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  1. I heard Robbo on Sportsound yesterday and was very impressed by what he had to say .He spoke with a lot of passion and determination to do well .Has been over the border looking at a couple of new signings but didn't give anything away to jeopardise that . Apparently although he hasn't managed for five years it's not been for the want of offers ,but the right one came up last week !! Spoke highly of our fan base of loyal fans although not huge but hopes that will change . It felt like the backbone is evident once more . Personally I can't wait for season to start and wish him every success and hope he can do the necessary for us . Go Robbo !!!!!
  2. Maybe we're getting neither !! Maybe it's Butcher ?
  3. Picking a new pope wouldn't take as long :-) :-)
  4. Yes I'm well aware of this ... .If you look back at Renegades comment saying how it may be "a surprise appointment "and then read my reply it may clarify what I was meaning .Maybe a coma after "Not so sure " will help clear any confusion . Anyway this is irrelevant and what will be will be .Like everyone else I would just like to see some kind of decision soon Silence is normally golden but in this case it's painful !!
  5. Exactly what my reply was to Renegade !!
  6. Not so sure Caley have been given permission to talk to Sheerin !!
  7. Good to see we're casting the net full stop !!
  8. Yearly membership £5 each .Forms will be available on bus .
  9. Very sad reading in the Courier of the treatment handed out to Alex Fisher .I can't bear to think how it's affected the outcome of our season . Just want to wish him well for his future and hope he gets the respect he deserves from his next club .The fans showed him what they thought of him .....If only ... but hindsight is a wonderful thing !!
  10. This is a bit concerning at this time .Does it mean nothing can be done till he returns ?
  11. So sorry for Richie and his family that things didn't work out for him at ICT. I wish him well and all the best for his future wherever it may be . I would like to think he now gets the help he needs to progress with his career which he obviously loves .
  12. I can't say I've experienced this at reception . Any time I have gone in I've seen a very pleasant girl not sure of her name but light coloured hair . She has always been very helpful .
  13. When shop is shut normally there is a sign to say tickets can be purchased at reception . If the shop was open maybe fans would buy more than just tickets if they could see what merchandise is available . I'm not suggesting all day opening but a couple of guaranteed hours when fans are likely to be able to visit. Maybe over lunch time ?
  14. First time my spirit has been lifted since Saturday !! A wee ray of hope :-) :-)
  15. Like everything else flying around at this time this could be pure speculation ,but if there is any truth in it I feel disgusted as it has cost us very dearly .Alex Fisher has proved his worth over the last few games and the club should do everything in their power to keep him .If Richie holds on to his job he should be put on a man management course as these boys give up a lot to come and play for ICT .To be penalised for going home on a planned visit is quite unforgivable .