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  1. First time my spirit has been lifted since Saturday !! A wee ray of hope :-) :-)
  2. Like everything else flying around at this time this could be pure speculation ,but if there is any truth in it I feel disgusted as it has cost us very dearly .Alex Fisher has proved his worth over the last few games and the club should do everything in their power to keep him .If Richie holds on to his job he should be put on a man management course as these boys give up a lot to come and play for ICT .To be penalised for going home on a planned visit is quite unforgivable .
  3. Who knows but there is no way Kenny Cameron was coming out to get lynched !!
  4. The wheels on our bus will keep going round !!!
  5. After that game you'll be flying without a plane !! ....Safe flight .
  6. I feel sorry for anyone who missed that last night who wished to go . Great effort from team and great result . The fans were as good as I've heard , sang and cheered from KO till final whistle , and our resident drummer did a fantastic job. The young boys and girls did us proud and showed what passion they have for ICT .All very well behaved and me and my friends were proud to be part of it . Looking forward to same on Sat on and off the pitch .Whatever the result we will all be back next season singing louder than ever . C'MON CALEY GIVE US MORE TO CHEER ABOUT !!
  7. We will soon be leaving for Dundee with a nearly full bus .Great stuff. If we are going down we certainly won't be going down quietly . OK boys we have done our bit now it's over to you . C'MON CALEY !!!!!!!!!
  8. It is pay at gate . Hopefully you will be our lucky mascot !!
  9. If we are half as successful next season as we have been this last season we will be delighted . Ran a bus to every away game with no last minute cancellations and hope to achieve the same next season !!
  10. DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS IF YOU WANT TO BOOK BUS FOR DUNDEE PLEASE PHONE OR TEXT .... 07951 309504 ..... Sorry for any inconvenience .
  11. DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS IF YOU WISH TO BOOK DUNDEE BUS PLEASE PHONE OR TEXT ....... 07951 309504.....Sorry for any inconvenience .
  12. We will supply the frilly apron Renegade .You can be in charge of what goes on down the aisle !!
  13. ICT Supporters Travel Club are running bus to Dundee on Wed 17th May . Leaving Caley Club 3.30 pm and Stadium 3.45 pm Fare will be £10 each . The Travel Club would like to thank all who travelled with us this season and look forward to seeing you all next season ,when our plan is to run buses to all away games as we did this year . Thank You !!
  14. Is Billy MacKay over his injury for this game? .I hope Fisher gets a start to show what we've been missing !!
  15. I really hope there is some truth in this as that is exactly what he needs . A bit of guidance !!