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  1. I would support this. Think it is a great idea.
  2. Iain

    Hearts Game

    Everytime we have played Hearts since they got promoted it has been announced advanced sales only before subsequently announcing you can buy at the gate.
  3. I am sure Brad does not want to find himself out wide on th righ anymore than we want to see him there. I thought the last 20 mins or so was crying out for Mulraney to run into the space Brad kept finding himself in.
  4. If I had a job I was not required to do anything for not far under 2k a week (reportedly) I would hold onto it for as long as possible. It is unlikely he would get close to that off elsewhere now so will be beneficial for him to hold on. He owes the club no loyalty after the way he was treated over the summer and into this season.
  5. Have you tried twitter? The ICT twitter account would retweet you which will allow you to reach out to a much larger amount of our fans.
  6. Why would Aberdeen wait until the end of the season? Another team could have come in and swiped him.
  7. The support is great from the young team. Notice where the players celebrated after our goal? That is the kind of support we need at this stage of the season and should be encouraged.
  8. What potential? Not seen any significant amount of it on display since the Motherwell game (apparently 2nd half of Dundee was good to but was not there). Some of these players have achieved so much in the past, but it is becoming increasingly evident that we will not see this potential again under the current manager. I certainly would appreciate it if he took his head out of the clouds. He is right, two more wins would take us into a top six battle but having not won a league game since October what makes him think that we are going to do it against Hearts and Celtic? We will likely be two lo
  9. Having not been to any home games in yonks I can't speak for what goes on there, but certainly at away games the team is getting positive support as usual. Not that it does any use.
  10. Pretty sure we lost 6-0 at Parkhead with Yogi too amongst a couple of 5-0. Horrible place to go.
  11. ****** it now. Even if you ignore the rumors coming from Inverness that Foran has lost the dressing room to the extent that players do not want to turn up to training, there was no greater proof of it than tonight. How can he continue to play Vigurs and Polworth out wide? He may think the players have bottled it, in my opinion he is the one that has bottled it. Hard to have any respect for him when he claims before Partick that it is a must win....until of course we scrape a lucky (was not at game, going by what fans have said) draw and it suddenly becomes a great point. Our relegation is as i
  12. Good to see they started coming to Skye. When I was in school only Ross County came for coaching, giving out free tickets (that I never used) in the process. Probably a big part of the reason County are the preferred team for my generation in Skye over ICT.
  13. It would have taken less time to write the club an email or letter than it would coming on here and moan about it regularly. It is cheesy but it is just a bit of writing at the end of the day. Ironically, if I didn't come onto this forum I would never have even noticed it, it is the people complaining that has brought my attention to it.
  14. Iain

    David Raven

    I can see why Yogi didn't offer him a new one. Why would we offer him a new one? I mean we can just play a center back at right back who is clearly not comfortable in that position leaving a bomb-scare in that central position.
  15. Iain


    Raven's contract situation is worrying me.
  16. Iain


  17. It seems their hands are tied in that respect, saying on the radio they would like to have done that but are looking to sell to 2-3 buyers.
  18. I think that is fair. They are not going to pay a million when they can sign him on a pre-contract in 4 months.
  19. He has been injured. This was his first game back for the development team.
  20. Watched a stream online, and have to agree with the above. Christie changed the game for us. Hard to believe he can be left out.
  21. Delighted to have him back. Hopefully this means Danny Williams will remain at full-back.
  22. Although West Ham did have a reserve side out, consisting of players mainly under the age of 22 Astra did do well in the bits I watched. Not a bad team at all.
  23. 2-0 to Hamilton. But to be fair, Hamilton have 5 first team squad members starting.
  24. Thats what i thought also. I doubt he has sour grapes, I have seen come at ICT games as a fan since he has left.
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