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    We're going to have ex-Motherwell defenders Joe Chalmers and David Ferguson up training with us according to the P&J.
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    Nah, we've gone for youth - orinoco!
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    Apparently we've signed a young guy from Wimbledon. New balls please!!
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    Well daved money on the season ticket ! So thought id better find another way to give money to the club so parked the savings here. Expect a flood of season ticket savings to come in here scotty based on all the talk about supporting the team but anger over ss prices. . .
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    P & J (always accurate...!) are reporting that we are trying to resign Louis Laing..
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    He's already got his £200 brief for the Jail End.
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    Spot on with that one
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    Decent first half by Scotland, although England have created, and missed, the best chances. I have to go out now to a family event so will not see the second half 'live'. So good luck Scotland, keep pressing them. I'll be following with regular sneaky looks at my phone!. Btw, what a plonker Scott Brown is. Absolutely needless yellow within 3 minutes. I've always disliked him as an opponent of ICT, and even playing for Scotland, I can't 'take to him'. Absolute shyte imo.
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