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  1. Lost revenue for ICT

    Regarding player sponsorhip, the people who have sponsored current players do not appear as sponsors on the website when you look at the player stats. Even the basics sems to be impossible to do just now!
  2. Naughty Naughty

    such a whole lot of nonsense, blown out of all proportion with that stupid statement. But it is good to see that club can communicate when they want to, so what about now communicating with the season ticket holders and follow up with all the promises..........
  3. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    This was a tidying up excerise on companies house, if your read the naritive it says " details of the director’s termination of appointment have been removed as this was invalid or ineffective". He had in effect two entries so Willie Finlayso is definately a director and is confirmed if you look at the list of current directors on copanies house.
  4. Season Ticket Prices

    http://ictfc.com/news/club-news/1936-season-ticket-announcement Fantanstic news, they actually litsened.
  5. Season Ticket Prices

    CJT have approached the club and sent details of the comments made on here and other social media platforms. The response so far has been: The chairman has your email and he will be writing to you personally. He takes communicating with the supporters very seriously and will be in touch as soon as he can be. So far there has not been the promised response but as the chairman is back from his holidays today, this will be followed up tomorrow.
  6. Season Ticket Prices

    Ive not renewed my two season tickets neither. The price is ridiculous. I know the club needs all the cash they can get but they are not going to do that by alienating the loyal supporters. We don't only buy season tickets we do hospitality, sponsor players, buy merchandise etc. Please don't take us for granted and that's exactly what they are doing.
  7. Poll - Hamilton or Dundee Utd?

    Knowing our luck it will be Palmerston!
  8. Over 700 members of the supporters trust and over 1,300 followers on facebook. But I would definitely say that individuals should also contact the club direct, the more the better to get the true feelings of the fans over to the board.
  9. I messaged the club on behalf of the Caley Jags Together to try and make contact with our new chairman, I'm awaiting a reply. I know they had IT issues on Friday so hoping to get a response tomorrow.
  10. The board already know the fans feelings regarding Foran, they do look at this forum, so anything that is said on here is read by most board members. The other thing fans can do is contact the club direct by e-mail to air their views regarding this awful situation we find ourselves in.
  11. Merchandise Suggestions.

    Just look at what county sell, I want that please! Obviously in Caley Thistle colours.
  12. Fan / Community Ownership

    Instead of full fans/community ownership which as suggested by previous posters could cost up to 3 million another option would be to go down the Killie route. They have just launched the "Trust in Killie" initiative to try and get a fans representative in the board. They are aiming to raise £100,000 to purchase unallocated shares in the club by asking fans to pay £15 a month. http://killietrust.killiefc.com/news-detail.php?context=news&show=detail&rss=http://www.blogger.com/feeds/6864949749245332354/posts/default/6163283783693819205 This could then be used as a stepping stop to ultimately go down the route of community ownership.
  13. Does anyone remember Daisy Ross?

    It would be great to catch up with Daisy again. Have so many great memories from the early days of caley thistle oh and some fantastic tartan army stories from back in the day!
  14. Autumnal Aspirations

    This may have been the case in previous years however, you will be pleased to know that no travel is subsidised from funds raised by CJT which would otherwise go to help the football club or other community projects. A separate sub committee has been created and has been very successful in obtaining better deals for the buses. They have also got sponsorship specifically for the buses from individuals and companies who see the benefit in supporting the team home and away and want to help in allowing people who may otherwise not be able to follow their team get to away matches.
  15. League Cup Travel

    RMT strike confirmed now for the day of the Cowdenbeath game.