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    Latest from ICTFC TogetherNESS Great gesture from the club
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    Nice touch at the end of the end of the podcast. Well done lads.
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    We are at war against a hidden but deadly enemy that will deprive many of their lives and many more of their livelihood. The vast majority are acting as one caring community. Those selfish idiots who are bulk buying and depriving others of essentials need to be called out and shamed. Worse, those that are profiteering are nothing short of vile. Such activity is perfectly legal although abhorrent. However, these are not normal times and both the Westminster and Holyrood parliaments need to pass emergency legislation making such conduct a criminal offence, at least for the duration of this crisis.
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    🤣🤣 Sandy Robertson, total banana. Scott MacLean was lethal in partnership with Stewarty, pity about his knee injury. Brian Thomson, now that's old school. Rocket shots from all over the place and ears that meant he got subbed f the wind got up.
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    Delighted to see that the club are now mobilising it's resources to assist with the fight. Well done to the chairman, board, coaches, players, office and ground staff and every single fan getting involved. Club and community standing shoulder to shoulder at this time of crisis. Very proud indeed.
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    you felt you wanted a rest Grimgo, looks like you are getting it. Stay safe young fella.
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    I disagree. It's important for normal life to continue in so far as consistent with keeping people safe. With there unlikely to be any actual football played probably for several months, it is an opportunity for the clubs and those charged with administering the game, to discuss reform and preparing for a sustainable future for as many of our clubs as possible. Maybe, just maybe, for once self interest might not get in the way of sensible reform.
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    • Back to the stripes this season
      ICTFC launch new kit & sponsor

      Club CEO Scot Gardiner said “I am delighted to conclude this prestigious partnership for the club and having worked closely with the team at PUMA in previous years, I know very well the reputation of this worldwide sportswear brand and the quality of their product.”

      “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreement.”
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    • End of Season - Squad Update
      Caley Thistle released a statement today with squad news for the end of season. Some good news, but also some hard decisions taken.

      #ICTFC #CTO https://bit.ly/2MoK9Kc
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    • Five years on....
      People often refer to an extraordinary, yet fleeting occurrence as a JFK moment. When Inverness CT went in a bowl in Switzerland for the Europa League draw in June 2015, it was hardly a life changing event, but I will never forget where I was when the news filtered through
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    • #TogetherNess
      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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    • Statement from ICT
      The club released the following statement this morning regarding the current status of the club and their thoughts on the recent voting controversy.
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