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    Sorry I've been a bit remiss regarding updates on Sponsorship but I have been away both on Hols and in hospital. But good news - thanks to all your generous donations we have been able to sponsor another player. I have been able to secure JONNY HAYES' away shirt for this season as well as the usual GRANT MUNRO (home) and LEE COX (training) Hope this meets with your approval and thanks once again for all your support.
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    Let's be honest - Rory was poor for us. He showed potential in the reserves and on a couple of occasions coming off the bench but he never really cut the mustard. His last appearence for us was against Morton in the league cup and he was abysmal that night, one of the worst performances I've seen from a striker. He is doing really well in Division Two and I am pleased for him as he always had a bit of potential and did get a lot of unwarrented stick. For those that want to sign him, how are St Mirren getting on with the players they have signed from the Second Division this season? How did Andy Barrowman do for us after a similar scoring record at the same level of football?
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    Here mabaws I really want to give you a green for that but I darent ;)
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    I get fewer broken windows in the greenhouse since I started using it.
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    Does the OP actually know what or who the Highland Football Academy is? The Academy is a trust whose main partners are Highland Council, Inverness CT and Ross County. They have facilities at Dingwall, Charleston Academy and Bught Park. Funding comes from the Trust partners as well as H&I Enterprise, SportScotland and The Scottish Football Partnership. The academy facilities are used by both clubs and by many other organisations around the highlands. The main aims of the Trust and other information can be found HERE As to the rest of the OP's comments............please refer to Caleyd's reply
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    I wouldnt say he went downhill so much as he became victim of circumstance. His first season at Hearts seen them in two cup semi's, a run in europe and fifth in the league. Romanov came in and Robbo refused to be his puppet. Ross County seen him have differences of opinion with the chairman and he left. Livingston was a hopeless cause and no manager has been able to resurrect them. He took Derry City out of the relegation zone and won a League of Ireland trophy. Once again circumstance played a part in that they were taken over by a new owner who wanted Stephen Kenny in charge. All in all, he may not have reached the glory of winning a league since leaving us but he hasn't actually done too bad.
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    Pretty sure there is one in Inverness is there not? i thought the artificial pitch at Charleston was also for the football academy or am i seeing things?
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    It's just you, CrownJaggie! I look at the top of the table first, then work my way down until I find ICT - I call it "the power of positive thinking"
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    25 going by his profile. Which makes this even more cringey.
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    Third time round - so do I, so I am not even going to bother to reply to the OP on this occasion. You think nothing of it when it happens once and somebody floats a suggestion which is clearly miles out of tune with the vast majority. When it happens a second time, you are tempted to become impatient but do your best to be sympathetic and take the "poor soul,well I suppose there's one born evey minute" line. But when it gets to number three you do realise that such persistent idiocy can only be the result of a wind up! However I have to say that I wasn't too convinced by the suggestion on another similar thread that, partly on the grounds of similarity of name, the wind up merchant was one B Hornell. As I said elsewhere,even in the interests of winding up people on an ICT site, I simply couldn't conceive of BH writing of that club in such positive terms. In particular I think he would rather choke than refer to Inverness Caledonian THISTLE in the first person plural! So what will the next post be from "dougal"? Merge ICT and Ross County and build a new stadium at Tore? I just wonder who it is, though? I don't know how many folks have been on here long enough to remember an absolutely brilliant wind up which went on for ages (something to do with Larsson was it??) and was the work of a certain IHE?
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    I think that's probably what I meant. My computer vocabulary is very limited and my grasp of them extremely weak. I didn't actually expect that it was anything wrong with CTO itself but more with whatever system gets CTO to my computer. But within that context, the site has always been a bit slower than others to get up on my computer, although more recently often a good deal slower still if it appears at all, which is presumably the fault of whoever does that for CTO. Now where did I leave my Brother portable typewriter......?
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    Ok, a quick joke regarding Andy Murray even gets me red dots, I JUST GIVE UP!! To all moaning at me about reputation, why can't i worry about my reputation, it bugs me that i am on a negative just because of a CRAZY thread started IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT (no excuse)that i am taking A LOT of flak from.
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    This just proves that i was 100% wrong to start that thread after last round. This is virtually Saints' 1st team whereas we had a 2nd string team out. I actually think Johnboy, that this might inspire Saints for Sat to make sure they don't get hammered again but if i was Deek, i would work on defending a bit better.
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    Ok whose crazy idea was it to locate the Highland Football Academy in a tiny Ross-shire village? Theres only one place it should be and thats in the capital of the highlands Inverness I say we now cut ties with our near neighbours and start raising the doh for our own academy in the city ICT being the front runners sit round the table with Clach,Inverness City,Inverness Welfare Football Association,Inverness Shinty Club,Highland Rugby Club and the Highland Council too draw up a business plan to submit to the Scottish Government for help with the funding What we create is a sporting complex which will be the pride of the highlands and be the envy off all clubs throughout Scotland We sell Grant St Park to a developer and we construct a fully enclosed football ground made off 3G astroturf at the bught and this will be homes too and shared by Clach and Inverness City but will also be available to ICT for training and for hire by the Inverness public We build an indoor arena that can be used by all the mentioned clubs which will be ideal especially in the winter months Level off/upgrade i.e new drainage etc all the remaining pitches at the bught No longer will ICT have long journeys too and from Fort George on inadequate training facilities I realise this kind of a plan doesnt happen overnight but if carefully adhered too we could have this up and running within five years Thoughts? Dougal
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    Oh fudge, didn't realise that. There is a 99.9% chance the Scotland game will be on the telly, so may affect attendance somewhat Its not on the same night Scotland v Faroes 16th Nov...............................Legends 23rd Nov Oh sorry about that. Someone said that Scotland was playing that night and I believed them. I still don't think the turn out will be that good tbh. Know a fan who has already decided not to attened the game and I'm sure they'll be a few more.
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    You got it ICTPAISLEY . Everyone says i need to play aggressive to win a Grand Slam so this is a start . Now watch me play really aggressive in London soon and it will be all because of posters on here .
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