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  1. Caley Jags Together - Update

    Glover, e-mail the address in the opening post and a membership form will be sent to you.
  2. Caley Jags Together - Update

    The current board is only in place at present to protect the 10% shareholding. In my view if the people who are currently listed as board members had not stepped up to resolve all the issues there was a real possibility CJT would fold and the shareholding lost. There has been many appeals for people to step forward to take key roles. There has been letters issued, e-mails sent and also posts on here to try and get people to come forward. We have been accused of impropritories however, have been working hand in hand with supporters direct who have confirmed that the board is legitimate. I, as the chair am more than happy to stand down at any time, however, there has been nobody who is willing to take on the role so im stuck. As a lot of you know my personal sircumstaces changed drastically last year following the death of my 16 month old grandson, priorities changed. An EGM can easily be called and the current board totally replaced if thats what is required, however, im not wasting my time organising that if only 20 people turn up and nobody is prepared to take on the roles that are required. The roles that are currently needed to be filled with people who have the time on their hands to deal with everything are: Chairperson Vice Chairperson Treasurer Secretary Membership secretary On top of these roles, general board members are also required. Ahead of the last AGM which unfortunately I could not attend, there were requests for new board members to stand, we got nobody. So all those people who are quick to shoot me and the other office bearers, please feel free to step, e-mail you intention to stand for board membership and we can put the wheels in motion to get CJT back on track. Scotty - anyone who wants to check their current membership position can also e-mail the new CJT e-mail addess in the opening post and it will be confirmed. Liz MacRae
  3. Caley Jags Together

    I had promised to keep everyone updated unfortunately, i have had to step back due to the death of my grandson. however, the wheels are in motion and an AGM will be held prior to the football club AGM Notices are currently being sent out with the guidance of supporters direct. we are also looking for people to step forward to fill office bearer roles. please bear will us, but i can assure everything is being done to protect the voting rights of CJT Liz MacRae Chairperson CJT
  4. Club Badge/Crest

    No, no, no! Bloody Pride of the Highlands again............
  5. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    Totally agree and without Caley and Thistle, there would be no Inverness Caledonian Thistle
  6. Caley Jags Together

    Totally agreed and fully intend to get membership open again prior to AGM, just trying to focus on geting all our current members details updated, get the accounts signed off by the accountant and getting wheels in motion for new office bearers and AGM date set. Once all of that is completed we will get membership open.
  7. Caley Jags Together

    There are over 700 members registered, we need these members to help us, either by being board members or by turning up at AGMs etc. As you say its our club, we have a voice, lets use it.
  8. Caley Jags Together

    I could reply to all the points but I will just pick up on the keys points so people know that things are happening: With regards to item *1 - the rules that were given authority at the agm were rejected by the FCA. Unfortunately errors were made and there were contradicting rules. The FCA also rejected them as a they were not signed by a notary public or a solicitor at the time. I ony joined the board last year and this as well as getting the annual returns going back to 2012 filed was the main job I took on. Having been rejected by the FCA, Supporters Direct are assisting with getting the rules rectified, these can then be authorised at the next AGM and submitted in the correct manor to the FCA. The annual returns for 2016 and 2017 can also be passed at the AGM allowing the annual returns to be submitted. With regards to membership, Suporters Direct advised that the best thing we should do first before having the AGM was to estable membership. This is what we are trying to do with the renewal forms. This is really important to do as we do require a more active membership. The last AGM only just met quorum. We are working very hard to get an AGM arranged and the process will be started in the next couple of weeks. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. A new board is needed due to several members on the current board having served for 12 years. Don claims one member is over their maximum permissable terms, however, upon checking these are recomendations made by supporters direct and not actual rules. The long established board members are more than happy to stand down, however, their positions are required to be filled.
  9. Caley Jags Together

    that would be great, I will get the letter and the renewal form to you.
  10. Caley Jags Together

    once the renewal process is completed we will open up again to new members.
  11. Caley Jags Together

    the current office bearers are: Liz MacRae (me), Hamish Wood, Laura Grant, Mairi Maclean and Alan Mair, we also had Rosemary Webb up till the end of the financial year as treasurer.
  12. Caley Jags Together

    Yes they still exisit. There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes. Everything that needed to ge sorted out with compliancy has now been acheived. The final piece is to confirm membership. There were over 700 peole who have since 2012 paid their £1 for life. However, to remain a member of a supporters society (which CJT is) these memberships should be renewed on an annual basis to keep the membership live. Currently all registered members have or will sortly receive a letter of renewal. Several hundred letters have so far been issued, we would really encourage anyone who has had their letter but has so far not returned it to do so. As Charles quite rightly says we do have a 10% stake in ICT so its really important that CJT gets back on track. To be able to do this we need our membership list updated then we will be able to call an AGM. If anyone who has been a member and wants to renew could you please DM me and I will sent out the forms if you ave not already received them.
  13. Lost revenue for ICT

    Regarding player sponsorhip, the people who have sponsored current players do not appear as sponsors on the website when you look at the player stats. Even the basics sems to be impossible to do just now!
  14. Naughty Naughty

    such a whole lot of nonsense, blown out of all proportion with that stupid statement. But it is good to see that club can communicate when they want to, so what about now communicating with the season ticket holders and follow up with all the promises..........
  15. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    This was a tidying up excerise on companies house, if your read the naritive it says " details of the director’s termination of appointment have been removed as this was invalid or ineffective". He had in effect two entries so Willie Finlayso is definately a director and is confirmed if you look at the list of current directors on copanies house.