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  2. Game 04 - Forfar Athletic (A) 29 July

    Tichy Black's Back HT: 0-1 FT: 0-2 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: Millar Crowd: 871 Cal's Thistle HT: 0-1 FT: 1-4 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: Millar Crowd: 792
  3. Ex-ICT players' news

    Just read an article that Connor Pepper has been released by Morton. Was wondering why he was not turning out for Morton last season and seemingly he has just had another knee operation. Hope all goes well for him on his road to recovery and back playing again.
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  5. It cannot be done on a per user basis but I can switch it off on threads across the board. Was just testing it so not a big deal to do that.
  6. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Can't find anything about Alex Cooper contract length other than it being a short term deals. One imagines it's long enough to cover injuries in wide areas that we currently have with Aaron and Zak.
  7. Question - Who actually owns the 3 Stands?

    Well evidently Kind of Blue does obviously.
  8. Pre-season

    Susan might just be one of those lumps with no real technical abilities but has a handy knack of knowing where to be. Perhaps Robbo has seen this.
  9. Transfer in and outs

    When County win the Scottish cup and in the same season finish high enough in the league to qualify for Europe then I'll start worrying about the club shop. Everything they do is an attempt to upstage ICT based on bitterness and envy. The Noisy neighbours. On transfers, facts of relegation are plain. You have to move high earners on. Surely no one was under any illusions otherwise. This happens in every league in the world. You go down you cut costs, but attempt to bring in a fresh bunch to help fire you straight back up. I think we're one or 2 short. Maybe 3. If 2 move on we can then sort that. This is known. This has been well communicated. As to the chairman addressing fans. There's an EGM coming up. There's your opportunity. Let shareholders know. Have them be your voice.
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  11. Pre-season

    Cheers old caley girl and IBM. Googled Connor Bell. Think it is him, 21 year old Geordie who has been playing with Wrexham and other Welsh teams. Seems like a worthwhile find. Can we send Susan back and keep him?
  12. Transfer in and outs

    My first thought here is that the numbers which have been stated in recent posts lack substantiation so you do wonder to what extent they may be products of the rumour mill. But, even in the Premiership, numbers like these - if even remotely accurate - would indicate a club which was paying players way above their market value for the situation the club was in.
  13. Transfer in and outs

    That nothing has been done to make the Inverness scenario any better makes the persistent gulf all the more disappointing. I'm not sure whether or not the tale is Apocryphal of a member of the public arriving at the front door of the Caledonian Stadium many years ago and being asked by a club official "What the f*** do you want?" In the case of McKay, the termination of his loan at ICT followed immediately by County flashing the cash and buying him simply rubs Inverness noses in it. The last couple of months have been notable for County very conspicuously doing things which Inverness have failed to accomplish. County have always understood the notion of public perception far better than ICT and are now taking the opportunity to drive home their advantage so they are perceived as the dominant football club in the Highlands across a wide spectrum of criteria.
  14. Game 04 - Forfar Athletic (A) 29 July

    HT 0-1 FT 0-3 ICT Baird forfar Aitken crowd 619
  15. Transfer in and outs

    However this is not the players problem surely? Like us all they work to earn money? Relegation has been a disaster.
  16. Transfer in and outs

    Alledgley there were seven on over £2000 a week which is now down to £1800! 2 have gone and we are left with 5 at present.
  17. Transfer in and outs

    £2500per week each !!! Didn't realise we paid any of our players that level last year and suspect it is nearer £1500 per week which is still too much !!
  18. Pre-season

    Number 6 with red hair.
  19. Game 04 - Forfar Athletic (A) 29 July

    My selection HT: 0v2 FT: 1v3 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: M Millar Crowd: 873 Caleyjags selection HT: 0v1 FT: 1v3 1st ICT: Draper 1st Opp: M Millar Crowd: 571
  20. Pre-season

    Yes Bell was 10. Very lively and tenacious. I liked him
  21. Pre-season

    Was Connor Bell number 10? He looked lively and reminded me of Billy Mckay when he was good & loyal What number was Aiden Wilson?
  22. Transfer in and outs

    Is the apparent inability of OWF and Raven to find new clubs starting to get seriouly concerning? I suspect that between them they are costing us around 5 grand a week, and the cumulative amount since they were advised to find new clubs has already used up the resources to fund 1 "normal" player for a full season.
  23. Question - Who actually owns the 3 Stands?

    The transfer is all due to be completed very shortly and it will result in a substantial annual saving in rental costs. This is a very good deal for ICT.
  24. Pre-season

    Robbo rates him highly he must have special glasses
  25. Did ICT get the early Christmas present as reported or was it all wind and ****?
  26. Pre-season

    I hope Robbo can bin him as of now. Susan is a dud.
  27. Is there any way to switch off the Our Picks down the right hand side when reading threads? I find it really distracting and in the way of reading the content. Having it at the top of the list of new posts is OK, just not at the side when trying to read the threads.
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