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  2. Robertson Out

    With Houston and now McEntire gone, Robertson must be thinking his jacket is on a shuggely peg!
  3. Let's go out of Sneck

    Both right Quay Street Portree, I have no idea of the date as there are no cars but I would guess the 50's.
  4. Today
  5. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Its all very well coming out and criticising the players, maybe some think it acts as a boot up the arse, but I'm less convinced. Maybe the odd individual on rare occasion but to slate the team & players regularly does little good and not only speeds up loosing the dressing room but also turns the fans - its tiresome and smacks of desperation. Ultimately if the players, team, tactics, fitness are not good enough it stops with the manager - he picks and recruits them. In the real world if a manager starts making excuses for failure of his product or service based on the staff the questions will ultimately come back to him that he recruited, trained and entrusted these people - i.e. he is paid to be responsible. We talk about low morale in the club and lack of unity - can it be a surprise, look at guys like OFW & Raven - they are part of the 'old' crew but one day they are told to go they're not wanted, next they are back in. New guys arrive being told established players will be going, expecting to get into the team only for guys to stay. There's probably a mistrust of everything going on, guys uncertain as to their roles and various individuals being singled out by the manager, media and fans. What happens now - for example - Ridgers dropped and publicly its been stated he had 10 games and was crap, his confidence is shot based on poor displays and now being out of the team, we bring in a guy who was told to go he had no future in OFW. Are the defence breathing a sigh of relief, they have avoided the blame and a scapegoat is found? What OFW has a few bad games or gets injured - does Ridgers come back in, but the defence know he is a liability so where is their confidence and the player himself is told he isn't good enough. Its a mess and getting worse.
  6. Game 12 - Queen of the South (H) 30 Sept

    Ht 0-0 ft 2-0 ict polworth qos none crowd 2000
  7. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    So Dougal was correct in raising the concerns ?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Robertsons big changes

    Who cares who he scored for. He wasn't good enough for us and not the type of player we need to take us forward.
  10. Due to a power outage in my grey matter I have had to delete some duplicated fixtures for Week 08. Please check your predictions if you've already posted prior to this notice. Cheers.
  11. NAPS Table - Week 07

    Thanks ICT for a quiet weekend WEEK 07 Tichy Black's Back 222 SOS 217.8 RedCard 216.7 Mrs Gringo 203 EyeSeeTea 195.3 CDN Girl 192 Gringo 191 ictrmd 190.1 Caley Braveheart 188 MrCaleyjag 188 crownjaggie 181.5 JodieC95 181 CaleyCanary 178.5 Scotty 173 Andrew Fraser 150 WYNESS101 150 old caley girl 145.3
  12. Go to LA for your holidays

    ... and now the same site is offering Inverness to San Francisco for 265 !!!
  13. Why do you support ICT ?

    Dumbarton Football Club belongs to all of you... we, the people who play for and manage are passing through. This being football, one day we will all move on, but you will still be here, because it's your club.” Ian Murray, 4th May 2013, after keeping DFC in Division 1 against heavy odds.
  14. Player of the Year - Dumbarton

    Strange to see that views and conclusions are SO similar for once.
  15. Ex ICT Players Score

    Quite a few scorers yesterday (23 Sep). I spotted the following........................ Eng Champ S Winnall (Derby 1 - Birmingham 1) National League (S) P Roberts (2) (Braintree 5 - Hungerford 0) Non League Premier R Eagle (Leiston T 3 - Met Police 0) SL 2 J Brown (Edinburgh c 0 - Peterhead 3) Scot Cup A Greig (Hat trick) (Brora R 5 - Girvan 0) D Gillespie (Edusport Acad 1 - Rothes 1) M Laing ( Lothian This HV 3 - Inverurie 2)
  16. Ex-ICT players' news

    Well spotted. Checking up on him, I see he has been back in Spain for a couple of years. Before moving to Elche CF a couple of weeks ago he was with Real Murcia from Jan to Aug this year and scored once for them back in January.
  17. Results / Table - Game 11

    Sorry for the later than expected update folks, I'm awaiting someone at Dumbarton to count the crowd. Getting to be a frustrating habit this and only seems to affect ICT games for some reason.
  18. Last week
  19. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    Maybe they should have got rid of Rice and Kellacher when Foran got the dunt and kept Duncan Shearer instead? He was a good number 2 to Patterson and seems to have had a good eye on youth players, did Christie, Ross and Polworth not come through his teams? I have never known a situation before where a club has had three different managers but keep the same coaches! Surely they must be accountable for the fitness and coaching the players to the standard that the club requires.
  20. Game 11 - Dumbarton (A) 23 Sept

    Changing my first goal scorer to Barr
  21. NAPS Competition - Week 07

    Mrs Gringo Raith Rovers draw @ 3.75
  22. Dumb Detective story

    There was once a sleuth who went by the name Barton to his friends Dumb Barton ( , Dumbarton ) had two sidekicks for want of a better expression, called Peter Head and his brother Richard , known as Dick. One day following information received from a man named Ross , who told them there was a County wide rumour that someone was plotting to Kill Marnock who was a notorious gangster believed to have stolen a Saxon hoard of Sterling ( Stirling ) silver. Dumbarton and his colleagues , put on their trusty (G) Aberdeen's and set off to Investigate . Having finding his mother well he marched on through the realms on Perfidious Albion to have a pint at the Rovers before leaving on the long journey to the south where it was though that an old ship named the Queen might be the hiding place for the silver t - The main clue was that the horde was to be taken away, and to Bury ( I had to get that in ) the silver beneath a Celtic cross, of course the problem was to avoid the Forest Rangers who patrolled the area . The problem was also that the Ayr ( air) above 3000 feet was very cold and wet . Before they could get to their destination a voice called our -" Alloa - Alloa - what's going on ear then ? ", It was the local constable on patrol , having just taken forfar ( four for ) at the police annual cricket match on Gretna village Green . Barton showed his licence card to Investigate , No problem said the Police Officer as it was ascertained the Maroch was in fact in Police custard, ( Marock spilled the desert whilst being questioned over a matter of a stolen rifle from the 3rd Lanark regiment ( That's one for the historians )" With their Hearts in their mouths , having had a lucky escape, They trudged through the thistles of Caledonia to find their way home.
  23. Dumbarton Preview (Away) : 23/09/17

    The yokels refer to it as the Rock and the fans are known as the Sons. “Sons of the Rock” sounds more like a Biker Gang or a New Age Religious Sect. Still it is a club steeped in history.............................................
  24. Family Research

    Wee will see if CB can beat that
  25. Travelling to Falkirk away Oct 14

    ICT Supporters Travel Club Bus Leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 To book Phone or Text : 07462 218717 Or book through ICT Travel Club Facebook page Adults £20 return Concessions age 12 and under , 65 and over and disabled . £10 return
  26. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    To be perfectly honest, I felt that under JH we overdid the slow build up. Not because it wasn't affective but once teams realised what we were doing they crunch tackled us hard knowing the ball wasn't going to be played forward quickly. That caused a lot of the injuries you refer too. I didn't know you lived nearby, If you call in I have whiskey in the jar, as they say - next to Andersons. You can put me straight on my debatable tactics ?
  27. Number One

    Agree, with Daniel Hoban hot on his heels..
  28. Our Signing Strategy

    I said this on another thread, but my hope us that some of these players are soon to be pushed for a 1st team slot by the up & coming youth players - can't throw all the youths in at once, obviously, but there are a few players who seem a bit too 'safe', in that they will be playing in the team no matter how sh#*e they were last week. Main worry is the length of deals (Trafford & Seedorf aside, who both look like good prospects) some of these players have been given...but perhaps Robbo feels he can get something extra out of them (which is possible, I suppose)..
  29. Inverness - the City of today

    Ugly looking brutes! The new wolves are far more appealing.
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