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  2. Only last season. He was great the year before and earned his place at the Euros. But whether it was injuries or something else, he then turned into the most unreliable keeper in the league.
  3. Fidget spinners are soooooo last month!
  4. Cheers Sean, I'll be in touch.
  5. Death
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  7. sponsorship

    you certainly did. have updated the sponsorship list now.
  8. Last week
  9. Anyone remember Blind Groove?
  10. He hasn't been out of the game since leaving East Fife-been coaching at Hearts & apparently has had management offers which he has turned down..
  11. All the teams in the group have agreed to charge fans the same admission for each of the games. A good move from all the sides.
  12. Apparently there is typically only 60 mins of actual playing time at the moment so the game time would be the same. The benefit is that there would be no point time wasting.
  13. If they rise or are about same we will hear if they fall we won't
  14. TBH Scotty I have never believed that the Scottish Development league has done anything to develop our youngsters. Personally I am a great believer in sticking the young uns with potential in with the more experienced pros so that they are training and playing with better, more mature players. We used to to do this and these young lads had their kidneys dunted by the old HFL defender and told not to come back or there would be more. I know that's not football but they grew up a lot quicker and developed a lot quicker, Grant Munro, Ike Fraser to name but two. I just wonder where we are going from here.
  15. Brown should probably have been sent off, but even before his booking, England's Walker (I think it was - don't follow English football) did a right nasty one on Morrison, causing the injury that took him off, and wasn't even booked. The two minutes between Griffiths' goal and Kane's sneaky equaliser are the best I've felt at Hampden since you-know-what.
  16. to be fair, he went to Bristol City, who were in dire straights when he went down, similar to Sunderland. That didn't work out the way he wanted. Once bitten me thinks, and money aint everything, as he wont be short of a few bob at Aberdeen either.
  17. Cheers Scotty. All looking good for next season.
  18. I'd agree with that. Scotland has had some form of election/referendum every 5.2 months since September 2014 David Mundell on Sunday Politics proved yet again that the Scottish Tories concentrate on the 'No to Indyref2/SNPBad' rhetoric knowing they've got nothing else left to convince people to vote for them. As for Scottish Labour, well this about sums them up.....
  19. cracking pic mate
  20. I'm happy to have Baird - could be any reason for Falkirk releasing him, doesn' necessarily mean he isn't any good. Said this before but some players 'fit' better at some clubs thsn others, maybe he just fancied something different? Anyway, anybody who scores an extra time winning goal against sevco - whoops, rangers - in a cup final (challenge cup, for Raith Rovers) is ok with me!
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  22. Have locked this thread. Robbo's return is being fully discussed on the 'New Manager ' thread. No point in duplication.
  23. Too risky likely to get humped !
  24. Well done TM4TJ - You had multiple memberships for the sponsor's draw and 2 of them came up. never seen that before, but as its totally random then it can happen. I have sent a PM to let you know how to go about collecting the stuff.
  25. Beat me to it
  26. Thought you'd like that ! Good luck in the final v Montreal.
  27. Is there still time to Sack the board !!
  28. Kenny Cameron was also a very polite man and welcomed approaches and ideas from really genuinely interested parties who wanted to express their opinion politely and with well thought out views. And if you were lucky enough to be a guest of the club this visit would inevitably turn out to be a super experience where you would leave that club at the end of the day glowing with happiness and satisfaction. Now that takes real caring and a genuine interest from his heart to generate those kinds of feelings in any fan. And he was more than willing to share his time in advancing solid ideas in practical form alongside the person who wanted to actually do something positive. I know that to be a joyous fact from personal experience. There is no need for me to elaborate further but those who now denigrate him simply don't know him, his generosity of spirit, his sacrifices on behalf of, and his love for, the club and his willingness to give positive support to any suggestion that had any chance of success both for the club and for the enjoyment and emotional fulfilment of the person/fan who approached him for his support. Not to mention the glowing cheeks and heart of a little, disabled boy who once had a whale of a day on a matchday prior to leaving Inverness for another place. Good luck, Kenny, and God Bless You for all your hard work and loyalty to our Caley Thistle football club. .
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