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  1. Doran not in the squad again. Surely not injured after one game
  2. Relegation and a part time club is looking likely. I can’t say since we joined the leagues away back other than some of the stuff Balthaca played have I seen us looking so devoid of ideas. The play was slow and uninspiring. Players like Mcgregor Daniel McKay always looked so promising in the past. Something seems to Have gone wrong Is this a case of McCanns coaching ideas. Interestingly the commentator said he had no time before the hearts game in which we did quite well against top of league team. Now he’s had time we look abysmal.
  3. Yes I watched that was a little bit disappointed how they didn’t say more about the fact that it’s fans helping other teams and paying with the hard earned cash thought the wee numpty who sits on the left was the worst can’t mind his name tbh though I quite like the other three
  4. A wee bit concerned now TBH Hearts Dundee and Dunfermline look good for play offs are we fighting for the last play off place? And if Kennedy is going to Raith over us that seems a bit concerning I’m always fairly optimistic but thinking yet another year in the championship awaits 😪
  5. Didn’t really think of that tbh makes sense
  6. Great finish but I really don’t understand why we play the saints go marching in these days
  7. Forget it just had a senior moment. This isn’t included with our season ticket 😀😀
  8. The live video option is shaded out. I’ll try again restart
  9. All I get have restarted laptop twice and am logged into account.
  10. No live pictures on my laptop. Should I have them now
  11. Only fair really. Some of the early entries had been there since 1.45
  12. Myself and my son have been ST holders longer than that and we both got picked for the first game and are under the impression that we won’t get picked again. I think we need a bit more transparency in the number of season ticket holders we have. For example if we had tweve hundred that would be 4 x 300 then we would know we should get each fifth game and I also think the three hundred picked for each game should pretty much be the same ones in rotation if your seat is re allocated that’s fine. If you don’t turn up then you don’t get the chance till it comes round again it seems unfair for t
  13. Was quite unusual. Started off by queuing outside which took quite a while about 20 minutes to get in. They took your details checked temperature ID etc aTook my temp 4 times I was too cold 😀 not surprisingl it was freezing 😀 Finally got in and had to sit in the designated seat. Everyone sitting with masks on and I think there was a bit of uncertainty if you were allowed to stand or sing. Everyone jumped and shouted when we scored. Certainly a very different experience for sure but it was a nice touch when the team came towards the south stand and showed their appreciation as did Robbo. Over
  14. Apologies it’s not bruichladdich. It’s a whisky from Islay no idea how to pronounce. Very nice though
  15. Home thawing out with a bruichladdich Thoroughly enjoyed that and good to be back. Bit chilly but to be expected this time of year. Kai Kennedy is an exciting player and great to watch. Everyone played their part today absolutely no failures. I hope those that get to go in the next Ballots enjoy it as much as today
  16. Getting ready to leave for stadium. Trying to remember when our last home game with fans was was it February or March
  17. jagster

    New Fan

    Thank you Scotty. So chuffed it’s unreal
  18. jagster

    New Fan

    Sorry forgot to say his name is James Vincent Campbell
  19. jagster

    New Fan

    3 hours old and already in the strip Northstandfan super proud of you and my new grandson. Future Northstander sorry if it’s not appropriate for this part of the forum but just had to do it.
  20. Do they do season ticket refunds. What a poor service £260 or whatever for this. And yes im being a bit sarcastic like many I’d never ask for it back but a lot of money for a shortened season and then to be lumbered with this poor quality service is like a smack in the face with a wet fish. And i rarely if ever do I complain on a forum 😀 would we willingly donate for anything else with such a poor product I highly doubt it For the first time I actually feel really taken for granted 😢
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