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    I think I recall some fans putting MCart down but, from my perspective, he seems to have been an excellent signing for ICT for a considerable time really. In that vein of thought surely he can only be expected to get better and better; with encouragement; not the opposite though. The younger the player the more encouragement is needed because he does not have the past experience to allow him to successfully assess his own capabilities. So cut him some slack , praise his good moves and watch him blossom into Bobby Bolt (centre half for Caley when I was a wee boy.Ha!)
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    Well we have got Miles with his Magic Hat and now we have Jamie and his Magic Torch - ably befriended by a Coll-ie Dog.
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    Well there is a lot of moaning on here again, for goodness sake after a five nil win and the boys playing out of their skins??????? Pre match Doran said he and the team wanted to entertain us, well if that was a promise he certainly kept it. The match was entertaining. Imo the most entertaining I have watched since the John Hughes era and I, like many around me, thoroughly enjoyed it. Okay first half was playing it cagey, more like sounding out Morton, looking to find their weaknesses but from time to time there were flashes of what was to come, especially from Doran who has had very unfair mention on 'here. Second half I don't have to say much because anything said on here that is positive is true reflection of what went on. Some on here said Morton didn't turn up! well that was because ICT never let them. Full marks to all our players this was truly a Team effort which I really hope is what we will be seeing a lot more of in the remainder of the season. FIVE nil????☺️….. and great to watch. Well done and thank you ICT.....
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    Brilliant win and fantastic performance. A lot of credit must go to our forward players but I thought are defence were superb. That was Tremarco's best performance for a good few weeks. Donaldson was solid and scored a great header and Rooney was sound defensively but also such a threat going forward. Jamie McCart was tremendous. He won tackles and headers and his range of passing was superb. He just gets better and better. And to top it off Ridgers saves the penalty. Every player though deserves credit because to a man they were superb.
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    I think the root cause is to be found in that old chestnut which is football's adoption of the Economics of the Madhouse - specifically in this case there being more full time football in Scotland than the market can comfortably sustain, alongside the sport's willingness to pay players over generously in relation to their ability and input. In order to pay 20-odd guys full time wages to perform an activity which only earns money for the business for 90 minutes approximately once a week in front of modest crowds, Championship clubs (most of them full time) really have to push the boat out as far as possible in terms of earnings. In many cases (including ICT) they also rely on donations and subsidies from wealthy individuals and concerns.... and still sometimes sail perilously close to the wind in terms of administration and insolvency. This has at least two negative implications for their customers - the fans. Firstly, clubs have to maximise ticket income and presumably various boards have concluded that the level which maximises that income (number of admissions x price) is in the £17 - £24 range. Many fans doubtless, and understandably, feel this is pretty expensive for a 90 minute event where a guarantee of customer satisfaction is a lot less certain than, for instance, in the theatre. However, fan loyalty to the product means that boards know that the normal parameters of price elasticity of demand also don't fully apply in football. To some extent that loyalty is therefore exploited by boards and translated into excessively generous player wages. Another major down side for fans is inconvenient kick off times - such as tonight's in Inverness, which appears, understandably, not to have gone down well with Morton supporters. However, such is the need to earn TV money, principally to pay players, that this supporter goodwill is again taken for granted when these concessions are made to TV companies. I'll also indulge in a bit of Devil's Advocacy (please note!) and ask - "Would fans accept a poorer standard of play through lower full time wages or part time status in return for a substantial reduction in ticket prices?" or.... "If it's too expensive, why do you keep paying?" It has long been my view that football's Achilles heel is the payment of excess wages and the presumption that players will be paid for a very low level of performance and input. For this you need look no further than the Highland League where the "moneybags" clubs are paying totally silly sums and even Fort William were paying £20 a week for guys to concede 7 goals a game. This also in return for what, in the grander scheme of things, is little more than "kick and rush" fifth tier Scottish football. Many people in other sports - especially those who are out of pocket in order to be high performers - don't know whether to laugh or cry at the sense of entitlement in return for very little which is institutionalised within football. However the bottom line (yes.... it's here at last - I'm just making up for lost time in this one-off return on a subject which interests me!) is that it's football fans' pockets and convenience which, in part at least, pay for the widespread remuneration of players above their realistic market value.
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    Difference being of course that when you go to the theatre, concert or similar for entertainment you know what you're going to get and you know who's playing, you can check reviews and so on. Fact is as well that virtually nobody goes go big concerts or events every single week. Of course for home games that's mitigated by a season ticket (probably makes it about £14 a game at the cheapest). If football is an entertainment industry as you describe then that has to justify the cost and it has to be, well, entertaining (and I don't mean always winning). It very often is not. In my opinion, given the 'match day experience' and entertainment on show there's no justification for any Championship game to cost over £20 for an adult.
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    Strong opposed to Feruz. One of these 'wonderkids' who is now 23 and has done nothing in the game despite plenty chances. Caught driving a Porsche whilst disqualified perhaps indicates towards to his attitude and character. Give me McGregor or McKay any day.
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      We are delighted to help publicise a new book by @ICTFC club historian Ian Broadfoot. "Milestones and Memories" provides a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane and is sure to bring back many happy memories. Anyone who knows Ian will know how meticulous his fact and record keeping is which makes this a must-have for any ICT fan. In fact, buy 2. One to read, one to keep for posterity!!

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    • Back to the stripes this season
      ICTFC launch new kit & sponsor

      Club CEO Scot Gardiner said “I am delighted to conclude this prestigious partnership for the club and having worked closely with the team at PUMA in previous years, I know very well the reputation of this worldwide sportswear brand and the quality of their product.”

      “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreement.”
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    • End of Season - Squad Update
      Caley Thistle released a statement today with squad news for the end of season. Some good news, but also some hard decisions taken.

      #ICTFC #CTO https://bit.ly/2MoK9Kc
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    • Five years on....
      People often refer to an extraordinary, yet fleeting occurrence as a JFK moment. When Inverness CT went in a bowl in Switzerland for the Europa League draw in June 2015, it was hardly a life changing event, but I will never forget where I was when the news filtered through
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    • #TogetherNess
      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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