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  1. Non-British Isles players Ross County: 7 ICT: 1 UKIP will be heading to Dingwall before long
  2. Must have taken a while to get all that done. Very enjoyable watching.
  3. I say wait til January. We still know next to nothing of how this squad will do after the honeymoon opening period. That said, after the Celtic game, I did wonder what Terry's post-match speech would be...
  4. Not trying to be negative Krishima but its been tried and wasn't exactly a rip roaring success. It was probably be repeated at some point tho. I share Terry's frustrations but crowds are what they are unfortunately. Why wasn't it a success do you feel? I agree, I don't think there is a magic wand, and it's a niche expensive hobby in a small city, and I think the club is already very fair with kids and families. We all know that a lot of people in Inverness have previous allegiances to other SPL or Div 1 teams, which is up to the individual, but the problem there is often kids will follo
  5. All very good posts, but you sense Terry's frustrations, last season and this. The core support comment by OCG is right, and I dont think this thread is negativity, I think people are starting to empathize with Terry. The best idea I have seen so far is "bring a friend" - simple as it sounds, I think that has potential for to try some promotion marketing on with one game in the future.
  6. People are skint, more so people are in the red. Very few people see it as money well spent, even if they could make cutbacks elsewhere. If there was something around the stadium to make it a destination. A pub, a crèche, a shopping centre, a bookies, five a side pitches, shops, a cafe, a bookstore, a restaurant. As it is, it's get in, get out. There is no glamour, people are obsessed by celebrities, fashion, glam and bling, and that it is not. it's a socio-cultural swing. ICT can only affect one of those things, and even that's a no-go.
  7. Interesting. No demand/money for a new stand, or a shop/building. There must be some ideas on how it could make money... Erect marquee tents and have pre and post match party, etc. 10 quid entry including a pie, and a pint, cash bar after. Only during less busy games. One for home, one for away. I'm sure there are better suggestions...
  8. Arsenal need every player they've got!
  9. I like the "oh Inverness, .... Is wonderful, oh inverness is wonderful, it has a bridge and a castle, oh inverness is wonderful" and I think that should be the chorus of any new song. Also would like references to "going ballistic", somehow. I think the club should do a songwriting competition!
  10. It was good, I'd watch the next one. As IHE said, the pre-match could be scripted more. personally, I'd like to see a regular away club pie feature or rating thingy, a steward rating, etc. I'd already watched the SPL YouTube highlights but I enjoyed listening to the announcer so that was a good idea. Was quite slick and I'm looking forward to see the next one.
  11. Dragan, your anger is not misplaced. Nobody would convince you of otherwise. But who is at fault, the supporters? I don't believe so. They were led by a maniac, had no say, and yes, blindly followed their team. Should they have protested and forced the issue? Yes, I think so. But they are in the infancy, caught up by the new fad of wreckless owners. Fans will become savvy and less naive, but only because of what has happened to Rangers, Hearts, etc. we should be raging against Doncaster and Topping and Regan, they are supposed to enforce the by-laws. They are the enemy, not a madman
  12. Clubs seem to pay more to bigger teams, even when it's like for like. I suppose that's similar to paying more for image than substance as many people do in shops and restaurants every day. But I think it would take an offer of 700,000 to get any of the board talking. Minimum entry offer.
  13. I hate the cheating too Dragan, but a lot of my ire is directed towards the SFA and the late SPL. In stark contrast to, say, glasgow amateur football meetings, where any infraction is swiftly dealt with and penalties harsh and unsympathetic, the SFA/SPL have allowed this to happen. They have been so obsessed with competing with the English Premier model that they allowed egomaniacs access to clubs (Di Stefano, Romanov, Murray, Whyte, Flynn, Massone, et al) and have done hee-haw then or since to protect supporters from these madmen. Yes, hearts were cheats but ICT perhaps takes the line
  14. I would love to know how your 'current location' is pronounced! I'm assuming It's a real place and you weren't simply annoyed at being asked where you currently reside?! :)Fukuoka: Foo-koo-oh-ka. As an aside, the town/train station is Takeshita. (Ta-kesh-ta)
  15. 1 Where were you born? Raigmore 2.Where did you spend your childhood? South Laggan 3 When did you start following football in Inverness? Caledonian in 1990 4 What is you current location? Fukuoka, Japan
  16. This year I don't think there were any panic buys or second-choices, Terry has got who he wanted, when he wanted. I'm looking forward to seeing the Viking actually, I have a feeling he was rated very highly by Poyet and I think we will see a lot of him.
  17. Well, I think my experience tonight summed it up. 15,000 people paying at least 30 quid, witnessed a team of con men . Sagan Tosu v Sydney FC and Sydney (Del Piero, Brett Emerton, and others) decided it would be suffice to kill the game from the get go with back passes and endless passes across their back line. Exasperating doesn't cover it. This was no scrappy game, this was no hit and hope, this was thievery and an insult. And Del Piero. Wow. he did *nothing* at all. had he been a trialist, Fort William wouldn't have touched him. very angry at being taken for a ride.
  18. I am paying £30 to watch Sagan Tosu v Sydney FC here in Japan on Wednesday. Cheapest seats in the main stand. Alessandro Del Piero will be there, albeit not at his peak. But some people paid a lot more to watch Elton John at ICT and he's rubbish at football.
  19. What I have recently discovered is that the Scottish embassy question is null and void. I'm in Japan and the embassy doesn't issue passports (I don't think they do much but have dinner) I just send off to Hong Kong for mine. That's the same for every other country in Asia. The national audit office 5 years ago cut swathes through the FCO, now they are but a building and a civil servant. Soon, there won't be any embassies, thanks to the progress in travel and communication.
  20. Was perusing for stationery souvenirs for when I am back home, and had a look at the club shop. A pencil case and a calculator/ruler thingy. No pencils, pens, erasers, stickers etc. fair enough. So I thought, have a look at other clubs. Nothing. Then I had a look at the EPL - nothing! Not online anyway. I can have some very swanky looking NBA pencils, NFL too. and don't get me started on those spangly MLS ones. They are all of a kind, which means the governing body must have merchandising rights. I assume that is not the case in blights, where it must be up to each member
  21. Well, if I think about it, poor kids in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. often can be seen playing cricket rather than footie. Why is this? cricket has no violence and I haven't heard much about sectarianism or discrimination in cricket. I don't think they are earning 120,000 quid a week either. And not many clubs are tax dodging or setting up again after sacking staff and leaving creditors out of penny Don't get me wrong, I have never even watched 2 mins of it on TV, but each to their own, and they way football is going, we are all living in the preverbial crystal palace.
  22. Yes, it's a good thread. A while back there was more staff and yet no ideas, no communication, and no attempt to connect. Now, well, loads of ideas, events, issues few and far between and addressed if need be, it really has changed. So well done those who played their part!
  23. It is by far the greatest game about.
  24. Aberdeen: 1,000,000 Paul Bernard/1995 Dun. Utd: 750,000/ Steven Pressley/1995 Hearts: 850,000/ Mirsad Bešlija/2006 Hibs: 700,000/ Ulises de la Cruz/2001 Inverness: 65,000/ John Rankin/ 2006 Motherwell: 500,000/ John Spencer/1999 Partick: 85,000/ Andy Murdoch/ 1991 Ross County: 50,000/ Derek Holmes/1999 St Mirren: 400,000/ Thomas Stickroth/ 1990 St Johnstone. 400,000/ Billy Dodds/ 1994 To the best of my/wikipedias knowledge. 1995 was the crazy peak seemingly. I remember Bernard's move, that
  25. A 10k bonus is a fair whack, 100k is just disgusting. Greed, it pervades every walk of life. Longmuir can kiss goodbye to his job now. ...But was the "bonus" a sly pay-off?? he must have known some things
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