipper in English) so the real question is "Was Marsella ever captain of a club?"
  10. Yep, but I doubt they'll be cashing in on Wilson or anyone else. That would be kind of like paying for the Metro newspaper. Hearts will get a buyer, but the question is, what kind? I'd imagine Hearts will be bought, put into administration, and will be relegated end of this season, if not a Hearts 2013 scenario...
  11. Daily Record: "Hearts then went on to confirm the signing of Danny Wilson from Liverpool...The club then ended their statement with a further desperate appeal for cash and season ticket money from their fans...“our financial deficit can, in part, be attributed to our worst league finish in over 30 years last season. “This had a significant direct impact on the business. Other factors that hit revenues include the absence of Rangers Football Club from the SPL and significantly increased stadium costs particularly in relation to the Main Stand.” What a load of rubbish. You spent all yo
  12. Yeah, everybody knew this day would come, but nobody stopped it. If the shoe was on the other foot, if ICT were bought by some Flash Harry and suddenly we were getting internationalists, paying 2k a week to players, and borrowing heavily, what could be done? How culpable are Hearts fans? The SFA, The SPL, etc.
  13. Supermarkets just aren't fun Charles, not for the customer, or for the staff. it's kind of like asking what makes a good government. By their very nature, they aren't good. I enjoy a bookstore. I have never, never looked forward to visiting the supermarket. it's a necessary evil. Nowadays, you can do your shopping online and get it delivered. I'd say this is a much better way of it. In fact, it's almost a throwback to the butcher's boy.
  14. I blame the high schools. They have failed to embrace any real sporting competitiveness. And teachers, who years before would give up their free time, and drive/coach a team, be it footie, volleyball, whatever, are long gone. That's where the battle is won or lost. cotland must be one of the worst for organized high school sport, certainly in the highlands. Know any good football tournaments between schools?
  15. This is long overdue, and it seems that the shirts are finally trying to do something right. i wonder whether there may be clubs who turn down the chance of promotion. Lets imagine Wick were in Div 3 along with Stanraer, Berwick, Annan. AA Route Map says 7 hours 41 mins / 355 miles one way for Stranraer. imagine the amount of Fish & Chips (Sure Wick has an airport, but the departure times, costs, etc. mean it's surely redundant). Seriously though, would there be a way to have Wick (3rd last season) in the mix? A potential 16 hour round trip, exc. pit stops! and the cost!
  16. Going from nightlife in Hong Kong and London to Inverness? That'll be interesting. if I was planning a weekend in Inverness around a game I'd be up on the Friday from Gatwick, staying in By the Bridge Apartments or City Suites, and out to one of the hotels on the river for dinner/drinks them a bar. A venture to a nightclub? (up to you, set your expectations very low) Saturday morn, off to Glen Ord distillery and/or Tomatin distillery then the Innes bar pre-match and ICT game (if fortune favors) and then Sat just pub crawl it. Sunday and Monday you can do any number of excursions, you
  17. Absolutely, TB is a manager who builds his own teams, he's better with a blank slate. I don't think he has the patience to 'win over' existing players, and prob Vigurs was in tht bracket. good move and will be interesting to see how it goes.
  18. Indeed CaleyD, that is the biggest worry. Young uns, who may see it is a bit of a larf, could end up with dire consequences for something that, until quite recently, and that existed for many years without issue, is now an offence. The mind boggles.
  19. Agreed, I think the whole PC thing is out of control, we have basically become, or told to become, super sensitive, and it knows no bounds. Again, I reiterate that what is unacceptable, is unacceptable. And that doesn't apply to ICT fans. But in the race to stamp out sectarianism and racism, which I think all agree is not ok, it will go beyond what is called for. It is not simply about ICT, or football, but about bureaucrats throwing the baby out with the bath water. is there a defence? as IHE said, who will stand up to a test case where what we may perceive is banter, as I think we have
  20. And this is the issue. Who decides? I have had some absolutely outrageous discriminatory things said to me using the usual stereotypes of Scots/Highlanders ...but by friends. It's banter and I enjoy the humour. If a stranger says it with malicious intent, I can have them charged. So what will happen? Will one eejit on either side of the bridge get all Daily Mail and report stuff. Will smartphones capture fans and they end up in the Castle? Will people be charged? CaleyD, I agree totally, but often the law is an ass... My biggest fear is that someone ends up with a record over th
  21. Discriminatory: prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category. This is just one interpretation. But yes, I feel both ICT and RC alike will see a change in both clubs' tolerance.
  22. Under UEFA law, a first offence for discrimination by fans would be partial closure of the stadium where fans had been found to been discriminatory. A second offence would be full closure and a 50,000€ fine. Points deductions would also be a possible sanction. It seems the SFA will fall into line and have cited discriminatory, racist, or sectarian behaviour from fans. Regan was quoted as saying, "Essentially, the resolution is about asking the members: 'what do you want for the future atmosphere inside our grounds?'" How would this affect clubs like ICT? http://www.bbc.co.
  23. I have it on good authority that Marsella was also checking out Strutt & Parker and Munro & Noble. They'll be key players for ICT this season I feel.
  24. Starchief, I get what you're saying, it was like when I first heard Terry Butcher after years of listening to Brewster. But if you compare Terry and Kenny, on the one hand you have a very upbeat, jovial, well mannered, passionate, original orator and then you have Kenny, a bitter, arrogant, deluded, egotistical liar. Standing out from the crowd is one thing, being a complete tool is another thing entirely. You aren't wrong about his record, he won silverware, and did try to keep a settled, solid squad. And therein lies the rub. He's been given the elbow because of his behavior. PR i
  25. It's a good question, what is the average wage for young players in the premier? Asides from the real starlets, what would one expect? I'd say it must be in the 1k a week region
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