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    I don't like hearing the "I'm done" talk...but that's the growing reality and I'm starting to see/hear it from people who would be considered the staunchest of fans. These are not people having a knee-jerk reaction to a bad game/spell or even a bad season...these are people who feel they are losing their affinity with ICTFC. How do I know that? Because I've engaged with them, I've asked them and I feel the same way as them. If someone is set to walk away then what do they care about the effects of dwindling crowds and finances?...they won't be there, it won't affect them...and they are already feeling like sitting at home on a Saturday (or a Friday, or Tuesday, maybe a Monday and sometimes a Sunday if it's a really big game) is better than the football. We can dismiss their views, turn on them, tell them they aren't proper fans if they walk away etc...but what good does that do? These are people right at the end of their tether and it's not going to take much to push a lot of them beyond the point by which they can be brought back. We are at the stage where it doesn't matter two fecks who broke it, how or why...it only matters that it gets fixed...and asap.
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    I would strongly agree with those who have said that our unbeaten run has helped mask big problems with the squad - problems that were laid bare for all to see on Saturday. First there is the defence. We have been unlucky at left-back with Tremarco injured and then Calder (correctly) being punted. McCart looks solid enough defensively but offers no attacking threat at all there. On the other side Rooney is as erratic as QOS fans said he would be. His attacking play has improved and he offers a set-piece threat but lapses like the one that led to Falkirk's second goal are all too frequent. Brad McKay is going through a dreadful spell of form too. Add in a return of the yips for Ridgers in the last two games and you have a backline that are conceding too many cheap goals, all too often when we are on top as well. At the other end, we've regressed right back to where we were a year ago. The midfield are badly hindered by the lack of pace, movement and holdup play from whoever is playing up front. We seemed to have solved the problem when we got in Austin but he's had a rotten season so far. White (too slow, doesn't win enough against smaller CBs, poor in front of goal) and Oakley (fouls defenders too often, too predictable with his movement) put in typical performances against Falkirk, though at least Oakley got a goal. I think our midfield setup is pretty good but too often Welsh, Walsh, Polworth and Doran got possession in decent areas and didn't have anyone to play the killer ball to - the exception being the opening goal. Our Plan B is to go 4-4-2, which we did for the second half of this game and against Morton too. But then our midfield play breaks down, we only have Walsh as a natural wide player and Doran is a fish out of water as second striker...but White and Oakley are a dreadful partnership. But what else can you do when you only have two senior outfield players on the bench? And therein lies the biggest issue of all. Our squad depth is pitiful. Sure, we had four players out injured this weekend but should we really be down to the bare bones. Our failure to augment the team with loan players is bizarre - just look at the impact Zak Rudden and Aidan Keena have had against us in recent weeks. We have signed only one loan player since Robbo came in - Matthew Elsdon. At one point in February I believe we were the only SPFL team (out of 42!) who didn't have a player in on loan. We can still finish fourth, but to do so we need reinforcements, up front at least.
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    Whether you fall on the Leaver or Remainer side of the argument, surely you can't fail to acknowledge that the whole thing as got out of hand and lost direction/purpose? It feels like May, once a Remainer, is taking the strop and going...."So you want to leave, do you....well I'll get us out of Europe and we'll see what you think then". It's became a case of "leave at all costs" and not, as was promised, "leave for our own benefit". I gone from having doubts about the current governments ability to govern...to having no doubts whatsoever because I am absolutely certain they don't possess that ability. The biggest worry is that the only immediate alternative for a UK government is no feckin better...which leaves Scotland with only one other option. It might not be a perfect option, but it is better than anything else on offer.
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    And here was me thinking that the "leavers" were going because of the standard of football on display plus frustration of watching (and paying for) lackadaisical team and individual performances on a regular basis. If "affinity" is said to have been lost then I would suggest that it was never actually (truly)been there in the first instance. This is NOT about the Club-Fan relationship. I basically do not give a feck about that and harping on about it (at every opportunity) is driving people away as well. You don't lose affinity because the pies were cold, you disagreed with the water-sprinkling methods or dust on the seats. Get a team on the pitch that plays for the shirt, shows "true fan" like commitment / application and provides a degree of entertainment. And it is happening at practically every club in the lower leagues. People want success not survival and the more that you have been used to it the more you expect it.
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    If it is to be fixed, then those responsible for fixing it need to be clear what exactly it is that needs fixing. It is clear from reading the match threads week in week out that people have hugely different perceptions of what is good and what bad about the team, which players are playing for the shirt and which are not, what formation we should be playing etc etc. We'll have all sorts of different views about the non footballing aspects of the club too. Clearly you can't please all the people all the time but if we want to stop long term fans drifting away, the club needs to understand why. It is therefore very important that folk can feel free to voice their frustrations on platforms such as this without fear of getting attacked by others who hold a different view. Only by expressing their views can others know what is turning people away from the club. And only by understanding what is turning people away can the club take measures to try to address those concerns,
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    I like the the quote from Brendan Rodgers - “when I first came up here, he used to be Charlie Christie's son and now Charlie is known as Ryan Christie's dad"
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    Who feckin cares as long as we are winning or performing. The future is bright irrespective of the win, draw and lose figures.
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    We can't blame the ref but he should be embarrassed picking up his pay cheque for that game!
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    Come on Kingsmills did you really expect anything else? She is not interested in Scotland it was just a token gesture!
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