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  1. Doncaster: "We have pledged to approach the transport authorities to examine whether there are any steps that can be taken to alleviate the challenges faced by the Inverness fans for the match at Easter Road and will be back in touch with Mr Balfour as soon as possible." Transport authorities: Transport Scotland? Traffic Scotland? A very tepid commitment.
  2. Very disappointed with the SPFL, and feel they had ample time to have come up with a much more concrete plan, given the numbers in their organisation and the meeting timeframe. That being said, CJT have done all they could, have done justice to the supporters direct ideal, and now it will be left to see what the SPFL will do with the good faith given to them...
  3. Shiels? If it turns out to be true, ICTs image is about to change. And not for the better.
  4. Excellent recognition. Well deserved.
  5. I think the safest option for ICT fans would be travelling by rail and staying overnight. It's £52.10 for an off-peak train return, £65.00 for a guest house, and basic subsistence, of, say, £30. A conservative estimate of £150. The Hearts fan will pay £3.50. (I'm sure the SPFL will cover the difference, just to be impartial.)
  6. You can ask for it, but it won't be forthcoming. As many have said, flags don't have a place. I wouldn't wave a Scotland flag at anything other than a Scotland game, and even then I wouldn't be sure I would. We've had all sorts off wild protestations, that not wanting to be associated with Rangers means we disrespect soldiers, ally with extremists (still digesting that particular nugget) and hate our nationality!! Which begs the question, why are some, repeat some, ICT fans intent on turning a topic on "We are not Rangers and don't want to be seen to have anything to do with their ideas
  7. And this is the crux of the matter. You'd have to be very, very naive to say that in no way do you, in the context of Scottish football, think the union flag isn't representative of something else. It is nigh on impossible to be a long-term supporter of Scottish football to think printing Inverness on a union flag is in no way connected to Rangers. In fact, the general public would know as much. All this other hooey about politics is deflecting from a serious issue, that none of us want and know fine well exist, Inverness old firm fans using ICT as a platform. Now, regardless of the
  8. Obvious? it was about something that happened in the ICT support, talking about the issue of flags, football and the way they can be perceived. Yes, it may cross into that with some posters due to its popular nature, but that is language and the way we use it. Every time there is a more interesting thread, it is suddenly off topic and people who wish to post are made to feel unease. Thanks.
  9. IHE, Charles, you are seriously saying that 80 + posts on someone storming up and taking someone else's flag isn't to be debated. It's a fan forum, discussion, any debate regarding ICT, if it's not libelous or offensive, is the purpose of a forum, why the negativity if it is what people want to talk about?
  10. Struan, I dont consider myself a moron, and though we may have very different opinions, that is why there are eighty posts and not four - because views differ, resorting to calling people morons isn't exactly on. The British flag in Scottish football is synonymous with Rangers. Fact. Deck the stadiums in them, but all you are doing is unnecessarily associating ICT with Rangers. I am British, I write 'I am British' twice a year at least, but we are talking about the context of Scottish football! and if you bring a union flag to an ICT game, you cannot, unless you know nothing of basic
  11. If you want to bring union flags and bedeck TCS in them, go ahead, it is my nationality. But if you are saying that, in Scottish football, the flag isn't synonymous with Rangers in a big (massive) way then, well, I must disagree.
  12. Why not sing Simply the Best and get it over and done with? You can play the colour coincidence and nationality card all day, but you'd have to be from pretty far away from reality to suggest this was a wholly naive mix-up.
  13. No reason to bring nation flags into domestic club football. Everyone on here knows what connotations, rightly or wrongly, it has and I'm sorry, but at what point leaving the house did that come after your wallet, phone, keys, and ticket?
  14. Has always puzzled me why Scotland hasn't provided a world class player in the last 30 odd years. But Jack Harper (Real Madrid) and Islam Feruz (Chelsea) are the first twinkles of light in a deep, dark recess where, like Sauron or Voldemort, Scottish football has been festering, clammy and rancid. But of late, there are murmurings, that there are players, the likes we haven't seen since the Clangers, emerging, slowly, like dewy snowdrops. Gauld speed. We are the new Belgium.
  15. It is one bad result, and probably marks the end of the halcyon start. That was bound to happen. And ICT have played badly and won before, but this time, STJ were on fire obviously. Third to every ball sounds as though the players got too cocky.
  16. The BBC. Siphoning off millions into salaries of the few, millions from public money, and not a suspension proferred. Hires muscle to get its TV licence fees that then get spent on massive salaries for executives. Asides from opinion on women's football, the BBC need their own moral compass found, and to stop trying to find it in other areas of the media. I actually didn't like his article, I think it was base and crude, but that's what the DR is, so one can't really be surprised. But a word in his ear would have been suffice.
  17. Can't believe the fourth paragraph, 1st line, wasn't edited. Mind you, it's hardly the Observer, Independent, et al... But still!! To be honest, I haven't watched MOTD at all this season. Can't get excited over millionaire players who are greedy whining racist/violent/criminal/morally corrupt idiots. Kind of like paying £35 to go to Golds Gym to shout for Mark Zuckerberg against Bill gates at Squash. has no meaning. maybe just getting old, but women's football - at least they do it for the love of the game and give it their all. The SPFL has more interest for me than ever for the
  18. @Forza: I'm actually well up for fan design but first we have to come up with some reasoned structured offer. I think people could vote for stripes, swooshes, etc. on a blind vote but as for submitting actual designs....would be a big step for fankind.
  19. I have come up with a few reasons why fans don't get input on strips. Novelty: Most shirts are bought soon after the release date, the impulse factor would be lost Too many kooks: those who don't get what they want may be less likely to buy Designers: Even with a fan design, the finished article is different, and may lead to some umbridge Big cheeses: sponsors, investors, manufacturer, board, players, etc. may have other ideas Designers 2: often they hold the cards, and don't like being told what to do
  20. Yeah, the BBC are just in self-implode mode, all over the place. Everybody knows the fact, it isn't even up for debate, but we are not dealing with sane rational normal thinking people here. We are dealing with fanatic extremists.
  21. Though they are right, these people will never admit it. And it is not a big deal in the scheme of things, it doesn't change any thing either way. Better to be pushing against FIFA corruption than semantics. that said, Jim's comments were just off the cuff, and this reaction needs to be taken seriously by police. “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” Oscar Wilde
  22. Very good video. Thanks for the pie-shot. Interested to see what will unfold in this series as the season continues. The scripting worked a treat, as did the new teknoligy. I think some info on the stadium/stewards/facilities/match day experience/ticket price/ food stop/ would maybe be of wide appeal, to me at least, to know which grounds are good value, but just my yuppence worth, thanks for the vid.
  23. Been found out. Second season syndrome, the novelty has well and truly worn off. Don't get me wrong, I have no desire to see RC go down, it is a far more interesting league with them in it, I would just prefer they had an adult in charge.
  24. I thought getting the original recordings was pretty cool. To be honest, I'm surprised it is so prominent.
  25. Very interesting, how did you find it?
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