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  1. I really hope there is some truth in this as that is exactly what he needs . A bit of guidance !!
  2. We would need around 20 more .I know not everyone can book in advance but for those who can this is why it's best to book early ,then you won't be disappointed .
  4. We can No longer take bookings for bus to Motherwell tomorrow as great news Bus is Full .
  5. Any truth in rumour that Billy MacKay has injury and won't be fit for Sat ?
  6. If ever I wanted to see someone proved wrong it's you Gringo !!!! and it's nothing personal :-)
  7. Matchday Thread

    Maybe other results going in our favour is a more understandable way of expressing what I mean . On several occasions this seasons I and many others have hoped for other teams to lose and it didn't happen . Hope you can make sense of that . I agree with what you say we are lucky to be where we are at this stage . Pleased to see you haven't given up hope and like yourself I too am hoping for a win on Sat.
  8. Matchday Thread

    Am I the only one on here who isn't giving up on us staying up ? Love or loathe Richie it's far too late to do anything as far as a manager goes .Personally I don't have a problem with him . We shouldn't rely on results elsewhere but apart from Celtic we are not alone in that ,and this must be our worst season for other results going against us . It's not over yet so get behind the team and KEEP THE FAITH !!!
  9. After the service Aaron has given the club over the years it's the least we can do for him !! I wish him a speedy recovery and really hope it's not the last we see of him on the pitch . Im off to Partick hoping for a good result just wish Aaron was coming with us !!
  10. Matchday Thread

    Totally agree !!!
  11. Matchday Thread

    You should be in charge of the rule book Renegade :-) :-) A lot of fans will boo their team at some point during season (I'm not one of the I would like to add )but when it comes to picking on an individual player It's time for club to step in to protect said player .This was not a one of as far as Vigurs is concerned . Verbal warning Written warning Ban I don't think that is over the top !!!
  12. Matchday Thread

    Agree about Polworth sometimes wonder why he doesn't get subbed but a manager has very different views of players than fans .Maybe banning is a bit over the top a written warning may just be enough .How do they expect a player to give his all if that is the treatment they get before they even kick a ball .Im sorry if you don't agree but sometimes making an example of the mindless culprits is the answer .
  13. Under 16s now travel for £10 until end of this season .Next away game is Partick Thistle ,bus and booking details above . Book early to avoid disappointment !!
  14. Matchday Thread

    How many on this thread can honestly say they expected anything other than what happened last night ?What is adding to our woes are other results at this time not going in our favour .I know before I get blown out of the water we shouldn't be relying on other results but it is what it is . We all need to pull together and get behind Richie and his team ,starting against Partick a week on Sat that will be a crucial game ...CJT are running bus to this game so please book a seat and come along and show the team we are not ready to give up on them . Bus details on another thread . As for fans booing Vigurs it's a cheap form of bullying and these supposed fans should be filtered out (someone knows who they are )and given a ban we don't need that disgusting behaviour .IMO Vigurs is one of our strongest players . People seem forget it wasn't his choice to leave us in the first place Butcher in his madness got rid of him .I for one am glad to have him back in our team ..... I await the backlash ,and I don't mean on the pitch !!!
  15. POY

    I'm having a problem voting and thought I may have pressed wrong choice . I was at match but not sure if I said I wasn't by mistake.