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    EU In or Out

    With it looking very likely that we will be subjected to a referendum on Brexit in June. Up till now I've never really taken much interest in EU politics and budgets etc. Indeed I'd never really thought much about what they do with there budget. Doing a little googling I found that UK pays between £7 billion and £11 billion each year. Amount varies depending on state of economy and GDP I believe. CBI claim here that between £62 billion and £78 billion of benefits are accrued by UK membership of EU. It would also appear that some 42% of UK exports and over 60% of imports are with EU countries. I know that UK has also had funding from EU budget to help with many major projects across the whole UK but I dont know how much. Immigration seems to be the big issue for Brexit supporters yet from what I can research there are possibly more British citizens living in EU countries than are EU citizens in UK. I believe there are some 2 million Brits in Spain and 700,000 in France. Haven't looked at other countries. What annoys me is that EU went from European Economic Union, which is what I voted for way back when, to this very big law making conglomerate that is the present day. Don't get me wrong, many of the laws such as employment, environmental, quality standards and human rights were necessary and should be supported but others are pretty stupid. Remember a debate a few years ago about setting standards for how straight a banana should be. So what is the thinking of the CTO community. Charles, please do not spoil this thread with nat bashing. It's a UK referendum thread about an EU issue and my views on this subject are not influenced by party politics but by whats best for UK
  2. Alex MacLeod

    Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    As a former sportsperson, albeit not professional, I was always advised that foods like pizza and pasta were best to recharge energy levels after high activity as those were high in carbohydrates
  3. Alex MacLeod

    Development League 2016/17

    Pinning this topic for anyone following the development league (U-20's) and for any words of wisdom, match reports etc. First league game of new season is 19:00 hrs k.o on Tuesday 23rd August at TCS v Motherwell. At the moment all matches appear to be scheduled for Monday or Tuesday nights (19:00 hrs) but that could well change. Full fixture list can be found here
  4. Alex MacLeod

    A Glimpse of IHE's Childhood

    Unfortunately there's no sound
  5. Alex MacLeod

    Goalkeeping Crisis

    I think Essons problem is age and fitness. Do we recall Cammy?
  6. Alex MacLeod

    The case foran against

    Not been on here for a while due to laptop problems but anyway heres my tuppence worth. I've not been able to get to a game this season but have seen what TV has had to offer and what the papers write. I do think its been a pretty bad season for us but I also see that as being the same for a number of teams. There is six points between sixth and twelfth so, to me, that is seven teams fighting relegation. Any of those teams could kick away, including us, and any of them could end in bottom two. I wont give up believing till its mathematically impossible too avoid going down. Relegation...Is it so bad in the current set up. There is more money filtering down now as opposed to last time. There is still a lot of quality in Championship as can be seen by the difficulty Rangers Hearts Hibs and DU have found trying to get back up. I think we'll survive but I also hanker a wee bit for a change of scenery
  7. Alex MacLeod

    John Hughes

    Signed for Raith today till end of season
  8. Alex MacLeod

    Autumnal Aspirations

    From this site Scotty 4th round tie played on 14th Feb 98 ended one each. ICT scorer Sheerin. Replay at TCS on 18th Feb finished 2-3 Our scorers Thompson and McCulloch. Crowd 5821
  9. Alex MacLeod


    All thats needed is for our support to show kindness and a highland welcome. A simple banner - 'Inverness CT Fans Offer a Sincere and Warm Welcome to The Rangers FC on Their First Ever Visit to TCS' - No hatred, no bigotry and no malice in those words
  10. Alex MacLeod

    Hamilton ICT stats & Pre-Match

    Head to Heads Played 18 - 9 ICT wins and 3 draws in all comps. 7 ICT wins in league. Of 7 league games played at Hamilton ICT have won 6 and Hamilton 1 In 8 games played at TCS Hamilton have won 4 and 3 have been drawn
  11. Alex MacLeod

    FAO Ross Draper

    Think Barton will still be on his 3 week suspension
  12. Alex MacLeod

    Dundee game

    It is true. They have never beat us at TCS. Saturday was 10th meeting at TCS and we have won 6. Overall head to head - 24 played 10 ICT wins 10 Draws in all comps
  13. Alex MacLeod

    Autumnal Aspirations

    Yes DD, I can afford to make the trip 'once in a while'. Just not every other week as I used to.
  14. Alex MacLeod

    Player of the Year - Dundee

    It was suggested by one of the TV pundits (Michael Stewart I think) that Polworth compliments Tansey whereas Vigurs stifles him.
  15. Alex MacLeod

    Autumnal Aspirations

    That Dunfermline game was a highly organised concerted effort by Dunfermline to get a big support behind their team in the fight against the drop. The crowd was 6464 and the South stand was chocka. In recent years folks disposable finances have taken a bit hit and the spare money just isnt there for many. Personally I still support the club with player sponsorship but I have to be very selective as to what home games I attend. Train fares continue to rise as do costs of food and beverage for a day out + entry cost. Three or four years ago I'd think nothing of blowing £100 - £150 on a day trip to Sneck for a match. Sometimes I'd add cost of overnight stay if midweek game. Now circummstances have changed I have to be more frugal. Many folk are in similar financial positions and are not following their teams to away games. My guesstimate from TV was that maybe 150 - 200 Dundee fans travelled on saturday whereas in the past that would have been 400-500 at least. The cost of the day out has gone up but wages have stayed stagnant so travelling fans are choosing to stay at home.
  16. Alex MacLeod


    From TV at lots of angles, and considering the rule changes, it was a penalty. If a penalty was given it would be a yellow and not red. If deemed outside the box its red. In my opinion Draper was slightly ahead and had the right to cut across the Celtic guy. After all that's where the ball was. According to Howard Webb its a penalty because although incident starts outside the box it continues in.
  17. Alex MacLeod

    A bit messy? Celtic on Sunday

    I don't think, having watched two or three of their games, that Celtic are any better this season than before. Last night they played five defenders and two defensive mids yet couldn't hold back the three. For a team that professes to be of European standard their defence is shocking. Going forward they have been scoring a lot of goals but they are beatable. They are there for the taking and, on top form, we can be the takers.
  18. Alex MacLeod

    Mental Health of Players

    George Best, Paul Gascoine to name just two.
  19. Alex MacLeod

    Red Dots - Change to System

    I wonder at times if people really know the purpose of the dots. Like or dislike a post or comment or is it like or dislike a person who makes a post or comment? Some time ago I was shocked that someone got a red dot for announcing an upcoming development game. A straight forward announcement in the form of 'our boys are playing xyz on such and such a date at such and such a time at abc venue. A simple piece of information for those interested and the poster got a red dot from another. It didn't surprise me when I looked at who had given it but it did make me question the reason. Albeit the spelling and grammar of the announcement was not up to degree standard English but 1. Did they not like the announcement? 2. Did they not like the game being played, the opposition team, the date and time or the venue? 3. Did they not like the person providing the announcement? Or did the dotter have such a high and mighty belief in his own academic standards that he was really making an anonymous attempt at pointing out the posters limited abilities?
  20. Alex MacLeod

    Team News - Injuries and Suspensions etc

    Whilst looking for something unrelated on Soccerbase I noted an interesting stat or two so far this season. Our top scorer with 3 goals also has 3 yellows so far. So that's a 1 to 1 ratio of goals to cards.
  21. Alex MacLeod

    [merged] : John Hughes Interview (BBC)

    Every good manager is only as good as the people around him (or her). This from Yogi, who not so long ago was singing the praises of Richie as a future Inverness manager, is no more than an awakening and realisation that he underestimated the resolve of the highlander. Yogi thought he could bully the board into finding extra funds for his experimentation. He done the same at Falkirk and tried it at Hibs. Yogi coached ICT to silverware and a foray into Europe but I wonder where his wins to games ratio stands against other ICT Premiership managers
  22. Alex MacLeod


    Just to clarify a point mentioned earlier. Cabrini is the trademark name for sports clothing produced and marketed by JD Sport. Its JD Sports who are calling all the shots and JD Sports who have never managed to hold onto a club for more than a couple of seasons. My understanding is that a number of manufacturers produce goods to JD's spec in the same way as supermarkets negotiate deals for own brand labelled goods. What I do wonder is who the manufacturers are, what countries they operate in and do JD support the FareTrade mark.
  23. Alex MacLeod

    Better Together ?

    Who do they choose to represent for Commonwealth Games?
  24. Alex MacLeod

    Category A

    Price per adult for St Johnstone bus to Inverness £8. I don't know who subsidises it though. As for the Virgin trains offer.....doesn't help Scottish fans.
  25. Alex MacLeod

    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    Two before wed What Josh injury? Wasn't injured when he scored yesterday. Doran is also back and on bench. Who should we drop to allow him a start?