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  1. Fully expecting Josh to score og in Final now... Great news thoughs. Lets get this Party started!!
  2. Think from 25th includes 25th Andrew Ooooo Andrew... Are you his Dad or something? :P
  3. As excited as i am for this final. Occasionally i cant help but think about the Challenge Cup Final of 1999 where we got beat on pens by Alloa. I was 10 at the time and was so devastated i cried all the way home lol So yes, lets beware and be ready for what is likely going to be a tough match
  4. Beat Stourbridge last night 1-0 and our now Champions of the Northern Prem. They will now be promoted to the Conferance North. Delighted for my 'other' team and a nice few days for me. Oh.....IHE and Chorley, we're coming for you!
  5. Not a big fan of card displays personally. Its just so regimented and everyone does it now for big games, therefore originality never gets a look in. Why not have a flag day? where fans bring flags and banners they have designed themselves with silly wee ditties like 'Jesus Saves, but Ofere knocks in the rebound'
  6. Im with Tob on this one but would change the stands. Keep the neautrals, families, knobs with jester hats and face painting behind the goal. There they can all sit in peace and chant Calee Calee every so often. The regular, loyal and passionate fans of ICT and Falkirk who actually know the songs, can be split in the North Stand. Being close to one another will create an added atmosphere in one stand. And the corporate and Main Stand sweetie rustlers in the South Stand Happy days (Y)
  7. Weeeeeeee're on the March with Yogi's Army We're all going to Hampden Park And we'll really shake them up When we win the Scottish cup Cause Caley are the greatest football team
  8. Couldnt go yday which has already been stated and i dont have Sky, so it was Radio Scotland for me and Caley still put me through the ringer.... At the third goal Rankin was talking his usual nonsense when Rob Maclean burst through with GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL........ Seemed to take an age before he finally stated 'Raven for Caley'... I went Apesh1t!! So much so my mother got a fright in the other room. Its weird, wasnt even there, yet i still got all emotional at the Final whistle. 19 years this week since my first match vs Cowdenbeath at Telford Street and as much as this club s
  9. I really really hope it wont be £35 for an adult, man alive then it really will be only 20,000 or so. The SFA dont even need to think long and hard about this. Keep the prices low and more will come, could easily hit the 40,000 mark if prices were kept the same as yday and saturday. I would like to ask the club however, would it be possible for all the regulars, ST holders and generally loyal fans be able to sit together in one stand. This will allow for more noise and passion. The families who want to sit down and the knobs in jester hats who come once a decade can sit elsewhere
  10. To the tune 'obla-dee obla-da' Ofe-re Ofe-re Ofe-re Woooaaahhh Eddie Edward Ofe-re
  11. Spot on! At least someone else on here sees sense to the real problem. I sadly wont be going. Desperately want to go, but knew as soon as Sky waded in that i couldnt go due to the following... 1) speaking at church in the evening 2) time of kick off 3) ticket prices 4) lack of travel options I wouldnt be surprised if for most people (2,3,4) is the main reasons why they can't come down. Look at the stupid issue Rangers and Hearts fans are facing because of the ineptitude of SPFL and Sky sports. Sky and the authorities are killing the game in Scotland!
  12. Sheer contempt of football fans once again. I hate to use the B word but its the only way the SFA will ever learn. I can garuntee that once again we will struggle to get 2000 fans, and here was me hoping we could maybe take 4000....lol As the FC United song goes 'Wont pay Glazer or WORK FOR SKY'
  13. Suppose it all depends on the day and time of kick off. If its another sunday ko at 12pm i reckon we'll be taking around 2000 again. If however the ko is at 3pm on either day we should hopefully be able to take 4000 When we were in SC semi's before we took over 6k which is odd when u think we struggled to take oy 7k to last yeas final. Also Dundee United wont take anymore than 12,000 to a semi and i doubt celtic will take anymore than 25000 tbh
  14. Couldnt make it tonight but absolutely delighted! 3 semi's in 3 years, superb well done ICT. Pride of the Highlands :)
  15. Hampden. End of story. We have won the right to play there. I dont care if only 3000 turn up, has to be Hampden
  16. In all honesty im not concerned what the team is as i trust all the players in this team and the Management. All im concerned about is that we stay professional and respect Raith who will be well up for this. Remember March 2004 when we played Well and everyone expected Mwell to progress all the way to the final, but then Barry lobbed Marshall from 40 yards... Lol Well, Well didnt respect us that day and we were in control for most of the match for what i remember. This is an amazing opportuntity for the club to progress and atleast give us a day out at Hampden. I hope we dont b
  17. But remember we were relegated in 09 when the old SPL/SFL rules were in place. In 2011 the SPL voted to allow safe standing(rail seats) and then the rules changed again in 2013 with the formation of the SPFL, for example the 6000 seat rule has been scrapped therefore the likes of QoS or Morton can be promoted even with normal terracing. Therefore imho the west side terracing option should be explored again! Rene is right that Hearts/Hibs and Rangers have all been allowed to stand on normal terraces at Queens, Alloa and Cowdenbeath. The Queens away terrace in fact was closed for years and
  18. Sorry off topic but What are the prices for this game? Cant find it anywhere.
  19. Its a baffling one for me personally. Lets pay 3 grand in winding up fans we dont have a rivalry with? I okay then. Its like saying, i'm gona drive 100 mph to my friends house, just to tell him i have no intention of visiting. #weirdo's
  20. Boyce had a good game today. He's good at holding up the ball and good in the air. He's not afraid to run at defenders and if he was given proper service i reckon he would do a proper job! I believe he also has 6 month left on his contract. Give County 20k n say nothing more about it (Y)
  21. Going to continue the 'lets talk p1sh' theme by asking what Barrowboy is doing these days?
  22. Ok. Before we start a mass outrage and everyone jumps on their self righteous horses demanding to name, shame and ban, I think we need to find out exactly who this lad is first. If it was indeed him then i think he needs to be taken aside and given a word in his ear about his behviour. But to publicly slaughter him is not the answer. Murchison im sorry your day was spoiled and i hope u do come back. There is a designated family area at TCS which would be perfect for your family, its always harder at away games to seperate families to the more 'boistrous' support sadly.
  23. Yogi is becoming a cult hero lol and is right on so many levels. But i have to disagree that 'summer football is the way forward'. Instead of looking to England as some sort of 'mecca of football' we should be looking to Germany because they have got it right on so many levels. In Germany the christmas/boxing day fixtures are the played then there is a break for 4/5 weeks and then they are back into it on last week of Jan. Thats something which should be explored before we make a drastic change like summer football imo
  24. Shouldn't really complain a win is win after all. Though we did make a complete chore of it again. I was hoping we would come out and get straight at them like Thursday but it just didn't happen. For example the first min of the game Tremarco went charging down the left, passed inside to Doran who passed to Christie on edge of box, who turned and passed back the passed back then it was back with Josh. And i thought to myself, Flip here we go again. And thats how it was for the whole game, no urgency, no speed, no dynamic play. Also Mckay had great chance and blew it in 1st half. He really
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