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    Dundee bus is now full so we are taking no further bookings
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    That's a fair point...I'd like to think that's something Robbo would have identified & looked into adressing. Robbo has certainly helped improved Jake Mulraney's game no end & helped the likes of Coll Donaldson & Joe Chalmers prove the sceptics wrong & become a valuable part of the squad. As for Vigurs? One of our best players this season - he just needs to improve on the card count!
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    Liam Polworth continuing his contributions by assisting for Aaron Doran's goal on Saturday. The first two goals also both came from Polworth corners, which the QotS defence couldn't deal with. #contribution
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    The Brechin Four should return to games in a disguise!
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    I talked to number of folk yesterday on this subject and a fair few just refuse to see his contribution. Completely unfathomable that people can't see Polly's positive contribution. They seriously need to open their eyes. P.S. I'm not Polly
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    I get the feeling that Chalmers and Inverness are a good fit for each other.... strikes me as a player you miss when he's not playing. Guys like Chalmers (and Trafford) do the work that allow the other more creative players to prosper. We can all see now that the club and Robbo have done a pretty good job of rebuilding the team. I'm excited by the potential.
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    The guy has grown in stature week on week. He also has that ability to put us foot on the ball, change direction and create space for a decent pass. Sad to say this is something Ross Draper couldn't do.
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    QOS fans are usually pretty decent. I also thought their chants were more ironic than moronic. After Bell scored .... "4-3 .. we're gonna win 4-3" ... classic stuff .. think we have even done that on occasions !
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    Iv'e said before yes we can bemoan his mistakes like the one at brechin leading to the second goal and can chastise him at the time for it as every player gets but the concerted campaign oh hate and abuse I don't get. He is pivotal to our midfield and I personally don' see us replacing him at the moment.
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    I agree with you. He makes mistakes and they can be some realy frustrating errors but the amount of hate he gets from the stands is absolutely ridiculous.
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    Are you sure you're not thinking of managers?
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