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  1. CaleyD

    Game tonight anyone???

    Easy win for us...3 goals to zip, IMO.
  2. CaleyD


    I'm quite happy to sing a few songs or read a bit of poetry if people wish to be entertained.
  3. CaleyD


    Neither the Q&A last night, nor the opportunity for fans to attend a similar event with Robbo at the club last week, could have been considered "only for the elite". It would be interesting and useful to get your feedback on why you think this may have been the case. No formal notes/recording of last nights Q&A were taken, but there's nothing stopping those in attendance sharing if they wish to do so.
  4. CaleyD

    Fans Forum

    Average attendance is a tough figure to use when gauging home support as the visiting fan numbers will be higher in the premiership....and Ross County will be helping the average this season. The largest factor in our fluctuating average attendance was away crowds...certainly in the last 10 years...however these were partially offset by a slow but steady growth in home support. From memory, the CEO told us we currently have fewer than 1400 ST holders, although no idea how many of those will be free kids tickets or what the breakdown is.
  5. CaleyD


    Due to insufficient numbers, tonight's AGM was not quorate and the meeting has been adjourned until Thursday 13th December, 7pm at the ICT Social Club, Greig St, Inverness. This meeting will go ahead regardless of numbers, with those in attendance being considered a quorum. The Q&A went ahead with Robbo who was as candid as always and give some great insight into the playing side of things at the club...our thanks to him.
  6. CaleyD

    New Honorary President

    Thoroughly deserving of the accolade.
  7. CaleyD

    Fans Forum

    Something I feel most people are in agreement with. What's being discussed is why? What's caused/causing that difference? We've just demonstrated that even when results have been poor and the consequences potentially dire, the fans still rallied back then. In fact, it was the catalyst to our rise towards our best ever league performances, a Scottish Cup title and European football. It's not exactly been apocalyptic since Robbo came in, far from it, but even a 25 game unbeaten league run has failed to generate any real optimism. Why did fans do that then and not now? Understanding that might provide some insight into how we go about reversing the current trend.
  8. CaleyD

    Fans Forum

    We won one of our last five games the first time we got relegated and three of the last four the second time. Based on what you say, the optimism should have been greater...especially as we'd done it before.
  9. CaleyD

    Fans Forum

    We were only 3 points worse off the last time we got relegated, so why not the same widespread optimism?
  10. CaleyD

    Fans Forum

    What did they base that expectation on?
  11. CaleyD

    Fans Forum

    If success/winning is the biggest factor, how do you explain the increase in season ticket sales following our first relegation?
  12. CaleyD


    We are pleased to confirm that John Robertson will be in attendance from 7 till 7.30pm on Thursday for a Q&A with Supporter Trust Members attending the AGM.
  13. CaleyD

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    I don't like hearing the "I'm done" talk...but that's the growing reality and I'm starting to see/hear it from people who would be considered the staunchest of fans. These are not people having a knee-jerk reaction to a bad game/spell or even a bad season...these are people who feel they are losing their affinity with ICTFC. How do I know that? Because I've engaged with them, I've asked them and I feel the same way as them. If someone is set to walk away then what do they care about the effects of dwindling crowds and finances?...they won't be there, it won't affect them...and they are already feeling like sitting at home on a Saturday (or a Friday, or Tuesday, maybe a Monday and sometimes a Sunday if it's a really big game) is better than the football. We can dismiss their views, turn on them, tell them they aren't proper fans if they walk away etc...but what good does that do? These are people right at the end of their tether and it's not going to take much to push a lot of them beyond the point by which they can be brought back. We are at the stage where it doesn't matter two fecks who broke it, how or only matters that it gets fixed...and asap.