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  1. Never again will we be singing the Highlands are ours
  2. @Drake I’m really not trying to get into an argument with you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Personally I hardly think moving to Fife to sign who? We will be still getting loanees from who knows where and playing the same crap boring football under Ferguson that we watched every week last season at home. The difference is that we will be based miles from home during the week and back here to play games. And what happens if we manage to come straight back up. Are all these superstar central belt players going to relocate. I’m sorry but this has Gardiners all over it and not for me I’m afraid to say.
  3. Sorry no offence was meant. No closed shop.
  4. I was a bit late to the party only 18 years
  5. I’m not sure how long CTO has been going. A very long time. Have you never felt compelled in the last 30 years to post as there has been many topics I’m sure deserving of your input. Maybe I’m just an old cynic and find it strange how you join now and basically tell us all that the club are right in everything they do
  6. I always find it strange that people like drake and charleyfarly or achfary appear out of nowhere to completely try and validate the clubs position new members new posts and try and tell us all that we should accept the clubs point of view Vested interest I reckon
  7. Myself and northstandfan (Son) have discussed it and after 20 years season tickets. Merchandise. Food and drinks at every game. We’ve decided no more. We will never give the club a penny as long as the current regime is in charge. It’s only two of us bit over 20 years it’s many thousands and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.
  8. For all the fact our board seem to be clueless You have to admire the Kelty one Played a blinder getting us to give them finances for their budget. You really couldn’t make it up. Comedy of errors
  9. This could be the final nail in the coffin. 20 years season ticket can’t see myself and my son renewing now. This stinks of a Gardiner move. We started in division 3 all the way up to premier league and for the last 30 years have managed. This isn’t about anything other than the fact the useless shower who have been in charge have dragged us down to this. If we managed before we should be able to manage now. I feel totally deflated coming home from work and reading all this
  10. Close the North Stand and you will lose even more season ticket holders. I for one would not renew to end up in the front or side wings where the weather etc gets to you. I can’t imagine I’d be the only one
  11. Not so sure about that
  12. Was hearing some Hamilton fans saying our supporters went down to the away turnstiles and were throwing barriers stones etc at them. No idea if that’s true or not but a sad day all round. Watched the talk about the game on iPlayer this morning. Big tokes looked gutted while doing his interviews. Still got his heart here for sure
  13. Quite a bit of aggro going on outside the ground. People on the deck police involved and stopping it looks nasty. Can’t condone that even if tensions are running high
  14. Like many here I’m sure. We were at the Caley club the night they had their first chat to the fans about their ideas for the club moving forward. Not one thing they said has come to fruition and without doubt I would agree there time is up. Morrison seems to be a decent guy but he has to be culpable for hiring Gardiner. They seem to have alienated the business community in Inverness and taken us backwards for sure. There was talk about job losses if we go down. The first wage saved should be gardiners and not job losses for the hard working people lower down. I’m ripping just now and scared to say what I really feel. A few drinks from now and it might be different
  15. Does media mean communicating with the Fans? If so then Forget it those days are long gone though I assume there will be communication shortly to purchase tickets and in a few weeks season tickets again
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