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    Well Laurence, I appreciate that you will be disappointed but it seems that any optimism about the France match was not entirely misplaced after all.
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    Dingwall is easily within commuting distance of Inverness - a mere 15 miles away. Roy attracts players to the club by telling them they're just outside the city of Inverness!
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    There's a surprise. Both Celtic and The Rangers being drawn at home against the only two lower league clubs left in the competition.
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    I see our old friend Eddie Ofere has now turned up in Vietnam, playing his first game for FLC Thanh Hoa yesterday.
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    A stiff wind from the north and you can practically smell them....it's hardly outer Mongolia!! All for giving the gypos a bit of stick and reveling in some banter, but let's not actually start believing our own nonsense.
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    When someone buys a copy of Charles' book something like this happens
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