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  1. Are you serious? What else is supposed to say? If he hadn't been saying those things he would be criticised by the celtic fans for not being keen enough. You also need to remember at that point he was no longer an ICT player but a player on loan from Celtic.
  2. Pretty sure the Scottish window shuts tomorrow at midnight
  3. Myself plus one please.
  4. I am moving closer and closer to agreeing with the opening post. I have never seen an Inverness team with so little fight than in recent weeks. We gained a reputation on being hard to beat now it seems far too easy for anyone to score against us. For me Butcher has ripped the heart out of the playing squad and has replaced it with young players only here for 6 months to a year. I am not saying we should have kept all the older players but what is wrong with keeping them in the squad to have an influence on the younger players and pass on that fighting spirit we once had. How many players in th
  5. A new striker just isn't going to happen. Butcher was saying before the match about how broke he was, referring to his budget. A proven striker scoring 20 or more a season costs a lot. We just have to be patient. It would be a lot worse if we were losing without creating any chances at all.
  6. Great news! No idea about McKay but great to have Doran back.
  7. Just watched the highlights. Absolutely disgraceful decision from the linesman & referee.
  8. No game from me. I wish you were right but that is not what I saw. As far as I am concerned Munro definitely took a swing at him.
  9. Guys you need to wake up a bit here. It was no tactic to get Munro sent off. As much as I hate Maguire, he didn't seem to do much wrong before Munro swung his left fist at his face. Yeah, Maguire made the most of it but it was a stonewall sending off. Grant Munro and no-body else cost us the game last night!
  10. Sorry to say this but Grant Munro cost us the game last night. I saw the sending off and from what I saw I am pretty certain Munro punched Maguire in the face or at least tried to. At the time I thought he got away with it until I saw the linesman with his flag up. For me we were the better team before the sending off and still played some decent stuff in spells after it. I thought Rooney had his best game in a long time but just couldn't get a goal.
  11. I can't find the source just now but I am certain that it is three outfield players under the age of 21 in the match-day squad.
  12. I'm pretty sure keepers don't count for the under 21 rule so Tuffey would make the bench at least if Esson is first choice.
  13. To me Max Johnson is the young lad learning his trade, he is only 19. I wouldn't imagine he is too surprised about this considering Butcher said he was wanting another keeper. It's a great signing even if he ends up 2nd choice. Having two good quality keepers to call upon can only be a good thing.
  14. So the title was won despite him and the board? Don't be so stupid! Are you telling me Bennet and the Board had nothing to do with appointing Butcher then offering him and Mo and contract extension? Or that they had nothing to do with the extensive changes made over the summer? Deciding to go for promotion straight away rather than consolidating for a year or two? I am not particularly a fan of Bennet and he has deservedly had plenty criticism in the past but to say the title was won despite his efforts is a complete joke. He and the Board deserve credit for enabling such a quick t
  15. No it isn't necessary but is anything? It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it! Some people really need to lighten up a bit. Today was a great day for all there why try and make a problem out of nothing?
  16. It was because Munro gave Tokely a stupid pass which eventually led to us losing the ball. Munro then decided to blame everyone else rather than himself while they could all see it was his fault. Munro tends to blame everyone else a lot instead of just taking the flack for his mistakes.
  17. ---------------Esson--------------- Proctor--Bulvitis--Munro--McBain ----------Duff---Duncan----------- Imrie/Hayes---Sanchez-----Foran -------------Rooney---------------
  18. I must have been a bad mood or something as I'm struggling to be anywhere near as positive as most people on here. With some of the players in the press saying the next two games are must win I was expecting them to come out fighting in the first half but no, they were terrible. Every time Dundee went forward our defence looked so nervous. For me in a must win game the first half performance was totally unacceptable. And how many more times this season are we going to see them play good for one half and not the other? Lionel should not be playing when Roy McBain is sitting in the stands,
  19. Just back from the stadium. The pitch is now clear so hopefully the game is on.
  20. Hello all. Just looking for some opinions really. I'm currently writing a dissertation in which I am looking at the possibility of introducing 'safe standing areas' into top flight football stadiums in Britain. These 'safe standing areas' are not the same as your traditional terracing but like the areas you find in many modern German stadiums. So if you can give me your views on the possibility of standing areas in the spl? Do you think modern all-seated stadiums lack the atmosphere previously found on the terraces? Or do you prefer to sit comfortably with your own defined space? Do
  21. -------------Esson------------- Tokely--Proctor--Munro--Golly Hayes--Duncan--Cox--Foran --------Rooney--Imrie------- Okay i understand putting Proctor in at centre back is a scary thought but i think he's better than bulvitis in there and means we don't lose the attacking threat from Tokely's runs.
  22. I want Butcher to go but not just as a reaction to this game. Yeah this is part of it but just look at our whole season it has been very poor considering where the board and management were saying they wanted to be at the start of the season. Letting so many players go last season then signing some absolutely terrible players who are now nowhere to be seen. He just isn't good enough. If things aren't going well he just looks to Foran to win a few headers. I understand that we have no right to win this league or even to beat anyone in it but while playing here I would at least like to be entert
  23. How some people can say we deserved to win is ridiculous. Fair enough we made a few chances towards the end but they were bound to come as county seemed to sit in for most of the second half and we had to push for the equaliser. County had a few chances in the second half as well. The game is about scoring not creating chances. Our defending was absolutely woeful. There was very little movement from the midfield forward. We didn't create any space for ourselves and were therefore crowded out most of the first half. County were by far the better team. We need a player capable of controlling the
  24. The first half was a truly shocking display. County were first to every ball. The second was slightly better but we had to push on. Three extremely poor performances in derby games is not acceptable. Okay we won one but it was still a dire game. Sanchez just aint strong enough when he doesn't have space to play and Bulvitis was awful. Hayes made a slight impact when he came on. Can't complain about the defeat. Butcher has had long enough now.
  25. I have to agree. I was prepared to give him time and it seemed with recent results we had turned the corner but it turns out we can only play against the poorer teams in the league. As soon as we come up against a decent team our only tactic is to play long balls. He can even see his signings haven't been good enough. He has to go now but i doubt we can afford it.
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