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  2. The last time he was allowed to 'contribute in areas where he thought he could help' he walked out as soon as the going got tough. Strikes me as someone who's high opinion of themselves is very misplaced.
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  5. I didn't need to zero the abacus this week that's for sure I'm doing my best to do a 'Dundee' and throw away the title but the chasing pack are having the same bad luck.
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  7. I didn't credit Hayes with the 3rd goal as BBC have it down as an og.
  8. Jason Oswell voted Newtown AFC's player of the season (2016/17) by their supporters.
  9. Richie chose to keep Brian Rice so the decision was his. Though I was told we did try to get someone else before this but they didn't want to come (maybe MM?).
  10. And when we beat them we'll only need to win half of our remaining games to be in with a chance of staying up
  11. Don't talk out loud about Amazon and the way they treat their customers which is arrogant and shameful. For example: A. They won't send you your earned royalties in North America unless royalties amount to a minimum of $100. What if you had decided to re-invest such monies in advertising to increase sales, thus increasing future royalties. B. They refuse to allow any author who has printed with their subsidiary, Create Space , to find outlets in the U K to sell their books for that author. They want complete control of distribution everywhere or so it seems . My friend in the S.W. of England took our book, Destinies in Motion, into two retail outlets of the largest retail bookseller in the country to be subsequently told by one Manager that "This is the best book I have read in a long time". The other outlet manager also expressed considerable interest and praise for our adventure. So I obtained the telephone number and email address of the purchasing manager in their head Office in London from one of these gentlemen and contacted him. He replied....." We are unable to sell your book in Greats Britain because we do not have, or can't find, a supplier from whom to purchase it in the UK"--meaning Amazon has closed the door to any handler other than those who had been hand picked by them and, thus,under their control and jurisdiction. So, then, two years ago, I contacted Create Space's top man in Canada to ask him to look into this and find a way to assist us to sell the book.. He reluctantly said he would -- and I am still waiting for a reply. I also contacted another female top manager with whom I had dealt in the past and she also did not reply although she had not been slow to send sugar-coated emails to us reminding us how easy it was for her to assist us to give them more business. etc. c. We had then approached their head office in Seattle,Washington State in the north East of the U.S.-- just down the road from us here in B/C.-- and requested a reduction in the advertised price of our book on their site and elsewhere to spur sales. They replied to the effect that since we had opted for the service of selling it in certain overseas countries they would not allow this. Why?--well one can only speculate that it's all about their bottom line but not about helping their clients. And that in the face of the poor workmanship displayed in their printing of the book that gave us nightmares and hours and hours of work to get them to correct. Example :- One illustration was planted in the book 60 pages away from the text referring to the incident depicted in the picture, not to mention a couple of others in similar vein. Or those of you who yearn to be an author(ess) be assured that it is a very heavy load of work and you will not be dealing with empathetic publishers. And when you think it is all over bar the shouting and you submit it to them for printing they say "Oh , well, all you have to do now is format it! WHAT? Format it ? What do you mean? It's completed, spell checked to death, I spent `300 hours editing it to death and blah, blah.. "Oh no, we mean check every single line in the book to make sure that all the paragraphs are properly aligned with "hard returns" as per our requirements for printing." Holy smokelinos, Geronimo, pass the smelling salts........ Oh, by the way, Laurence, when I sent you a letter a year or so ago about the possibility of selling it in your store why did you not reply or acknowledge it?
  12. Just to be pedantic, they were actually only a draw away from the SPL. If Hissy hadn't scored for us with 11 minutes left, they would have been champions. You're right though, the club is a shambles from top to bottom. As it is, I think they'll finish above 10th because Cowden have a harder finish. Cowden have potential champions Forfar at home then Elgin away, so even if Clyde and Berwick lose their remaining fixtures, Cowden are unlikely to catch either of them.
  13. your colonial masters want want you to be slaves in the colonies. better together
  14. Dundee Utd vs St Mirren DRAW @ 3.40
  15. I stand corrected ... the thread was deleted ... but not by admin or mods. it was deleted by the original poster for whatever reason.
  16. HT 1-1 FT 2-1 ICT Tansey Opp Boyce Crowd 4921
  17. Stay or leave, Josh is a legend - 2 years on and still greeting. No matter what the west coast media write or drag up, history is written 3-2, treble died and we went on to win the cup.
  18. A "Team New Zealand" round. Eight up with nine to play.
  19. Shalk now out but Boyce eligible because SFA rules state:'' 3.7.4 Any period of suspension incurred by a player as a result of his having accumulated 18 or more penalty points, shall commence on the 14th day following the date of the offence which resulted in the incurring of the suspension.''
  20. Factor in lower crowds, loss of commercial revenue and lower ticket prices and the cost of relegation in the first season is in the region of a million pounds. Considering that without windfalls in the form of cup runs or transfer fees we tend to run at an annual loss of circa £300,000 from a typical mid table season in the Premiership that is a painful hit for a club with our resources.
  21. Ian "Chipper" Stephen. And Johnny Cowie. Tony Fraser. Bobby McLean. An incredible goal-scoring machine. They were all there in the couple of seasons before they won the league. Johnny Cowie's wife never saw him score She used to sit in the stand reading a book, and would only look up when the rest of the crowd went wild.
  22. For weeks I was the only poster that had registered my displeasure at the appointment .
  23. Matchday Thread

    UEFA have to select officials from all Euro nations, it's certainly not that they are any good, far from it they are shyte!
  24. Quote "I am astonished that anyone is contemplating having John Hughes back as a manager. His signings were even poorer than Foran's and our style of play had become so predictable that teams soon sussed out how to play against us and we had no plan B. Would we have changed our style this season under John Hughes and been more exciting to watch, would he have signed better players than previously, the evidence suggests otherwise. There are in fact many similarities between JH and RF's style of management in that they are both stubborn and will not change their approach even when everyone can see that change is needed. Is that the one bit of experience RF picked up from JH?" We were so predictable that we won our first piece of silverware and had our best ever league position are you enjoying what you are watching now? JH completely changed our style of play and had to get the players and fans to buy into it despite the howlers committed in the early days by trying to play out from the back, he then lost his two best players in Shinnie and Watkins. ICT was still a work in progress when JH left, yes possession was overplayed at times but it takes good players to be able to mix it up and make the runs necessary to play a longer ball. Playing the way we did meant we were never going to be hammered by anyone in this league even when key players were missing because of the system we played. I am astonished that anyone wouldn't have him back especially after the dross served up this season.
  25. Yes I remember that goal too ... I suppose that was still the first half of the season (I should have said autumn lol) ... but his goals/games ratio hasn't been great although I do appreciate there'd been a few sub appearances.
  26. Richard Smith originally was, and probably always was, a member of the Mills Boys. Even at Sneck the boardroom politics are fascinating. Perhaps Kenny Cameron will do a Teresa May and seek a vote of confidence ?
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