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  1. With respect it's not up to Caman to figure it out. He pays his hard earned money just like Celtic and Rangers fans do. I know the club has little or no money but that doesn't mean we can't want more. As a season ticket holder I put my money in every season as a fan. What exactly do the board put in without wanting anything back? Half of them are involved in property or construction somehow and the stadium is a shabby rundown embarrassment. Even a lick of paint would do wonders. Get rid of that barnacle of a club shop as well.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Just tell us what is going on. We all pay our hard earned money and deserve to know. Cup winner to this inside 2 years. An absolute disgrace and the actual supporters who turn up week after week deserve better than utter silence.
  3. Matchday Thread

    There is no confidence, belief or fight in the players. That's is what the manager is supposed to instil in them. Amazing when you consider what Foran was like as a player.
  4. Matchday Thread

    Any other club and his feet wouldn't touch the ground. He's been a complete and utter disaster.
  5. Absolute straw clutching time.
  6. Hughes must take NONE of the blame. The board are the ones that made a mess of handling one of their employees! The board/club were offered money for him and Hughes himself made it abundantly clear he wanted to go. But no. So regardless if he later 'engineered' an exit (nobody really know what happens, although we can speculate) the board are the ones that put him in a position to 'engineer' his exit. They could have accepted money for his departure from Dundee United or alternatively let his contract run down. But instead they offered him a new deal, which if I was him I would've signed as there was nothing on the immediate horizon. But as it turns out he's laughing away to himself and away back down the road with a nice wee payoff 6 months later. He couldn't care less, and why should he. Money which we could ill afford. The club basically glossed over his departure (as in don't ask us about it) and celebrated with new contacts for Raven and Vigurs. Both of whom have generally had awful seasons. Everything seemed to happen so quickly after Hughes left that it all seemed to be a total knee-jerk reaction to his departure. That hastiness is ultimately going to cost us an absolute fortune. Again, something we can Ill afford.
  7. The board made an absolute shambles of JH leaving the club and let's not pretend otherwise. Turning down money from Dundee United for him then paying the guy to leave 6 months later. Its ended up with seemingly the only option being Richie Foran, who was a complete risk. It's not worked. Foran to a degree has been hung out to dry. Basically the club not having the money to get rid of Rice as well as JH has meant Foran has been unable to bring in anyone that HE might have wanted as his assistant. It's normal for a manger to pick his own backroom team within reason. I would it very convenient if Rice was his choice. I'm not sure if anyone actually wanted Rice at the club other than JH to begin with. Basically because of the Hughes fiasco, we've ended up with a management team who in all likelihood wouldn't have wanted each other in their respective roles. For all the boards reasonable work in balancing the books over the years. This expensive mess is one they haven't covered themselves in glory with. And they know it.
  8. Matchday Thread

    I just think that this team has come to the end. In my mind we've had 2 main teams in our history. Steve Paterson/robertson/early Brewsters Barry Wilson, Bobby Mann, Charlie Christie team and the butcher/yogi team. Other teams have sussed out our players, tactics, strengths, weaknesses and formations. It's time for a total change and clearout. Time to start building the next successful ICT side. Wether that be Richie Forans or not.
  9. Matchday Thread

    An absolute car crash against a team who have nothing to play for. Anyone who 'still believes' is just lying to themselves now. We have been horrific all season culminating in that today. poor defending - check soft goals conceded - check No creativity - check tombola selection - check embarrassing amateur league control and passing - check A complete clearout from top to bottom is required in my opinion.
  10. Matchday Thread

    MOM v Ross county but not selected in the next game. I guess Aniers number didn't come out of the tombola at the weekend. i actually think we've looked slightly better playing 5-3-2, that's not saying much. We look a bit more solid and less like conceding goals. But it's all too little too late. Richie saying we'll not be judged on games v Aberdeen. Aberdeen aren't Celtic but he is right. We'll be judged on results against the teams around us. We've won 2 games against the bottom 7 all season. Absolutely terrible.
  11. Matchday Thread

    My last post on this topic. Absolutely nowhere near the ball. Utterly ludicrous to suggest otherwise.
  12. Matchday Thread

    It's about the only thing that hasn't been blamed yet! small k from here on in though, just incase!
  13. Matchday Thread

    Your correct. Yes, The ref was poor, but that in no way contributed to us failing to beat a very average Kilmarnock. We didn't do enough yet again. The one decision Madden definitely got right was brad McKays challenge on Jones. Frustrating as it is, It was a clear penalty. Boyd or anyone made no such similar challenge on McKay in the box in my recollection of the game (sadly).
  14. Matchday Thread

    Even if he got the faintest of touches it was still a clear penalty. You wouldn't get away with a challenge like that anywhere on the park and McKays reaction said it all. Boo hoo we never got a foul and the ref was rubbish. Every week we come up with a different excuse why we didn't win. Vigurs fault, missing penalties, not getting penalties, terrible refs, martians. There are no excuses, we just haven't performed for the majority of the season. No point in raising your game for Rangers when you can't get going against the likes of Killie and Hamilton.