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  1. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Would have been nice if they had approached us as well tbh
  2. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Was told yesterday that TNS are a rich mans plaything. Bowling alley etc at ground but none of the locals go to watch anymore. Was described as a circus!
  3. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Thats a shame. Belfast a fantastic vibrant city with great beer!!!

    I dont! Im the same as Kingsmills I look at it as double the history!!
  5. NAPS Competition - Week 13

    Elgin @2.30 pls
  6. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    I think they probably still do? I think groups/schools only have to ask. Somw adult tickets are added as kids cant come on own. Not sure its helped grow our long term support as much as club hoped tho.
  7. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    That was a reasonable point today although could have been 3 I suppose. Livi are a well organised team. As for the guys and girls of Caleyaway give yourselves a round of applause! Having everyone squashed in that corner certainly made for a loud support. However if another 50 folk had turned up Livi would have been stuffed. Odd arrangement of both supports entering through same gates with no direction of which queue you needed to be in (poor stewarding really).
  8. NAPS Competition - Week 12

    St Mirren 3.30 pls
  9. Game 16 - Livingston (A) 04 Nov

    1-1 1-2 Bell Mullin 1198
  10. Game 15 - Dunfermline (H) 28 Oct

    0-2 1-3 Vigurs Smith 2346
  11. IRN-BRU CUP v FALKIRK : 11/11/17 : TICKET INFO

    Both clubs have to agree on price so maybe down to Falkirk?
  12. Robertson Out

    Hmmmm Dumbarton was worst Ive seen in a long time. However its great to see improvement and long may it continue
  13. Game 13 - Falkirk (A) 14 Oct

    I see Loy not playing so can I change to Hippolyte? Tnx you Love Old Caley Girl
  14. NAPS Competition - Week 09

    Falkirk 2.15
  15. Game 13 - Falkirk (A) 14 Oct

    Old Caley girl 2-1 3-1 Baird Loy 3876 ICTRoss 1-1 2-1 Baird Hyppolite 3224