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  1. Instead of full fans/community ownership which as suggested by previous posters could cost up to 3 million another option would be to go down the Killie route. They have just launched the "Trust in Killie" initiative to try and get a fans representative in the board. They are aiming to raise £100,000 to purchase unallocated shares in the club by asking fans to pay £15 a month. http://killietrust.killiefc.com/news-detail.php?context=news&show=detail&rss=http://www.blogger.com/feeds/6864949749245332354/posts/default/6163283783693819205 This could then be used as a stepping stop to ultimately go down the route of community ownership.
  2. It would be great to catch up with Daisy again. Have so many great memories from the early days of caley thistle oh and some fantastic tartan army stories from back in the day!
  3. This may have been the case in previous years however, you will be pleased to know that no travel is subsidised from funds raised by CJT which would otherwise go to help the football club or other community projects. A separate sub committee has been created and has been very successful in obtaining better deals for the buses. They have also got sponsorship specifically for the buses from individuals and companies who see the benefit in supporting the team home and away and want to help in allowing people who may otherwise not be able to follow their team get to away matches.
  4. RMT strike confirmed now for the day of the Cowdenbeath game.
  5. The club have changed the ticketing structure for next season: "Alterations have been made to our ticketing setup for Disabled Supporters who will now pay the price corresponding to their age and area they wish to be located. Those requiring a carer will be able to obtain an additional ticket for them for free. Further information is available upon request from the ticket office"
  6. Yes, we were right behind the goings on. The steward completely lost the plot over one of the boys putting his feet up on the barrier! But the supervisor was great, he was trying to keep a straight face when he was talking to the boys lol.
  7. that is definitely something we are going to be looking into for next season. The more information we can get out there the better. On another positive note, we have had a few more names in for the bus yesterday so the bus will definitely run to Hamilton. However, we still have a few places so get your names in. Bus leaving both the caley club then the stadium, lets try and fill it for the last away game of the season.
  8. We put bus details on here and also in the CJT facebook page which is an open forum which has over 1,000 people on it. There is a dedicated phone which is advertised all season and bus seats can be booked on line via everbright. But going forward maybe the club next season will allow us more advertising space on their website and maybe even on match day with a tanoy announcement. CJT will also be launching a new website in the close season which should have all the information on it. CJT are also hoping for much more communication with regards the busses next season so any suggestions are welcome. .
  9. still a few names short but hoping a few people will come forward over the weekend. A decision will be made on Monday so if anyone is interested, please put your names down over asap. Bus will be leaving Inverness at 3.30pm with a quick stop at Broxden.
  10. Not enough yet, by Caley Jags Together will be manning the desk in the sports bar pre the United game and will be taking names. So hopefully we will some more names to make the bus viable.
  11. HAMILTON AWAY - WEDNESDAY 11TH MAY Trying to gauge interest for a bus for the last away game of the season. If anyone is interested please either post here or DM. More details will follow once we know how many people are interested
  12. I sent out the notices via mail chimp this morning. If you pm me your e-mail address I will check we have your correct e-mail address for you and re-send the notice to you.
  13. You are quite right that 2 weeks is the minimum notice required, unfortunately it has taken quite a while to sort out all the administrative issues brought up at the AGM. This is why the EGM could not be called sooner. All the issues have been sorted out and hopefully at the AGM happens more people will put themselves forward and normal service can be resumed. Unfortunately there is no chair or vice chair at present making running CJT quite difficult. So getting a new board in place is very important.
  14. Well I definitely see the Gellions bus as allies and not rivals. They will be a differently run bus and in my eyes different is good. Life is made up of all types of people and with just one bus going to the away games run by CJT they were trying to be all things to all people and it didn't work. Now people have a choice CJT or the gellions. Hopefully that will encourage the people who didn't like travelling on the CJT bus to go on the gellions bus. Maybe eventually other pubs in Inverness will be able to run busses to away games too, the more the better. I for one would be quite happy to travel on either of them.
  15. Hope there is a decent turn out and plenty of people have put themselves forward.