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    The Caley Club bus is going there I think so Im sure youll all be welcome?

    Nope not really. I think the lead up to the SC final was fab. There was the shop in town, The posters on the high street, the scarves on Inverness statues, open training sessions at the bught and meet the cup sessions. I am proud to have been a part of a lot of events at that time and the few weeks before and the few days after will live in my memory forever.
  4. Game 32 - Dundee Utd (A) 17 Mar

    1-1 3-1 Mcdonald Oakleý 5679
  5. Livi v ICT - GAME OFF

    Brechin off now and Dumbarton in doubt so maybe not such a bad call having early
  6. Livi v ICT - GAME OFF

    Agree if theyd been that desperate theyd have put the USH on overnight USH is proving a bit of a white elephant if no one can afford to run it
  7. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    I may be being slow here Charles but can you explain this further?
  8. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Leaving aside the personal nature of some of the above I don't think it was a big secret to most fans that the club were budgeting and spending for mid table in the premiership? Relegation was always going to have real financial consequences as has now become the case. I would liken it to having a job with a good wage and managing your mortgage commitments etc but then suddenly you get made redundant? I think that scenario would apply to a lot of us and the way the football club was run is no different. Last time we were relegated the money was found to get us out of the hole we were in and thankfully worked quickly. This time the suggestion was that the same would happen, have a look at the original ST renewal letter that was sent. How many of the players mentioned there are actually still here? Even if you do accept the argument that we can have more players for less dosh we are still clearly living way above our means. Crowds and hospitality income is falling and may well become even poorer come renewal time in the summer. Personally (and It is only my opinion on what I see and hear) I think the current board are good at talking a good talk but the jury is well and truly out on whether they are up the job of sustaining our current setup or in fact taking it forward again.

    This week apparently
  10. Toothless ICT v Winless Brechin - GAME OFF

    Club put on FB tuesdays game is now in jeopardy. So yes makes the decision not to rearrange a few weeks ago look very silly indeed
  11. Toothless ICT v Winless Brechin - GAME OFF

    Same sign on A82. No poor road conditions anywhere near! Useless
  12. Season Ticket 2018/19

    Its a lot warmer in the cheap seats!! 😂
  13. Season Ticket 2018/19

    Mr tastiness that has been there last 2 games has great food. The prices are dictated with the firm that runs the concessions appatently. My stovies on Sat worth every penny of the £3 though
  14. Bus to Cup Final 24th March

    I think Alan at the Caley Club was enquiring IHE. I will check