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  1. I happened to mention this to someone involved at Fort William a few weeks ago. He was going on about how good he was and that the like of Brora etc were looking to take him. I jokingly said to him 'maybe Caley should sign him'. He said that we had had him watched but he wasn't sure what was going to come of it. It certainly doesn't hurt us to give the guy a trial.
  2. I seen Doncaster in the paper the other day gettig excited about how Rangers and Celtic could join the EPL. The same Neil Doncaster that was practically begging the other clubs to let Rangers back into the Premier League as the game would 'die' without them. Now he's delighted at the prospect of them both leaving. Cant help wondering why one of the heads of Scottish football would be delighted at the 2 biggest money making organisations for the league leaving. it stinks.
  3. It does
  4. They've come in for criticism, especially from me but that is a good statement. A tad late but that is much better, much more positive and the wee extras like the league cup game and hospitality comps are a nice touch as well.
  5. Robbo, based on one good season in his managerial career 15 years ago. utter car crash since then. Do the board actually care about what the fans think on anything. Robbo would be near the top of nearly no-ones list. Backward/small time mentality as usual. This was the chance to start afresh and take the club in a new direction. Just such an uninspired choice.
  6. Is Foran still available?
  7. Not seen it mentioned anywhere but we are playing Brora at Dudgeon Park on 4th July.
  8. Orange face of ICT
  9. I'd much rather take a chance on him than Paul Sheerin. Young manager, learned a lot and has experience in the league.
  10. Toblerone FC. Worse product but same price.
  11. The list of names is in general pretty uninspiring. The number one is probably Hartley but that's not saying too much. Sacked by a team just about as bad as ours. Did well previously with Dundee but was that when they might have had a wee bit of money to spend? We don't. Butcher had his chance and chose to go onto bigger things. Or so he thought, so no thanks. Paul Sheerin. Why? What has he possibly done to deserve a job here. Utterly ridiculous choice in my eyes and would be as big a disaster as Foran. Only being considered as he used to play here, you would have thought we would have moved on from that. Darren Dods. Don't know too much about him as a manager but It appears that he's done a decent job at Brechin. i know the Huddersfield manager came from Dortmund B and that's out of our reach clearly. But I wouldn't be against a left field young foreign manager who has a decent record at a lower level. There must be someone out there better than Jimmy 'says aye to a Killie pie' Calderwood.
  12. Matchday Thread

    * lose a terrible goal. Spot on though.
  13. Matchday Thread

    What a difference getting the first goal in a game makes. Good to not go home totally frustrated for a change but probably still too little too late.
  14. With respect it's not up to Caman to figure it out. He pays his hard earned money just like Celtic and Rangers fans do. I know the club has little or no money but that doesn't mean we can't want more. As a season ticket holder I put my money in every season as a fan. What exactly do the board put in without wanting anything back? Half of them are involved in property or construction somehow and the stadium is a shabby rundown embarrassment. Even a lick of paint would do wonders. Get rid of that barnacle of a club shop as well.
  15. Matchday Thread

    Just tell us what is going on. We all pay our hard earned money and deserve to know. Cup winner to this inside 2 years. An absolute disgrace and the actual supporters who turn up week after week deserve better than utter silence.