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    Is there any update on the position here? The timeframe that CJT committed to for proposing a way forward following the AGM has long come and gone, so even an interim statement would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Whether ICT's crowds are falling is neither here nor there. The crowds watching ICT are still significantly higher than those watching any other sport and there is a correspondingly greater number who don't regularly attend but have an interest in reading about the team. Of course, when athletes in other sports have success at a high level then it is good to read about it, but what these athletes get up to when not in these major competitions is of little interest to all but a pretty small number of folk. Using your argument in another context, you might argue that the film review section should use more space reviewing some foreign "art" movie with a single showing at Eden Court and which just happens to have won a prize at the Cannes film festival, than the latest Bond movie with multiple screen showings at Vue. As for County. If anyone wants to read about them they can buy the "Ross-shire" (or Caravanning Monthly).
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    If we are, as we are supposed to be, a progressive football club then there should be at least weekly press releases updating behind the scenes progress on innovative developments pertaining to the club on and off the field. Efforts should be made to stimulate interest in ICTFC in order to keep the loyal informed and to try to build up the fan base. Do we even have a Press Officer ? or spokes person ??
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    Somebody’s just been whshed!
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    That's quite a stupid idea. If there's nothing to report that's fine but to just leave it blank would be silly. I just hope they don't follow your idea in the summer when we won't have a match for 6 weeks. I guess there won't be any news articles at all over the summer seeing as you need a game to create news.
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    Scandalous really, if there's nothing for them to report on with ICTFC they should just leave the pages blank!!
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    That was the response I expected, so let me indulge in a little more Devil's Advocacy by first pointing out that crowd levels are just one of the things that are well documented as being in freefall here so it's interesting to see the Achilles heel actually used as a defence. The crowd issue at the Caledonian Stadium has been one of decline which in turn has been one of the main causes of recent financial difficulties. Then there's the unfortunate issue of relegation to the second tier while another club in the immediate vicinity, which has large numbers of its supporters based in Inverness, remains in the Premiership. There therefore also emerges the case, given their league status and support levels in this city, for an increase in coverage of Ross County, alongside the performers who are operating at World, Commonwealth and European levels in other sports which are rapidly improving. Before I stop holding the Bunsen burner to the lump of sulphur, I'll also suggest that maybe it's something of a Scottish thing where the lion's share of media coverage goes and is expected to go to a sport which we are not actually very good at.
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