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  1. sponsorship

    A lot of folk who were unhappy are already player sponsors on our own me included. However donating money back a good idea if you can afford it
  2. Weve got a buy a brick wall on front of stadium.
  3. When ICT was formed the plan was to still have a colts team in the HL. This was rejected at first base by the HL with them saying it devalued their league Here we are 22 yrs later and.....
  4. Oh of course!!!
  5. Is it just me but Im old enough to remember players like Billy Urquhart, Kevin MacDonald and Des Bremner moving from HL to big clubs and doing very well. I do think this is getting forgotten. Pleased to see us looking for any gems around locally tbh
  6. I believe DSs story is accurate. Decent sources.
  7. Spot on. Im as happy clappy as they come but this is shabby pure and simple
  8. Aw wish Id known he was home for a bit. Cant see him ever coming back to the highlands to live tbh
  9. Possibly relegation clauses coming into play?
  10. It took a while but they got there! Thats 3 renewals from me now.
  11. Very little criticism so far in the press so far Charles re all the above. Care to speculate why?
  12. Few weeks???? Have we got a few weeks????
  13. I sooo wish there was some evidence of your last point Scotty....The lack of any communication since KC left is quite frankly shocking! Oh except when they want money..
  14. I dont see how Kenny Cameron can be blamed? The lack of communication has been since his departure imho
  15. Another letter today asking for money to renew player sponsorships! Again to be renewed by 23rd June. Do they only speak to us when they want money? Certainly appears so.....