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  1. Dumb Detective story

    There was once a sleuth who went by the name Barton to his friends Dumb Barton ( , Dumbarton ) had two sidekicks for want of a better expression, called Peter Head and his brother Richard , known as Dick. One day following information received from a man named Ross , who told them there was a County wide rumour that someone was plotting to Kill Marnock who was a notorious gangster believed to have stolen a Saxon hoard of Sterling ( Stirling ) silver. Dumbarton and his colleagues , put on their trusty (G) Aberdeen's and set off to Investigate . Having finding his mother well he marched on through the realms on Perfidious Albion to have a pint at the Rovers before leaving on the long journey to the south where it was though that an old ship named the Queen might be the hiding place for the silver t - The main clue was that the horde was to be taken away, and to Bury ( I had to get that in ) the silver beneath a Celtic cross, of course the problem was to avoid the Forest Rangers who patrolled the area . The problem was also that the Ayr ( air) above 3000 feet was very cold and wet . Before they could get to their destination a voice called our -" Alloa - Alloa - what's going on ear then ? ", It was the local constable on patrol , having just taken forfar ( four for ) at the police annual cricket match on Gretna village Green . Barton showed his licence card to Investigate , No problem said the Police Officer as it was ascertained the Maroch was in fact in Police custard, ( Marock spilled the desert whilst being questioned over a matter of a stolen rifle from the 3rd Lanark regiment ( That's one for the historians )" With their Hearts in their mouths , having had a lucky escape, They trudged through the thistles of Caledonia to find their way home.
  2. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    To be perfectly honest, I felt that under JH we overdid the slow build up. Not because it wasn't affective but once teams realised what we were doing they crunch tackled us hard knowing the ball wasn't going to be played forward quickly. That caused a lot of the injuries you refer too. I didn't know you lived nearby, If you call in I have whiskey in the jar, as they say - next to Andersons. You can put me straight on my debatable tactics ?
  3. Robertsons big changes

    When I look deep into my soul , I see players not good, but who can play at times. Against Livingston and Morton or even Dundee United had spells where they matched the opposition. I saw some good approach play , but poor finishing . I saw players make mistakes, but is that just down to lack of confidence. I have said before, and I will repeat. We need to play a simple game. watch the passing, Do not give the ball away. Close down the opposition runs , get close so they struggle to pass or shoot. Cover the corners better and clear the lines when in trouble. We should take a Big Sam lesson and respect the point. Most of all keep tight at the back . Our players are not superstars , nor are the opposition, but from what I have seen in the 3 home games the opps have been better organised, have better team work and fight for their own team right to the end of the match. I have seen better teamwork in Dog and Duck Sunday league matches,. These are aspects the management and coaches have to work on. No-good the manager blaming the players, it is his job to organise the team, work on the basics. I am sure all the lads have had their moments in the past, They have not got a job with ICT because they don't have a level of skill that most young men don't have. Lets see an improvement to moral and a work for the common good. The manger complains about players not picked banging on his door to get a game, surely that is a good thing. It would be a poor state of affairs if they were not asking oto play. It shows they are wanting to get out there and improve things. I expect the manager and coaches to get the team properly organised. For goodness sake we are not playing at the top level anymore.
  4. Why do you support ICT ?

    As the bible says it s hard to be a prophet in your home land I am not from this land, so my experience is relatively new. I did for many years when I lived deep into Sussex watch another team, who were known as the Crazy Gang who like Inverness put the fear of God into the establishment, They never really got any credit, winning the F. A cup against Liverpool, Seen as some sort of joke. Their little ground in Wimbledon was condemned as unsuitable, They moved to Selhurst Park and continued to upset the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City , Liverpool , ( But never Man U Ferguson was too canny for them ) Then disaster occurred their manager, very similar to Terry Butcher, had a heart attack . The powers that be brought in a big name, the manager of Norway, Things stated to go wrong the team was relegated. The club was Franchised and moved to Milton Keynes and obscurity. The supporters started again from the 8th tier of English football , the fans bought a ground the spectators sat on hay bales behind the goal. Now they are back in what is known as league one. AFC Wimbledon, more than a match for the franchised mob MK Dons. My point with this diatribe is to the fans of Inverness, Don't give up. True a younger generation brought up on the spirit of Terry Butcher, know nothing but success . Let's hope we get a leader in the mold of Joe Kinnear or Terry Butcher . Leaders like this don't grow on trees , Maybe long ball merchants but who cares. The purists don't like it, But we are not purists.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I noticed on the news today, John Hartson is a coach at Livingston . No wonder Livingston played so well, with John in the background urging them on We could do with a personality like him to inspire our guys, I feel
  6. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Those horses all were well fed When the bell rang whatever they were doing in town, irrespective of the drivers command would attend the fire station pronto. The steamers were attached to the horses, the men would turn in and the first to arrive would get a shilling
  7. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I think as Big Sam said " Respect the point", If we are to get out of trouble - play for the draw , and hope for a win, maybe an option, Do a John Hughes keep possession and not give the ball away. Desperate times call for a more conservative approach, maybe ? One point from 9 at home is not what any of us expected . 3 points from 9 away from home is still not acceptable. I didn't boo at full time but a lot of people around me did. It wasn't just a defeat it was a diabolical performance, dished out by an opponent that went about their business in a professional workmanlike way. A team who had a plan, like Morton before did against us. We can't underestimate these teams. They might not have superstars, but they are well organised and will not give up. I was impressed by Livingston, they tackled hard, counter attacked and basically made our life a misery. My mind went back to last season and the Celtic match at home, how ICT was one of the only teams to get a result against the unbeaten champions, how have we sunk to this level I will never know. No point crying over spilt milk , life must go on, I.C.T has to rise from the ashes and concentrate on a simple game and try to keep the ball or these teams in this league will have us for breakfast.
  8. Robertson worse than Foran?

    I have started to write my thoughts over and over again and given up I was trying to have a clear head on what went on yesterday. My notes on the game , indicate out approach play was good, but our finishing was not good, In the first minute it started when an easy chance after a brilliant pass was squandered. At the end of the match I felt I had to take my hat off to our opponents although not as skillful as our lads never gave up. They did what they had to and they did it well. . I think it all comes down to a lack of composure, and confidence. there is no excuse for poor passing, not holding the ball up, not pressing, not closing down. Livingston's first goal came from a corner, well taken, We had a lot of corners what did we do , just fed their keeper with a high cross. I really don't know what to say. The players deserve leadership, on the field and off it. There is quality in our side. It has to be harnessed and I have no answer. A steward after the match told me, a lot of people had told him, as they left the ground that the manager, has to go. I tend to agree.
  9. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    With regard to my own experience As a Rugby league player in my youth I would always have a Capstan Full strength at half time, this settled my nerves. When I joined the Fire Brigade I was subjected to non stop training for 10 weeks. This involved days from 6 in the morning to 7 at night, we went home at weekends. We ran, carrying ladders , running out heavy flax hose. Pitching wheeled escapes. Carrying live bodies down escape ladders over 50 feet. Pumping water for hundreds of yards , repeating the drill over and over again, When I finished the course, I could play football for hours and not feel it. One of the hardest drills was running on Morecambe beach in soft sand till we dropped. Footballers have no idea how tough training can be and what the human body can stand. Strength and stamina are important to footballer. . My old team Wimbledon under Vinny Jones had plenty of that.
  10. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    I bow to your much superior knowledge on Fitness training Again I quote Mr Clough - " Only place running will get you is the 4th Division ".
  11. Inverness and Highland books

    I have been given the go-ahead by Scotty to advertise my Inverness books on the Forum I can give free post - I can e-mail pictures if required' I can discount book prices if the selling price can stand it I am open to sensible offers Contact me direct not through the web site , I can deliver on match days to the ground or post them if you prefer and it is a viable sale. The Link is I also buy books - Mainly rare books not modern novels etc.
  12. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Brian Clough once said " How do yo make Millionaires sweat " ? This indicates that footballers really don't care for training My Dad a Rochdale Harrier, would run 50 times around the Rochdale Hornets Rugby ground. How many of our players could run around our ground 50 times. I suggest the team are booked into the Inverness Harrier club , for some hard training on the nearby Hills. A wee bit of cross country will do them good.
  13. Game 10 - Livingston (H) 16 Sept

    2 .1 HT 2.1 FT 1500 With pistol to my head if I got it wrong I don't care to say
  14. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Put Charles in charge of Fitness training. I believe he was quite an athlete years ago.
  15. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Fan is a shortened version of fanatic. It is hard to be fanatic about a team that will probably just survive in this Divisions. Something has to be done it is no good expecting fans to continually pay to watch the demise of the team they love. If the goalkeeping problem is about management pride, it is not acceptable