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  2. St Mirren match

    It is always at this time of year that infamous Longman Aquifer creates problems.
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  4. St Mirren match

    Yes I believe so, apparently it's because the pitch can't be spiked to drain water like before because obviously there's pipes under it now for the USH.
  5. St Mirren match

    Is it not fair to say that ever since the USH went in our drainage has been poorer as a result?
  6. NAPS Competition - Week 14

    Inverness @ 2.45 - ta
  7. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    sorry but i would prefer to play doms with REAL Merkinchers so I'll watch you car!
  8. NAPS Competition - Week 14

    Inverness @ 2.45
  9. St Mirren match

    unfortunately undersoil heating will not assist with heavy rain.
  10. Can you remember ?

    Nearer home
  11. Ex ICT Players Score

    Well done Yngwie. I totally missed that. Didn't even know about him! I notice he also scored for them about 3 weeks ago (which, obviously, I missed as well).
  12. Can you remember ?

    Harris rather than Stornoway?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Can you remember ?

    Yes Charles almost there.
  15. Can you remember ?

    Sunday ferry protest perhaps? The clothing and the "B" number plate perhaps suggest the mid 60s?
  16. Ex ICT Players Score

    Make that three - Larnell Cole for Tranmere at Macclesfield!
  17. Ex ICT Players Score

    Two scorers tonight (21 Nov)......... Jordan Roberts with two for Crawley Town and...... Andrew Shinnie with one for Luton Town
  18. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    Undertsood, Kingsmills.
  19. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Although costs have to be taken into account the fact of the matter is that emphasis should always be placed on quality first. Reducing reliance on deliveries from Glasgow and other far-flung places seems almost nonsensical and not good public relations....i.e local caterers should always be given the first opportunity to quote and give different ideas to the club's management before decisions become final. And possibly sharing the business between more than one local caterer would be fairer, create a better quality of product through competition and sort the wheat from the chaff to allow for the best value for money to be on offer to the fans. Not only that, but the local businesses would not feel excluded from Caley's business allocations in the catering arena and would fully understand that the club wants to use their services provided the quality is there always. And contracts should not be overly long so that quality can not be allowed to slip due to the development of complacency within the catering ranks. One season maximum and then reviewed to allow for renewal. The disabled should be a priority as to how to accommodate them. The goodwill alone cannot be underestimated when it comes to priorities of allowing them through crowded lines, at least one staff member allocated to check with their needs. e.g offering blankets, a hot cup of tea and that sort of thing. When you show compassion and kindness to the disadvantaged, people notice and will be empathetic to the club's need for their patronage which means greater income. Sure it's work but there doesn't seem to be a lack of volunteers for the club and , believe it or not, emotional uplift and positive returns will be received by the younger element when they help the old and disabled like this.The latter are people too and will enjoy the game and , especially, the interest in their welfare which older folks crave. To feel ,part of a thriving and vibrant club for a senior is a wonderful way to make friends and encourage sales of tickets. Now I'm off for my morning breakfast and cup of tea. Cheerio chappies and chapesses .
  20. Can you remember ?

    Can you remember what this was?
  21. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    yup ... that's why I seldom buy beer or food when I watch TFC ..... the same beer I get for $5 in the pub is $14 at the stadium! A pack of M&Ms for the little guy is $8 instead of about $3 and a single slice of Pizza is about $7 when I can go to the same supplier outside the ground and get 2 considerably larger slices for $5
  22. Your predictions are invited for the above match. Please post your predictions in the following format:- HT: FT: 1st ICT: 1st Opp: Crowd: Your prediction must be on this forum prior to kick off. This thread may close automatically at the advertised k.o. time regardless of whether the match has physically kick off or not. The NPL results and table update for this game are expected to be available no later than: TBA
  23. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    It used to happen until about fifty years ago but produced too many mis matches. The SFA don't often get things right but I rather like the way the competition has been organised in recent seasons. The Highland and Lowland League sides together with the best of the Juniors all get to play in the tournament proper and those that survive until the fourth round to face the prospects of being drawn against the top teams have got there on merit.
  24. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    All in from the start ? Give it a "go" and see what actually happens. I favour that. Who knows? It might work. The wee clubs all have to come up against a bigger and better club in due course, no matter what. So, in order to make a few pounds let them vie with one from the start and the best of financial luck to them. Unless just the thrill of playing in the Cup is what the fans want, then going to a few games against a team of forest fairies may be best for them perhaps.
  25. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    I've spoken to quite a few fans over the last years who've panned the catering, yet these same people can be seen waddling for a pie sometimes even before the whistle blows for half time. If it's that bad, don't use it, it's as simple as that. Don't criticise and then justify it's existence. I think the catering at the stadium is vastly overpriced rubbish, so I haven't used it since we were in the First Division last time.
  26. Irn Bru Cup semi final

  27. Board statement 14/08/17

    Given the poor performance of the previous chairman and board on transfers, would very much doubt if we have a sell on clause/international recognition in the contract. Would be delighted if it was and something that could be communicated to fans now by the new board perhaps. If it is in the contract, Board get good vibes, if not, they can deflect any criticism to previous board members
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