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    I've spoken to quite a few fans over the last years who've panned the catering, yet these same people can be seen waddling for a pie sometimes even before the whistle blows for half time. If it's that bad, don't use it, it's as simple as that. Don't criticise and then justify it's existence. I think the catering at the stadium is vastly overpriced rubbish, so I haven't used it since we were in the First Division last time.
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    I disagree. It would actually make it less likely that smaller teams would make the latter stages. Fort William v Celtic doesn't really do it for me. The big sides would simply put out a youth side or fringe players and it would be so artificial. Far better to have little teams playing big teams because they have earned the right by winning through in earlier rounds. They deserve and get a bit of respect and the game becomes a real occasion.
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    Sadly some of us were already motoring towards Inverness by the time the news came through Really frustrating especially given that there is/was a game going on a few miles up the road at the GES. Do County have a better drainage system than we do? ETA: I had the joy of hanging around Kinross Park and Ride for an hour or so waiting for a return bus to Edinburgh. Here are some photos from this memorable afternoon.
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    Looking forward to this game with a little fear. Worried the players might become complacent. A wet night would have been risky. Might be better on a better pitch.
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    I agree with DD and, in effect, what we now have is a rough equivalent of the former Qualifying Cup. One difference is that everybody is actually in the Scottish Cup proper and, rather than chunter your way through two or three rounds of all-Highland League ties before reaching the Q Cup last four and hence the main tournament, you are nominally in the main event right from the start, but also able, from the start, to meet Lowland, Junior or SPFL lesser lights. Under the old arrangement, depending on the luck of the bye, between 2-3 Q Cup games and 1-2 "Scottish Cup" games - ie 3-5 games - would be needed to get to the last 32 when the big teams came in. Now it's just 2 or 3.
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    Forecast is for heavy rain for most of the day. If the pitch is playable then the conditions will not be conducive to pretty football. It would seem a shame to make changes to the side that has brought current success but we may need to play the stronger swimmers.
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    I know that we have long been naive in transfer dealings but surely we would not have been so daft as to let Hughes anywhere near the detailed terms of the transfer.
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    Bit harsh to drop any of the guys who have contributed to 7 clean sheets in a row. Delighted to see Doran back, but happy to see him used 'lightly' on his return to ensure he doesn't break down again.
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    Selling clothes pegs, like? No didn't do that but the water was so good that when drinking my morning tea I would make a wish that I would have time for tea in the afternoon and my wish was granted
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