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    Just seen on Twitter, Carl has penned a two year extension to his contract. Great news, that's half the defence sorted We're going in the right direction If we get Connor Bell tied up soon, that'll make a good Christmas
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    Narrow minded is your usual insult give it a rest
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    Ah'm just glad we voted no to independence and stayed loyal to our masters, ah mean that might have turned into a real mess.
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    To digress further, just how snobbish and superior is that.
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    Humble apologies CB. Bit of a brain fault on a Sunday night I'm afraid. Had to double check the whole lot. Added points to MrCaleyjag too when his selection lost . All corrected above now. Thanks for flagging it up.
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    To be pragmatic, I feel considering we just need to consolidate , and not get too ambitious on our very weak bank account . We should not stretch our resources more than we have too , to maintain our status in the Championship. Next season is another story , a lot of careful choices will have to be made and hopefully a few good loan young players may come our way. this is a rebuilding situation which is going to take a lot of care and attention. There is no point signing players that will deplete our cash flow for the future as well.
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