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  1. Matchday Thread

    Polworth for me has everything to be a good player except attitude. It's shocking. If he just worked a lot harder he would stroll this level. In respect to the game, like most folk, not getting carried away but a decent performance. Brechin weren't great but we did what was expected, played some good stuff at times and scored a few goals. Can't Really ask for more than that for a first game.
  2. Probably best not to pin your hopes on Tremarco staying either btw.
  3. Wether this is true or not but apparently there are just I's to dot and T's to cross on Drapers departure. Slightly good news is that it's supposed to be a club in England he's going to and not Aberdeen.
  4. Mcnaughton is a nice guy and gave 100% but for me I'm quite glad he's left. Age has caught up with him and he's a bit short of pace for a full back. He's also a bit small to be a centre back in Scotland. Maybe in the championship he might have looked better as he does have a good football Brain and bags of experience. But I wish him well and hope he finds another club soon.
  5. Depends what your definition of huge salary is? If it is £1500 (or around that figure) that he is getting paid, with all the talk of people being laid off in the wake of our relegation, then yes, out the door. I'm sure OFW weekly wage is more than some people at the clubs monthly wage. It probably is more than what 95% of folk get paid in Inverness in any other line of work. Footballers wages are completely out of control. Average guys like this, floating around small clubs potentially hoovering up close to £100000 a year. Ridiculous. plus all his money from his painting! (Joke btw)
  6. I happened to mention this to someone involved at Fort William a few weeks ago. He was going on about how good he was and that the like of Brora etc were looking to take him. I jokingly said to him 'maybe Caley should sign him'. He said that we had had him watched but he wasn't sure what was going to come of it. It certainly doesn't hurt us to give the guy a trial.
  7. I seen Doncaster in the paper the other day gettig excited about how Rangers and Celtic could join the EPL. The same Neil Doncaster that was practically begging the other clubs to let Rangers back into the Premier League as the game would 'die' without them. Now he's delighted at the prospect of them both leaving. Cant help wondering why one of the heads of Scottish football would be delighted at the 2 biggest money making organisations for the league leaving. it stinks.
  8. It does
  9. They've come in for criticism, especially from me but that is a good statement. A tad late but that is much better, much more positive and the wee extras like the league cup game and hospitality comps are a nice touch as well.
  10. Robbo, based on one good season in his managerial career 15 years ago. utter car crash since then. Do the board actually care about what the fans think on anything. Robbo would be near the top of nearly no-ones list. Backward/small time mentality as usual. This was the chance to start afresh and take the club in a new direction. Just such an uninspired choice.
  11. Is Foran still available?
  12. Not seen it mentioned anywhere but we are playing Brora at Dudgeon Park on 4th July.
  13. Orange face of ICT
  14. I'd much rather take a chance on him than Paul Sheerin. Young manager, learned a lot and has experience in the league.
  15. Toblerone FC. Worse product but same price.