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  2. I think Peter Houston indeed is a solid performer. He certainly had Falkirk jildied up to face ICT in the Scottish cup final. Could be worth a chit chat. Butcher was a traitor who was definitely, in my humble opinion, in close contact with the Hibs Board BEFORE we even knew about it. Then he sat in the stand with their Directors before the plug was even pulled out fully. No thank you. John Hughes ...well he walked out in a huff it seems and his exit was far from non-controversial and did no particular good to ICT. Any future contract would have to include terms for repayment of the extra money he got for non-managing ICT immediately after his departure. ANd a stronger contract put in place between the parties to ensure that that situation did not happen again. Problem is that , generally speaking , a leopard does not change his spots
  3. Er....? Why?
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  5. Do tell us more, this sounds good.
  6. Please. Continue, i missed this.
  7. Had a few glasses of Chardonnay one evening (by her own admission) then decided to contribute to this forum!
  8. What did Mrs Mann do?
  9. Indeed why not? OK we have to accept that his appointment as a manager didn't work although I have already likened that to suddenly promoting a trainee teacher to the Headmaster's job well before his time to save a few bucks after the previous Headmaster fell out with the Director of Education. He wasn't ready for it, but Richie's contribution as a player puts him right up there with the likes of (no order of preference) Dennis Wyness, Iain Stewart, Barry Wilson, Charlie Christie, Grant Munro, Ross Tokely and one or two others. As such, that makes Richie's status as a club legend more or less impregnable, irrespective of subsequent events, for which I do not believe he was solely responsible. After all, not even Mrs Mann caused Bobby to lose such an accolade!!
  10. We have just parted company with a manager who very much wanted to manage ICT. That's not the be all and end all. Ability and enthusiasm for the task while they are here are much more important.
  11. Not an outcome any of us wanted or can be happy about, yet the right one all the same. I'm surprised, though - I thought he was staying put. Worried now about the replacement. Will the board dither about that as they did while we were slowly and agonisingly getting relegated?
  12. Why not indeed? CC stayed with the club after standing down from the dugout (although I realise the circumstances are totally different - but there IS a precedence). I wouldn't be against RF having some involvment with the club in the future - a legend as a player, will always be gutted for Richie that it didn't work out for him as manager..
  13. I thought they were contracted to 31 May and the transfer window opens on the 1 June but I might be wrong on that and there has been no word of players being released or signed up.
  14. I am still somewhat bemused or indeed confused. Kenny Cameron's resignation was announced last Monday and Willie Finlayson was unveiled as his successor much less than 24 hours later. This is followed by six days of complete silence during which it emerges that Richie Foran was personally hiring and firing players as late as Friday, hence heightening expectations that he would be staying on. Then, in another strangely timed late-Monday announcement, it emerges that Richie is leaving. What if the new manager doesn't fancy players who have been kept on or would have liked to retain players who have been let go?
  15. I really don't think we will appoint a manager that is already with a club (except Paul Sheerin)
  16. John Terry want to get into management , could be a player manager LOL only joking. What is the situation with Malpas , I think he could be a good number 2 as he already proved with Butcher, and Strange the team performed better after he came back. Need to get rid of Rice if he is still here, but as for the Manager I don't know hopefully someone with experience
  17. John Hughes has left Raith and we now have a new chairman, so he could be in contention (although I imagine the conflict was between Hughes and the board as a whole rather tha Cameron specifically). I wouldn't grudge it but I know many would, and very unlikely he would move back up to the Highlands. Agree with others who have pointed out Terry Butcher knows how to attract players. Again it wouldn't be the most popular choice with the fans. Peter Houstan has done a very good job at Falkirk and is a very experienced manager who would be respected by the players. I've met Jack Ross and he's a likeable character who knows the game well, and would probably have the respect of the players. Others have mentioned Sheerin, Telfer etc but I don't know enough about them. I think there's a good chance we'll bring in someone no one is expecting and hasn't been mentioned yet. Interesting summer ahead in many ways!
  18. People need to move on from naming ex players and managers. Of all the names mentioned so far Paul Hartley would be the best choice - he has experience in the Championship and is available.
  19. Thought we were going to leave it too late for a to catch Hamilton! Seriously though, it would be great if he either became the club ambassador at some point (if finances later allow) or he takes over at a Highland League club, learns well and comes back as an all-conquering manager. Unlikely but not impossible.
  20. A great player for us but out of his depth as manager it just didn't work out! I hope he finds a job outwith football which may be the best thing for him. I hope Brian Rice has gone as well!
  21. Dogged player on the pitch but simply ran out of matches to turn things around from the dugout. Just to keep it short and sweet. I wish Richie and his family all the very best for the future.
  22. I'm available most Saturdays and every Tuesday night. I have a golden career in Football Manager and I'm a dab hand at Subbuteo. If the board want to approach me, please message me on Facebook.
  23. Without going over old ground I posted weeks ago that we should have looked at the likes of Jack Ross or Darren Dods unfortunately I doubt Ross would be a viable or interested target now. While there are out of work options such as Hartley etc its whether they want the job because the club is of interest or they just need work. Having an ICT connection isn't necessary but someone the players will respect and also a manager whit a playing style that suits our club and personnel. Experience is required but also has to have ambition to drive the club and themselves forwards - not just an institutionalised dinosaur with outdated ideas.
  24. Beat me too it Renegade and the same could be said of a lot of the others mentioned.
  25. Paul Gascoigne? Good Lord.
  26. RIP a legend if ever
  27. Its a whos-who of nightmares listed here - missed off Walter, Jocky Scott and fat s-Ally just to make sure all the nightmare bingo card was completed
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