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  1. No place for sentimentality anymore. David Raven has already had a reprieve from a contract expiry. I'll back Robbo on this one. He will always be a hero at ICTFC.
  2. Great stuff. This simple info from the club is the basic narrative most people need in the build up to the weekend.?
  3. To be fair he did use that strap line in his interview too. Looks like the catchphrase is here to stay. Gulp.
  4. I'm taking the diddy cup seriously in the hope we can re-group our 500 euro veterans for an away fixture in Ireland
  5. At last, a coherent, mature statement of intent really attempting to address all the speculation within the confines of some commercial things which are not meant to be out there for public consumption. I've go a boardroom bounce from that, now back to the footy supporting, survival and ICTFC walking the talk. Well done board.
  6. Looking for a sugar daddy (or mummy) is not the answer although it might help short term. Very few of these people have bottomless pockets. And even RCFC came unstuck for a while when their benefactor stopped pumping in money a few years back. We seem to be lacking a long term strategy and plan to develop and market our club and instead focus on short term management to pay the football wages. I know football success is bottom line and the purpose of the business is to feed the football club but coaches and players will come and go and the club needs to look at things which will align them with fans and the local community for the long term. I think there is a lot of good will out there and the club would do better spending another player wage on a person equipped to take that sort of development of the business forward. I must admit I was surprised by the number of mercs etc parked up at the club before season started and couldn't help feeling that for a relegated club pleading poverty and making cuts we we're overpaying on the playing side. But then again I generally don't think footballers are worth the inflated wages going around these days. Perhaps both players and us fans need to realise that we are a first division (I mean championship) club based on our current fanbase and focus on grafting and surviving in this division rather than thinking we are a still premier league club who's had a blip.
  7. oh well looks like I'll need to hope for a lucky draw unless you sell your insiders story to the Highland News ?
  8. Is this not something a COO would be all over to protect club reputation and demonstrate control of day to day club management. Quite simply which party was the first to raise the subject of a move to county. If Draper was tapped up and stated a desire to leave then ICT position of telling him to formalise that, makes some sense. On the other hand, if club received a bid and told Draper about it and if he wanted to join rcfc to submit a request, then they need to just say so unambiguously. Right now even a clarification / retraction won't be as embarrassing as the Twitter porn statement.
  9. So Combat what did you ask and what honest answers did you get? Or are you now sworn into a board oath of silence? ?..Any news is better than no news.
  10. So was he tapped up and then put in a transfer request knowing a wee wages boost was coming from the deep pockets at County? Surely ICTFC permission and agreement on fee was needed before speaking to a contracted player? So who was involved in the tapping up? Serious investigation required by ICTFC if they have really been reluctantly forced to sell. Or is this just skint board spin. This happens too often. Time to make players / managers /agents /boards properly accountable for apparent dodgy dealings with a proper protocol for handling these scenarios enforced by SFA/SPFL with severe penalties (points deductions, suspensions, bans, etc) agreed and set out in advance for infringements. Severely p'd off.
  11. Felt we bossed the game and on another day (with another ref) things might have gone better. Just can't see how united got that early penalty and the linesman calling the ref over to send Robbo off was way OTT 10 mins into new season. Vigurs awarded a well deserved MoM. Mark Ridgers is needing to practice his kicking this coming week.
  12. The stats above make for intersting reading better all round player then tansey or draper is my interpratation but one stat missing would be km covered. However if you have the ball and can pass it to a teammate, why do you have to run aboot? Think sometimes he is singled out because we have all seen the range of clever touches/passes he can produce and expect it all the time. If we can keep him, I'm expecting this will be a big season for Iain at ICTFC.
  13. Thoughts pretty much same as everyone else on this thread. Solid controlled performance with some attacking flair. Colin Seedorf stood out at RB. We looked like a premiership side playing a second division side. Liked Bairds movement off the ball. Some loose passing which better teams may punish. Not major personnel changes from Elgin game but big jump in performance level. Saw enough to think we can make a challenge in championship. Seeing most of the other "big teams" put 4+ past their lesser opposition so maybe that's a reality check on where we are at, but on another day we could have bagged more goals. Jake still sometimes goes down too easily and theatrically, after first tackle and doesn't always get a foul, but on saturday when he skipped past 2/3 lunges he did eventually get properly clattered poor bugger.(hope he'll get more protection as the season goes on - when he was running at pace with the ball he was exciting to watch). We lost our shape a bit at the end when Robbo made subs to give others some game time and moved guys around.