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  1. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    He's got a virus. Hope it's not bird flu
  2. Game 11 - Dumbarton (A) 23 Sept

    HT 0-0 FT 1-2 ICT Vigurs Opp Foxylias Crowd 743
  3. Robertsons big changes

    Managers and coaches can tell players what they should be doing till they are blue in the face, but they can't do it for the players on match days.Only the players can do that. The players need to have enough of a footballing brain to understand what they need to do at any one time, they need to be motivated to do it and fit enough to do it. With one or two of our players at the moment, I wonder if they possess any of those 3 qualities. And in fairness to players, they can be made to look bad when team mates get caught out of position. A scenario here is that your team mate over commits elsewhere and leaves the player he should have been marking free. That player looks the most likely player for the ball to be played into and if it is, then he will be unchallenged on goal. As the nearest defender you go to close that down only for the ball to be played to the player you had correctly been marking at first . You are caught in no man's land, looking a complete idiot but yet it wasn't actually your fault. I think this is why Robertson was talking about involving all the team in addressing defensive frailties. Other players need to get back and help covering runners etc, they need to not give the ball away in dangerous positions and they need to make themselves available to receive out balls to prevent defenders being put under unnecessary pressure. I don't think Robertson was in any way complaining about players knocking on his door to get a game. Far from it - I'm sure he wants that. What he was criticising players for was showing a desire to play when off the park and then showing precious little interest when brought on. I am sure we will see plenty of desire from Tremarco and Doran when they return to the starting line up.
  4. Robertsons big changes

    He hasn't looked great but I wonder how much that has to do with the tangible lack of confidence and trust in each other in the back line. I didn't have great expectations for Chalmers but I was expecting more from Elsdon. He is still a young lad but has done well in the youth set up at Middlesborough and has caps for England at U17 level. His poor performances can't be down simply to being rubbish, rather it seems to be that he simply doesn't seem to know where he is expected to be at anyone time. He looks as though he is someone used to playing in a well drilled and cohesive set up who is now being thrown into a situation where there is little organisation or leadership. If it is true that OFW may now be available for selection, then I think the defence would all benefit from that and as the unit begins to develop a bit more confidence and trust, Chalmers may not look quite so bad. Mind you, with Tremarco back, Chalmers is unlikely to feature much in any case.
  5. Number One

    Some of OFW's poorer performances last season were when he was carrying injuries and probably shouldn't have been playing. Whilst he is undoubtedly a better keeper than Ridgers, he lacks a commanding presence in the box and our central defence is in desperate need of that. But with OFW back between the sticks I would expect the defence in general to be a bit more solid.
  6. Can we have less hype in future

    You may have also noticed that qualifiers for the Women's World Cup have started so expect even more hype. But to be fair, some level of hype is justified as the England Women's team is pretty good just now. Their first match against Russia was live on BBC2 last night and it really was a very entertaining game to watch. Robbo could do worse than sit his squad down to watch a video of the game. The score was 6-0 but it could easily have been double figures. They had 32 attempts on goal. The English women played with a real purpose and showed a great awareness of their team mates. There was a real connection between players in playing balls into the spaces. There was also great awareness of when shooting opportunities and a decisiveness in getting shots away. In short, going forward and decision making in the box was everything that it isn't with us at the moment. It really was refreshing to watch. If they continue to play like that, expect a lot more hype!
  7. Robertsons big changes

    Rather than kicking on, Mulraney seems to have gone backwards. When he first came here, Foran was clearly very excited that he had signed a young, attack minded player who was going to be a bit special. Early signs seemed to justify that and he would beat defenders all ends up and leave them in his wake. Sure there was a lack of end product and some rough edges but I think we all shared in the optimism and he got voted as POTM on more than one occasion I think. His decent performances then might have been a reflection of his confidence then - a confidence which will have totally evaporated now. I doubt that his failure to kick on is due to poor coaching because you don't need to be a coach to see what he does wrong. I think he's so busy looking at the ball at his feet that he never clocks what's going on around him. If you are the sort of player that can pull defenders out of position (which he is) then you create space for team mates to run into. But he doesn't see that. His decision making is very poor.. I'm sure there is an attitude problem too but the main issue might be that he simply doesn't have a footballing brain.
  8. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Foran did inherit a mess but just not as big a mess as Robertson has been left with. I really don't know how you can interpret my post as defending Foran when I list a whole team that he had at his disposal who are not here now, who are generally better than the players we have now but who got us relegated. Foran was very unlucky with the amount of injuries key players sustained but still should have done better than he did with the players he had. When Hughes was here he inherited most of Shinnie, Christie, Watkins, Billy Mckay, Vincent, Williams, Brill, Devine, Ross and Storey. None of these quality players were available to Foran (although he got Billy back on loan). Hughes is the first manager we have ever had who has left the club with a significantly poorer squad than he inherited. This is despite being given a significantly higher budget than ever before. Foran is the 2nd. I believe Foran was qiven a similar budget but the problem for Foran was that much of it was already accounted for in the wages of the players who remained.
  9. Robertsons big changes

    Last year Mulraney had 13 starts and came on a a sub 19 times. This year it is 3 starts and on as a sub 5 times. That is 40 games he has been a part of and he has yet to score a goal and yet to make an assist. It's up to him to make an impact when he is given a chance. He has been lucky that he has had so many chances to impress but unfortunately he continues to flatter to deceive. It really is time for someone else to get a chance.
  10. Why do you support ICT ?

    I perhaps should have clarified that I meant Clach serve no useful purpose to ICT. It is really rather self evident that Clach serve a purpose for those who choose to support them! But when people resist change because of their loyalties to the status quo, they tend to forget that what they are remaining loyal to only came into being in the first place because others were willing to embrace change and create something new. No doubt there were those opposed to Clach being formed all those years ago who felt people should continue to do what folk had done for generations past.
  11. Robertsons big changes

    I wasn't at the game on Saturday but am surprised to hear Robbo aiming the public criticism at Oakley and Mulraney equally. From what I've seen of him in other games he seems to have put a decent shift in. Criticism of Mulraney is fair game though. Clearly the lad has pace and great ball skills but he doesn't get any end result out of anything good he does. He's had over a season to prove he can cut it and must be close to the manager saying enough is enough. For all his skills, he seems to lack both the motivation and a footballing brain. At the Q&A session earlier in the year Robbo referred to some of the youngsters and said that if they are good enough they are old enough. Time to give youth a chance I think rather than keep hoping against hope that Mulraney will come good.
  12. Why do you support ICT ?

    Inverness FC would have been good. Personally, I can't see that having a Highland League team in Inverness as well as ICT serves any useful purpose. All it does is reduce our gates and income a little bit more making success that little bit harder to achieve.
  13. Robertson worse than Foran?

    It is pretty harsh to suggest Robertson is worse than Foran given the mess he has inherited. You can make a pretty decent looking team out of all the players who were in the squad last year and who are now now longer with us. A back four of McNaughton, Meekings, McCourt and Laing. A midfield of Draper, Tansey, King and Cole with Mckay and Fisher up front. With OFW in goals (still here I know, but not playing) that makes a better overall team than we have now. A few on the bench too. Of those starting on Saturday, I would probably pick only Vigurs and Polworth ahead of any those who have departed. Collectively, these players will have been on wages very much more than Robbo has at his disposal this year - and they were the players who got us relegated, remember! Given the major rebuilding job that Robertson is required to do and the budget he has to do it on, simply avoiding a 2nd relegation will be job done in my book. Getting us to the promotion play offs would be a huge achievement in the circumstances. Let's hope that we can get players back from injury soon and then we'll maybe whether Robbo still has what it takes. It is far to early to judge yet. And in fairness to Foran, he inherited a mess too.
  14. Why do you support ICT ?

    I started to support ICT because I was living in Inverness when they were formed and bought into the club believing this was the best way to bring a better standard of football to the town. Having bought into the club and supported them since then, I will always support them through thick and thin. I must say I get a bit hacked off with those who seem to think that because we have had the success we have, we now have some divine right to remain in the top echelons of Scottish football. We don't. We are a small club with a small core fan base and no rich benefactor to buy success. Without going into my views for the reasons for our rapid fall from grace, the fact is that we are where we are and we are probably in a more precarious position than many folk seem to realise. As a result of poor management over the past 2 seasons, our financial position puts us at serious risk of a second relegation. Immediate promotion is not and never was on the cards. But we will only get stronger again if people continue to support the club and support the team on match days. We get success because core fans support the club through the good times and the bad. If we are realistic about our place in the grand scheme of things then that makes success all the sweeter when it comes.
  15. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    It seems as though I'm the only one who found this afternoon to be thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable. But then I was at my Grandson's first Birthday party. I wasn't the only one not there though. The falling attendances are a real worry and they won't improve until there is a major improvement on the park.