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  1. Word Association

  2. Relegation

    Charles makes good points about the scourge of the money men . Remember Hearts and the money bags who took them over. The sacking of George Burley , when Hearts were on a roll which many felt would take them to the top of the league Then the guy with the money started picking the team. Followed by a complete collapse of Hearts which was well documented. The play off at the wrong end of the table I am sure is not on the cards, unless the Greek Gods smile on Dumbarton in an unprecedented way. Sensible planning for next season has to be the order of the day. I am sure the board are prepared for that. ICT started this season in shock mode, quite unprepared for the steely resistance of some long term members of this division, St Mirren I am sure will leave us,, and I am sure the relegated team from the Premiership , will not be as good as them. Next season will be very interesting and I am sure we will be more solid than this year. What you don't want to do is get promoted with a weak side and a cash strapped board. A team going up does not want to be a whipping boy, as is Brechin in our division It needs calm cool head at the top, I look forward to next year
  3. A bit of History

    thanks Charles
  4. On the question of Derby games

    The old Vale of Leven too
  5. Relegation

    It seems to me that teams in the top flight of Scottish football appear to be very durable One or two new faces come and go, but the same suspects are always around 1975 - 76 10 team league 32 years ago 1 Rangers 2 Celtic 3 Hibernian 4 Motherwell 5 Hearts 6 Ayr United 7 Aberdeen 8 Dundee United 9 Dundee 10 St Johnstone Not much changes - except Ayr have nosed dived. In another 32 years , will much have changed ?
  6. A bit of History

    When I have longer than 5 seconds , (incidentally it took George Jones of Bury less than 5 seconds to score against Notts County in the F A cup ) . I digress I will delve further into my complete history of British football to see when next a local team appeared in the Scottish cup rounds proper Was the Bon Accord club ( defeated 35.0 by Arbroath ) An Highland league club or was it the forerunner of Aberdeen ? Thanks to Charles for his input most appreciated
  7. A bit of History

    I noticed in my record book the following which was news to me Not Caley Thistle, but certainly Inverness and certainly Thistle Scottish Fa Cup Third Lanark 9 Inverness Thiele 3 1893 - 94 Third Lanark were a 1st Division team Sottish FA cup 1896 -97 Dundee v Inverness Thistle 7 - 1 Probably the first time an Inverness team played a team still playing
  8. On the question of Derby games

    The commentators at the Rangers Celtic match claimed the fixture was the oldest in football. I was very dubious because I though Celtic were not in competitive football in the early days. I got out my history books and noticed that in a competitive match - The first derby with teams still playing today ( In either England or Scotland ) was a third round Scottish FA cup fixture , between Rangers and Partick Thistle Date 1878 -79 Rangers went on to get to the final at Hampden, drew 1. 1 with Vale of Leven. Rangers failed to turn up for the replay claiming they scored the winning goal in the first match which was disallowed. The SFA awarded the cup to Vale.
  9. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Derby games are surely a good thing. The Interest they generate in the locality makes the season. better.
  10. Word Association

  11. Crap Jokes

    I wonder what Thomas would think about the use of his name for very average humour ?.

    Charles as he usually does , sums up the so called glory hunting , perfectly My own observations are the same. I have noticed that people will attend these matches, with their whole family. Several people with the usual normal supporter. On my way back from Hampden I was sitting next to a guy who never or very rarely went to a match , But he was thrilled to have been at the Final. When Ross County made there final did they not say " The last people to leave town switch the light off ", Sometimes you just can't get a ticket, when Bury played Liverpool at Anfield in a later round of the FA cup . I was desperate to get a ticket. But a sign at the ground said "sold out " , I did manage to get one as I knew one of the players, who got one for me.
  13. What a game - Derby game

    Just listening to Five Live on my Radio. Chris Sutton on Inteview opening Gambit said and I quote 2 A great adver for Scttish football " unquote
  14. Can we have less hype in future

    I am a dedicated Rugby League man , I played at colts level up to 18 years old. I played in the same league as Rochdale Hornets who were a big team in those days , No Chariot for us lads, we had to go to matches on the bus,. I wasn't being critical of the Scottish rugby union team, but the way the press hype up the matches. As I said it doesn't do the players any favours , who need to be relaxed to play what is very tactical and dangerous game.
  15. What a game - Derby game

    You have to remember that this match was broadcasted on Sky TV , to many countries throughout the world. I am sure that the situation in Glasgow would not be on the forefront of viewers minds, As a Milan Derby would not be registered by viewers in Scotland, should the situation be reversed If we are talking about poison, look at the West Ham United fans , who stormed the pitch during the game yesterday .