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  2. Have the new away top-not keen on the home top at all. Why do we insist on red white & blue as colours-brings a negative image of a certain basket case club from govan...! Swap the white for black & it would be a winner - thats our colours anyway!
  3. It always interests me how football seems to operate in some parallel universe to the rest of us. In this case, assuming the above hearsay has some substance, surely there are grounds for dismissal thorugh disciplinary procedures? Bullying, harrassment, bringing the cub into disrepute are three possible options. Ask the question whether a manager in your line of work would get away with similar behaviour.
  4. Brad is a hard working player,would argue that he has been asked to drive up the wing (less so since MM returned), would definetly keep
  5. Official macaroon bars would fly off the shelves. Half 'n' half ski hats. Erra fishul sports socks...
  6. He doesn't even set Mrs Malpas's pulse racing with excitement.......
  7. The sentiments expressed in this thread are very laudable indeed, but I can't help feeling that they are based on a bit of an irony. What the well intentioned OP suggests is that fans should donate from their own funds, effectively to allow football players, most of whom earn far more than they do, to enjoy levels of pay which are way above the market value of what they do. One of the reasons that most football clubs struggle for cash and depend on donations from the wealthy (and indeed not so wealthy) is that they are trying to find wages which are considerably higher than their players' effective earning power. Now, I can't see a way out of this for as long as it is driven from the top by remunerating idiots well enough for them to blow half a million on a night's gambling and sustained below that by attempts to retain full time playing staff who arguably aren't actually good enough to deserve that status. These attempts also include sugar daddies allowing economic nonsense to prevail and there is something fundamentally wrong with football's relationship with money. I don't want to knock Elgin 1's good intentions, but what he has said raises a number of questions. Firstly, he says he is a teacher, in which case he would need to be fairly highly promoted if his earnings even match those of the players who have just failed to maintain Premiership status and there will be very many fans less well paid than E1. In ballpark figures, I think it's completely unjust to look to the bottom 90% or more of the earnings range to contribute towards sustaining the top 10% or less. It reminds me of an organisation which used to be called "The Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland" whose business used to be to collect money from the public so that well heeled women who considered it below their status to work could be kept in luxury. It was utterly immoral! Then there's the irony that fans - justifiably - complain about ticket prices (which in turn are largely dictated by the need to pay these wage levels.) That being so, then where is the case for voluntarily coughing up even more to sustain these wage levels? The other consideration is that football simply tries, or in some cases needs, to ignore economic realities. If any normal business is unable to balance its books it either cuts costs, goes into liquidation.... or allows itself to merge or be taken over. The problem with this last one is that there will be few instances in football where this is practicable. I don't actually believe that the inner Moray Firth is capable of sustaining long term two Premiership football clubs - even when one is heavily subsidised by a benefactor. An economist landing on a space ship from another planet would propose a merger but we all know that, in a football environment, this is a total non starter. (It was barely feasible 20 odd years ago within the same, very local community, which Dingwall - Inverness isn't. But PLEASE nobody go "there" again!!) So, as a result of not subscribing to basic economic principles such as mergers, takeovers and wage restraint, football leaves itself with very few options and I don't think fan subsidy over and above ticket charges is realistic. On the other hand maximising sales of tickets by convincing people that purchase is worthwhile is another matter. Remember also that so-called "investment" in a football club is simply the making of non-returnable donations, either large ones from wealthy people or the smaller ones such as many of us made 20 years ago with our share purchases of £250 or whatever. A final word on the hotel proposal. Apart from wondering where these premises would be located, I must query Northern_jaggie's estimates where he appears to balance the capital cost of 20 bedrooms with gross earnings based on a number of projected outcomes (and about £80 a night). I don't see any provision in there for operating costs such as business rates, wages, food, energy, maintenance, VAT etc etc.
  8. Very all makes sense..I wasn't all that happy with Tansey after the Motherwell game for the interview but if all this is true, I can understand why. Tansey wasn't at his best this season (although, towards the end, I wouldn't fault him at all), but maybe not entirely down to him? Like another poster, was wondering whether RF could stay, with a bit more experienced backup, but thought after the 'bad apples' interview that he HAD to go - this reinforces that feeling, big time! We had a half decent squad, which shouldn't have finished bottom & we woulnd't have with a decent gaffer!
  9. If any player in the squad has major cause for grievance with Foran it should be Boden. He has been well and truly f***** over this year, given absolutely no chance to prove his worth. JH got slated for his treatment of David Raven last year being accused of all sorts of bullying tactics,from many on here but from where I am sitting this is on a par. If Foran didn't rate him why did he not get rid of him in January, when he brought in another 3 forward players Mckay, Ebbe and Anier. Absolutely garbage man management. The guy never got a sniff yet he's been written off as 'absolutely useless' based on what exactly, how many first team games has he started and finished ?
  10. Yes, well said! I'd like to thank Kenny for a couple of glorious seasons - I'll take the 2 great days in Hampden in 2015 to the grave..! Also the 3rd place finish and European football. Kenny has always struck me as a decent person & whilst there may have been a couple of wrong directions taken, well, hindsight is a great thing,eh! Thank you Kenny, the past few years have been a blast & will never be taken away from us!!
  11. Ryan Williams scored another for Ottawa Fury last night, in a 2-1 win over Toronto in a Canadian Championship semi final, 1st leg, match
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  13. At times like this I don't give a shittt about football
  14. Making losses not sustainable. Need to play smart and keep punching above our financial weight rather than trying to keep up with other spenders.
  15. The new chair has no time to settle in. He has a very big decision to preside over in the next couple of days.
  16. We lost Miles Storey Pretty irrelevant now but taking 15,000? fans down to Glasgow and winning a cup would have been a key time to encourage brand new fans to come along to the stadium. Even if it was just £10 off of the cost of a match ticket during the first two months of the season for producing a ticket stub for the cup final and/or Fc Astra away, or an additional discount of £50 for NEW adult season tickets holders producing one of the above ticket stubs, would have helped. Great idea having the players on the pitch with 100 kids in new football tops though. As for crowd numbers there was a like for like boost relating to opposition but it tailed off with lack of wins in the season after the final.
  17. Stain
  18. Matchday Thread

    ***off topic*** -Did anything come of that rumour last week that Brora were signing Steven Whittaker ? Sounds crazy as he could still do a job in the Premiership. Ex-pupil of my school incidentally. Also Brora coming down to play Whitehill this summer. Maybe something to do with Bingham knowing Tokely.
  19. Last week
  20. I can't take all the credit for this one Kingsmills as young Scotty sets it running and bales me out when I cock it up
  21. After falling miserably in previous seasons I was surprised to find myself at the top of the table and certainly did not expect to stay there. Echos of Leicester City last year! Squeaky bum time at the end though. Thanks Gringo for all the effort you put into this and giving us all a bit of light relief when things go less well on the park. As Kingsmills says, it is very much appreciated.
  22. This is a fair point. Two of our wins from seven this season were against teams who were barely trying.
  23. Well the last report of the season and it is congratulations to Craig's Duffers winning The H2H who was hard pushed by The Men and ictpaisley, and in the Classic to winner The Bhoys closely pushed by ictpaisley until GW37 when The Bhoys scored a massive 203 pts. Thanks to all for competing and hopefully see you all next season, so here we have the update ICT H2H Highest Scorer 83 Craig's Duffers Lowest Scorer 35 Malmoooo Highest Score Game 163 Relegation Favourite 80 - 83 Craig's Duffers League 1 Craig's Duffers 76 (2091) 2 The Men 72 (2278) 3 ictpaisley 70 (2165) 4 Inter Inversneckie 67 (2103) 19 The who 45 (1958) 20 Sunnyvale TPFC 44 (1926) 21 iThistle 40 (1872) 22 Super Caley 35 (1777) Classic Highest Scorer 89 The Bhoys Lowest Scorer 35 Malmoooo League 1 The Bhoys 2309 2 ictpaisley 2165 3 Stokies 2155 4 Steaming In 2124 18 McMurray Wildfire 1871 19 Catletico Meowdrid 1811 20 Super Caley 1777 21 Farcelona 1772
  24. Unfortunately I don't think there will be a vacancy if the Blazers are allowed to stay
  25. Thanks, I'd forgotten about that! I'll certainly be referring to that when my Saints friends ask what went wrong.
  26. POY

    Esson: 7 - made an excellent save before Macfadden headed in the rebound. Unlucky. Nothing much else to do in the match. Raven: 6 - quite a good game, but clumsy challenge for the pen Warren: 7 - much, much better from Gary today. Laing: 8 - his best performance for us. Mckay: 7 - pretty good game Vigurs: 8 - I know, I've slated him all season, but Foran finally found him a position in front of his he back 4 which allowed him to not work too hard, but spray passes around the pitch. Mercurial is the word. Draper: 7 - no questioning his desire, shame his curler was just over in the first half Tansey: 7 - a good shift and a well-taken goal. Shame about the comments after the match Polworth: 7 - another hard working display from Polworth Fisher: 8 - not sure wide left suited him in the first half, but seemed more central in the second and took his goals well (poacher's instinct) Mckay: 7 - not his best game, but worked his socks off as ever Foran: 4 - would have been 8 for his tactics and selection, but his comments after the game were terrible Ref: 7 - got the big decisions right, including the pen
  27. Scotty MacDonald of Richie Foran..........." That pomme was hard as granite"
  28. Just another example of the cant be arsed attitude that prevails at the club. leaving at full time yesterday the player of the year boxes were lying about the floor with all the voting slips scattered everywhere, not a good sign just kinda sums up the apathy surrounding the club at the moment.
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