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  1. brown Tokely Mann Munro Shinnie Wilson Christie Sheerin Robson Wyness Rooney
  2. he would maybe be more likely to play the role behind white, similar to where polworth played trafford welsh walsh sutherland doran white gives option to go up top but then got keatings as well
  3. 1. Made the most starts? Polworth 2. Made the most appearances off the bench? Oakley and Calder 3. Matched Vigurs with a club record 17 yellow cards? Polworth 4. Had the most appearances without scoring? (Excluding Ridgers!) trafford 5. Spent the least amount of time on the pitch (of all the players to make appearances)? harper 6. Had the best minutes per goal ratio? daniel mackay
  4. they have been doing that for ages. used to stop for fish and chips and when down at killie they used to have a dominos delivered to the bus just before it left.
  5. new number 8 - get nick ross back in
  6. with regards to the names and numbers, the club must have the facility to do it for the team kits so surely its just buying stock of numbers and letters? tartan shops would be good to stock some form of merchandise (scarf, pennant, pen, mug etc) and what about tesco stocking stuff in terms of tops, training kit and the other stuff.
  7. full range of training kit, t-shirts, polos, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts, fleeces, jackets. for all their flaws errea do have a big range available.
  8. hadn't realised there had been an official statement. my bad
  9. where have the club appeared to confirm that meekings is away?
  10. i would say there is loy and leahy from dundee and falkirk but also shankland from the dons that we could go after. all out of contract as far as i am aware.
  11. i punched in all various results to excel for bottom 4 and we can still win all 3 and go down if motherwell beat hamilton. on the other hand we can win all 3 and still finish 9th with well, dundee and hamilton tied on 36pts.
  12. Andrew Fraser HT: ICT 1 - 0 Dundee FT: ICT 2 - 1 Dundee 1st ICT: King 1st Opp: El Bakatoui Crowd: 3018
  13. Div1309


    i say go under armour. the queens park kits and training wear etc looks really smart.
  14. i.e. can any first team players play?
  15. whats the script with who is eligible to play?
  16. what about trying to get shankland on loan from the dons? the least they could do with having half their team as ex ICT players.
  17. yeah i know he has gone to midden, just saying would have been good for us to have tried to get him.
  18. if the extended year option isn't being used then i say sell him now for now less than £700k with him being loaned back and then getting a striker from celtic on loan as part of the deal. highly unlikely to get stokes or scepovic but maybe one from their development squad
  19. i personally think we should have tried to get shankland from aberdeen on loan. could maybe have been a good grace from the dons seeing as they keep kicking our players. would have been better for him than playing down a level
  20. is the centre half davies not on £3k and foster on £2.5k a week, so definitely mcgregor bankrolling them.
  21. county are advertising that their club shop is selling the new kit so imagine we would be the same (fingers crossed). would seem a bit strange to only have it in JD at the retail park. the more places selling the better. also the retail park isn't the most central location for enticing people to buy it. in the run up to the final i think the shop in the city centre was appealing because of its location. how many will just go can't be bothered going out to the retail park.
  22. do we have a sell on clause as a part of the deal when we sold him?
  23. any ideas on the other trialists?
  24. i would want hughes, latapy, brill, draper, christie, doran and williams all tied up for at least another year as well as devine.
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