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    Seeing this really makes me wonder why the SPFL doesn't have regionalised youth leagues for every SPFL club, like ours would be us, C*unty, Aberdeen, Elgin, Peterhead, and Cove. If anything, it cuts back MASSIVELY on transport costs, no weekly trips down to the central belt. Dumps the development league more or less entirely, and the winners of each regionalised league goes into a round robin tournament for the development league title, and gives everyone a fair chance to go for the overall title. Leagues would be as such; Highland: Us, C*unty, Elgin, Aberdeen, Peterhead, Cove, Brechin*. Glasgow: Rangers, Celtic, Partick, Queens Park, St Mirren, Hamilton, Motherwell. Edinburgh: Hearts, Hibs, Edinburgh City, Dunfermline, Raith, Cowdenbeath, Livi. Perth: St Johnstone, Dundee, Dundee United, Forfar, Arbroath, Montrose, East Fife. Kincardine: Stirling Albion, Falkirk, Airdrie, Clyde, Alloa, Albion, Stenny. Galloway: Morton, Stranraer, Dumbarton, QOTS, Ayr, Annan, Killie. *Brechin only in Highland section to keep the leagues as even as possible.
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    I know there are economies of scale but at TFC there is an ever expanding pathway that is leading to great results in the academy and its only the first part that costs parents .... The 4 entry level paths are pay-to-play and fund coaching and other development in the grey part of the graphic. I have my little guy in the first two (or did until Coronavirus shut them all down) and its not cheap!! If he continues to love the game, and he is good enough by age 11 to get an invite he would be expected to continue playing in one or more of the 4 paths but there would be no cost to play in selects. Same applies for all levels after that - everything for the player is paid. Parents do however have to fund their own travel to games etc and these could be anywhere in USA/Canada once you reach TFC II level.
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    Ok, let’s try to keep political arguments out of this thread please.
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    Sorry Satan I don't agree with you. Every kid needs a level up from playing in youth football before having a chance in the first team. We need a reserve team where they play with and against men, not an U18/U19 squad where there are kids ,who have no chance of making it. We seem to think numbers is a success but it's not, quality with potential is the answer. I don't blame our management for not giving some a chance but maybe next season he will have no option.
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    Daniel Mackay is probably the worst example, Roddy McGregor and Cammy Harper are two that should have played more than they did, partly due to pressures on gaining promotion back to the top league and partly due to management persisting with average journeymen. The pathway is there, it's the management teams call as to if and when the youth make it all the way. If the management team had followed up on the investment of time & money at youth level, played a few of the youngsters on a weekly basis , we would probably be about the same position in the league...but possibly with more money to attract a top player who might have scored the goals to make a difference. That's how the system should work.
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    Yes you are. As all the players are in furlough. Whats the point in paying now? There will be plenty players available
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    Sounds like season may be stuttering to a stop already with 7 staff at St Mirren testing positive and increased testing instructed for all Premier League clubs. Thought Nicola had single handed eliminated the virus!??
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