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  1. jagster

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Won't say anything about the game as I'm sure it's pretty much all been said. I'd like to say that I thought the atmosphere was great today, seemed like most of the north stand we're singing along best it's been in a while great day all round Thank you ICT
  2. jagster

    Game 04 - Celtic (H) 23 Aug

    HT 1-1 FT 1-2 1st scorer ICT Mckay 1st scorer opp Stokes Time of goal 23mins
  3. jagster

    Celtic prematch thread

    Mind you some look really tall
  4. jagster

    Celtic prematch thread

    John Collins and Celtic team just walking past house. Don't look anything special ha ha
  5. jagster

    Spot the Difference

    Yea there were no queues and did you see the huge pile of tins and bottles that the staff had discarded. we went at 7 queued up for a minute or so got served some beers got my loyalty card stamped, no probe whatsoever can only comment on what happened to US sorry about disjointed writing this kindle fire is awkward lol
  6. jagster

    Spot the Difference

    thought there was an extra person than normal on bar served fairly quickly?
  7. jagster

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    I'm of the opposite viewpoint I enjoyed them in there singing their songs, something I enjoy of our own fans at away games, I would imagine it would have been a bumper night of bar takings as well, we certainly got served ok win win all round for me
  8. jagster

    MFR coverage

    great coverage by auldyboy but was it just me but I only managed to access it by getting the link that had been posted on here, I didn't seem to be able to find it on mfr site, on their mfr2 page it was a music show onall afternoon, couldn't find any link or mention of it at all
  9. jagster

    Game 02 - Dundee (H) 13 Aug

    ht 1-0 ft 2-1 1st scorer ICT McKay 1st scorer opp Tanelukic time of goal 17 mins
  10. jagster

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    Was interesting to hear McColl say that Aaron looked overweight and his comments about having to lose weight to get in 1st team
  11. jagster

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    Attendance 1,622
  12. jagster

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    Dundee 1-0 at Killie Harkins Penalty, Thought it was El Alagui that scored for hibs? Right eenuff Oxley has scored hibs 2nd
  13. jagster

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    Yaaaaaaasssss He scores when he wants
  14. jagster

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    sounds as if Ryan should have put us 1 up
  15. jagster

    Game 01 - Hamilton Accies (A) - 09 Aug

    HT 0-0 FT 1-1 1st scorer ICT Mckay 1st scorer opp Scotland time of 1st goal 52mins