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  1. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    I think most people realise that the club's finances are not good at the moment but I fail to see anything in the Chairman's statement that could reasonably be interpreted as though the situation has significantly deteriorated. Instead, the Chairman has used phrases such as "making solid progress", "beginning to pay dividends" and "are making good progress on achieving our targets." Had the position deteriorated we might have had "continuing to develop solutions", "actively working with others" and "making concerted efforts to address these challenging issues" etc. Having said that, I have little doubt that progress made is not as great as the Board would have liked. After all, how often have we heard the club state that they were finalising the gift of the stands from Tullochs? What is perhaps interesting is that the chairman puts the word "gift" in inverted commas. It would be nice to know a little bit more. Perhaps the Chairman could communicate a bit more frequently and/or in a bit more detail. But if we had an effective fans group which engaged with the club and reported back to the fans then that would be our route for information. What the statement brings home to me most starkly is the utter failure of CJT to carry out it's role. It is clear that the club needs the support of fans now more than ever and therefore action needs to be taken to reconstitute CJT as a genuinely representative organisation and for it to actively engage with fans and the club alike.
  2. Winter olympics - Elise Christie

    She was unlucky in the 1st event where the judges didn't spot her hand being taken out by the other skater's skate but she was the author of her own downfall today. As her performance in the world championships shows, she clearly has the ability to win, so let's just hope that on the more public stage of the Olympics she can show a bit more tactical maturity next week and finally win an Olympic medal.
  3. 25th Anniversary

    Here's hoping we get a good crowdie on Sunday.
  4. 25th Anniversary

    With our current budget it is more likely to be a bottle of milk laid down by Stratton's dairy 25 years ago.
  5. Inverness Courier

    Not only is it a semi-final, but Crusaders will be only the 2nd non-Scottish side we will have played a competitive game against in the history of our club. (Berwick don't count!). Of course, the SFA have been incredibly unhelpful by not clarifying the date earlier, but surely the club could have hyped this up a bit more! I've got my ticket but I get the impression we will be lucky to get more than a thousand through the turnstiles. Does anyone have any handle on how ticket sales are going?
  6. Who next for Scotland?

    You can see why the SFA were so keen on Michael O'Neill. He has produced a huge improvement in performance in Northern Ireland with a group of players who are, on the whole, very ordinary. His skill is in identifying players who will complement each other and work together as a team, and then getting them to work for each other on the park. Scotland has a significantly better pool of players to choose from but nobody who is likely to be considered as one of the Scottish greats. Success for Scotland will mean utilising exactly the skills which O'Neill has demonstrated across the water. Does McLeish have these skills? He has a reasonable record as a manager and seems to have done reasonably well at getting the best out of the players available to him. But management at international level is very different from club level. Instead of having a fixed squad , you have a wealth of players to choose from and have the freedom to select players that you think will gel together. I think McLeish won't be too bad in that respect but as Renegade says, it is an uninspiring appointment. I can see him adopting too cautious an approach in games which might lead to failure to qualify for the European finals by virtue of drawing too many games. I hope I'm wrong. I may be English but I would love to see Scotland reach a major finals again.
  7. Inverness Courier

    Receiving compensation when a manager goes to another club is totally different from when a manager is fired because he is not getting results. I guess adequate performance as a football manager is an extremely subjective thing. If we had clauses as Kingsmills suggests then we would be having every manager who is sacked going through the courts to claim compensation for unfair dismissal etc. It could cost the clubs more than just paying off their contract. Foran's 4 year contract was just plain stupid though.
  8. Who next for Scotland?

    Yogi was also on Radio Scotland this morning saying his achievements at Falkirk and Inverness made him the best man for the job. You can't help but love the way he talks, but Scotland needs a manager where the performance on the park is more entertaining than the manager's post match interview. With Yogi it would be the other way round.
  9. Inverness Courier

    Whether ICT's crowds are falling is neither here nor there. The crowds watching ICT are still significantly higher than those watching any other sport and there is a correspondingly greater number who don't regularly attend but have an interest in reading about the team. Of course, when athletes in other sports have success at a high level then it is good to read about it, but what these athletes get up to when not in these major competitions is of little interest to all but a pretty small number of folk. Using your argument in another context, you might argue that the film review section should use more space reviewing some foreign "art" movie with a single showing at Eden Court and which just happens to have won a prize at the Cannes film festival, than the latest Bond movie with multiple screen showings at Vue. As for County. If anyone wants to read about them they can buy the "Ross-shire" (or Caravanning Monthly).
  10. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Maybe we should sings hymns on Sunday instead of the usual "Caley, Caley"? How about "When I survey the wondrous cross"?
  11. Inverness Courier

    But not ones which regularly attract crowds of 2,000 +. I'm with Bughtmaster on this one.
  12. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    There’s no chance that any of the English clubs would sign up to a competition that would have them travelling to the likes of Brechin for a midweek game. It would be a definite loss maker for them. And for us too. If there is to continue to be a third cup competition it really needs to be exclusively Scottish. I feel it should be set up with an aim of strengthening the lower reaches of the Scottish League and I think this can be done by making the pyramid structure more dynamic. Maximising the involvement of non-League sides in the cup would help in this. Cove and Brora in particular have shown how well non-League sides can do. Perhaps more involvement of these sides could lead to an expansion of the league structure with a regionalised bottom tier allowing greater movement between the levels. Cup competitions give the non-league sides the chance to demonstrate they can be competitive at the higher level and this serves to justify the value of league restructuring.
  13. Game XX - Dundee Utd (H) 03 Feb POSTPONED

    HT. 1-0 FT. 2-1 ICT. Bell Opp. Stanton crowd. 3089
  14. Game 29 - Dundee (H) 30 Jan

    HT 0-0 FT 2-1 ICT. Polworth Opp. Leitch-Smith crowd. 1864
  15. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    And on the bench for the cup game against Man Utd who have new signing Suarez on the bench!