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  1. Hopefully he gells with the rest of the squad
  2. No way, there would be far to many of them at the TCS if that was going to happen. There is too many OF fan in the caley end as it is.
  3. Its about time the club improved their website, lessor teams have had better websites than us for a long time. Well done to everyone behind the new site, its looking good.
  4. ------------------------------------ESSON---------------------------------------- PIERMAYR-----------TOKELY-----------ALDRED---------------GILLET DORAN----------------FORAN--------------TANSEY--------------HAYES ----------------------------TADE----------------SUTHERLAND------------- Against hibs Doran definately made a difference when he came on for Ross, we had more energy down the wing and looked more dangerous so i'd go with Doran a head of Ross. Sutherland also looked quite lively upfront when he came on, I think him and Tade might be a decent match upfront.
  5. Personally, I think Eric has proved that he is the better option. Sanchez has no end product and if he starts ahead of Eric we will be losing Eric's goal scoring ability.
  6. What terry should do is take the team on a big coach trip before our home games.
  7. I agree with the intial poster, one bad decison could ruin your career. It happens to alot of promising footballers every year when they leave smaller clubs, having done really well and then suddenly they dont get a game for their 'bigger' new club, or get injured and lose there place in the team. Adam has the potentional to play at a higher level that the SPL, and shouldn't rush into making a decison like this at this early stage of his career, which could possibly ruin it. Go on Adam, sign the contract.
  8. With Foran playing a more central role now, this will be keeping Sanchez out of the team. Plus with younger players like, morrison fighting for a starting 11 place, and Eric this will not be help his cause. Whenever Sanchez comes on, he normally isnt very effective, but when Eric comes on the team seem to get a lift.. Like against Rangers Eric scored within minutes of coming on. I really don't rate Sanchez very highly, I think he hasnt really adapted to the scottish game and would be better off somewhere else.
  9. Well done to him, deserves it. Hopefully there will be more ICT players getting called up, a few of the younger scottish players have the protential to.
  10. I don't like the design of our stadium, but i think the location is fine. Its near the road, that means its easy for travelling fans to get to. There is enough room to expand, and change the stadium if need be.
  11. One step at a time, Top 6 should be the target just now.
  12. ------------------------------------ESSON-------------------------------------------- DUFF------------TOKELY------------------MUNRO------------------SHINNIE ------------------------------DUNCAN-----------------FORAN------------------- ROSS-------------------------------ODHIAMBO-----------------------HAYES- -------------------------------------ROONEY--------------------------------------
  13. Rooneys workrate is what I like about him, he is always pressuring defenders and keepers in to making mistakes. Most of the time it doesnt pay off, but when it does its worth it. For example, against the dons rooney chased down that ball, and ended up scoring. Most strikers would of thought it was a "lost cause"
  14. Yes. Tokely on for him, and booked already.
  15. Terrible start.. Anyone got any news on the goal? Imries reaction? Or who was at fault?
  16. Number 33 - Tom Smith is a good prospect. He's from Dornoch to which is good.
  17. I quite liked the flare, I also think that smokes bombs, flares ect should be allowed in scottish football. It would bring abit of atmosphere to the games.
  18. Thanks for reminding me, I will be watching.
  19. I always rated Bayne when he was at ICT, and even last season with the pars I thought he was a great player. I hope he recovers soon, and is back playing
  20. I dont think Lionel suited scottish football. He likes to get forward and support the midfield and strikers, like alot of full-backs do nowadays for bigger teams. It often back fired and left lots of space on the left side for the opposition to attack.
  21. I was thinking the same thing yesterday watching the WC final.
  22. Good luck Bazza if your decent at managing, then you could be taking the reins at ICT one day.
  23. It's good to see that Grant is taking a leaf out of Roscoes book.
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