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  2. Couldn't agree more. I would much rather see a team of local lads that want to play for Inverness, rather than just seeing us a stepping stone. This was a line up from Hearts pre-season July '03. 1 Mark Brown 2 David Proctor 3 Stuart Golabek 4 Robert Mann 5 Stuart McCaffrey 6 Russell Duncan 7 Richard Hart 8 Steven Hislop (Anthony Kevin Low 78) 9 Paul Ritchie 10 Roy McBain 11 David Bingham Grant John Munro 32 Christopher James Finnigan 33 Lewis Craig MacKinnon 34 Michael Alan Fraser What a team! Many of the guys from that team (most of which are local
  3. I am just really really embarrassed that we have signed a county reserve after selling them our two best prospects at the end of last season. Nightmare. Fair enough he is a legend, he scored our first SPL goal, but I cant see what he will contribute now. Maybe the striker we need will be Dunc Shearer?
  4. I was raging at Butcher today. Tokely and Mihaduks- why were they not in their right positions? Why take McBain off who has experience as a defender and put on Duncan there? Why take off Morais? Why sit back like that from 60th min to their goal we never had the ball for more than one pass.
  5. I think he probably felt like it after the great support he got from the fans at Hamilton after the abuse he got from their fans. He was the last Caley player left on the pitch against Hamilton applauding us.I really don't care where he is from, he clearly appreciates us and if he feels at home here- I think thats a pretty good thing! I loved Hissys vest and duckesque running style. He was class.
  6. Thats a great post. I do not want to see any more former players playing against us and doing well.
  7. As seems to be the case in most threads. Lets bring this back to Craig Brewster. Cowie signed, was good for a season and now he's not so good. I blame Brewster. I just dont think he can get the best out of anyone or motivate a team. I hated watching the match on Saturday and seeing that none of the players really tried to get anyone else pumped up as we started to go behind. What I would like for Christmas is a new manager and Cowie to stay. People are saying that it wouldnt be a big loss, but he is a quality player who can score goals, and we have no replacement for that yet.
  8. This may be a silly question, but can I just show up at Ibrox today and pay at the gate or do I need to have bought a ticket already? cheers.
  9. I think thats really quite a silly idea. I said it was a controversial thought, but I would be genuinely interested why you think it's silly, you have dismissed the idea but have not said why. In no order in particular... 1. The old firm have a youth set up too, both of which have produced club captain and several 1st team players. 2. We dont have an automatic first shout on ALL local promising youngsters. And they wont be free. 2. Vigurs 2. Would you rather a 19-20 brought up by Alec Cleland and the support of an SPL club or by Clachs/Nairns/whoevers youth system.
  10. I think thats really quite a silly idea.
  11. Aye, nice one. :thumb04: I didnt say he looked much better today. He did look a better player, hungry and in the right places, getting the ball in a position where something might happen. I'm all for players coming through, I think its brilliant to have the option of three up and coming players. Today we had three better footballers on the bench.
  12. I don't know why everyone has disagreed with this post. Maybe it's because we share a love of Rosco throught thick and thin(as it was today) that we can see sense! I haven't been to a Caley match yet this season and so have seen very little of the three mentioned players before. I was pretty excited about them befrore the match after what had been said about them. Duff looks like he might come good, however, what is wrong with Grant Munro, the club captain? If i remember correctly he is pretty useful, and in my opinion should be one of the first on the team sheet. Vigurs was an
  13. well done lads!bit of a change from last season's start & nice one barrowman. :thumb04: :018: im off for a pint!
  14. That works, what a completely crap website the bbc have... Thanks for the 1st 1/2 analysis.
  15. Fair enough he's no Dodsy but unless there is another full-time centre back in the pipeline then this is bad news. Munro Proctor and Watt til the end of the season- no thanks.
  16. aye, and the interview talks of the need for stability, again ruling Warnock out after last nights comments.
  17. I'm gutted about Warnock, from the quotes on the BBC, it looks like its back to brew... I can't believe we haven't spoken to Warnock- "He is under consideration like everyone else but the club is a success, we have again made a profit this year, so we will have to look at wage demands and any baggage that comes with someone." How can this be said without speaking to him :33: :33: :33: And for the brew comments -"His departure was never fully understood, the fans directed their anger at him and I thought that was unfair. "He never shafted this club when he left, he went o
  18. I'm really excited about the prospect of having Warnock at the helm. I think he could really sort out this bunch of bunch players into a really good team. he's got to have some brilliant contacts and sounds really eager to get back into management, and furthermore come to Inverness. Brilliant! From the videos, you can't imaging defensive lapses like we have seen happening more than once!
  19. Legend indeed. Thanks for putting your all into the club and good luck in the future.
  20. Good luck to Charlie! I just hope we don't get an old has been journeyman manager, young and hungry seems to work.
  21. how can you moan about his white boots while giving cowie motm. what colour are his? The hi5s were mentioned to show that he looks part of the team. i didnt say they were perfect, personally id have liked to have seen them a bit higher up with a bit more force... and running after balls 'in front of the support'- it was the second half and he so happened to be playing towards us, i think he'd have done the same at the other end.
  22. spot on DavieB and mannforthejob :025: :025:
  23. Dunno what you were watching today but I dont think Niculae is unfit, and his passion looked good, he was keen to chase lost balls which is how we scored , was hi-5ing players and looking interested. Pace isnt his game, he looks strong, and very technically gifted and kept it up for 80mins, and i think after his shift, anyone would been flagging by the end. What can you base your Deano thoughts on? Four pre-season goals, a reserve goal and half an hour minutes of competetive games?
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