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  1. Fans Player of the Year Vote

    For those who missed our can have a go here....😉
  2. New Signing

    Club haven't announced no 😜
  3. New Signing

    Inverness Caley Thistle sign Hearts midfielder Angus Beith
  4. Announcement

    Too soon.
  5. Announcement

    ...but we were told they were going to do that back in September?
  6. Announcement

    I have been guilty of throwing out the "Inverness don't deserve ICTFC because...." line myself in the past, but it is a bit BS-like. It's about what the fans deserve and whether that's a part-time or full-time team (in whatever division) they should be treated with a lot less contempt than they are being at present.
  7. Announcement

    It'll be a "No Statement" statement that repeats everything they've promised and not delivered all season. That will inevitably be followed by something the complete opposite of what is said.
  8. Announcement

    You'll never find the source of a fire if you're not able to look beyond the smoke.
  9. Announcement

    Agreed in principle. I could agree in principle to give the club £10 Million if I win the Euromillions jackpot....doesn't mean it's likely to ever happen.
  10. Announcement

    Would that be previous board members who have given the current board £300k...that we know of...this season? Why would they do that if the plan was to run things down?
  11. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I believe that was Stephen Finnie's last match and he's hanging up his whistle.
  12. Announcement

    Hypothetically speaking.... If the club was facing administration (and it would come as absolutely no surprise to me), then it would need to be actioned before next Saturday for the club to take the 15 point hit this season (and 5 next season). If it were to happen in the close season, then the penalty would leave us starting the next campaign 15 points down (5 points the season after that).
  13. Fans Player of the Year Vote

    Not true as I helped put boxes out in those areas the last few seasons.
  14. Announcement

    We really do need a very big "this is sarcasm" emoji for some people's benefit.
  15. Announcement

    From last August.... The Board of Directors of Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club undertook some weeks ago to adopt a more open policy of communication with our staff, shareholders and supporters. We understand that sharing of some changes and updates has not been effective and we take full responsibility for this shortfall; this remains a key objective as the Club moves forward. It is clear the lack of regular information updates from the Board continues to fuel speculation and concern amongst some of our supporters and the media.