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    Whites for the offski u heard it here 1st ! Think he's a decent player Robbo didn't use him properly he's good with the ball at his feet yet we ping high balls for him when he's poor in the air in a team that play 2 up top all the time I think the big man would be decent would defo set up a lot of goals
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    Loved both episodes. Thanks again. Interviews would be great, especially former players I think. I enjoyed that Ian Black one. Also how about Board members - Gordie Fyffe? Alan McPhee?
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    Another good episode. Like the focus on positive ideas- not ignoring obvious issues. Enjoyed the discussions around analysis of recent caley and opposition teams performances. The formations and how individual players are doing.
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    Mackay has scored for Elgin tonight.
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    Shaun Rooney made the SPFL Team of the Week.
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    ........ and when he leaves I'm sure you'll be the first to question why we let him go. Either you've seen something different this season from last season to change your mind on him or you're just being different for the sake of it, the boy couldn't do anything right last season in your eyes but now you think he's a decent player. You're a confusing chap Alan Simpson, so much so I think you're confusing yourself.
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    Appreciate the feedback If anyone else has anything to offer please let us know. Stats aren't for everyone so we try not to be too heavy on that as well as having a mix of positive and negative opinions on all things ICT. I guess it's all about trying to strike a balance where possible. We're trying to see if we can set up some interviews with players past and present as well.
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    A bit of game time at a decent level - this can only benefit the young players, and hopefully ICT. Seem to remember a young nonentity being farmed out to Forfar a few years back for a bit of match experience and coming back as the great Barry Robson!
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    I have just listened to the podcast, it is very good and great to hear local people rather than those from the BBC on a Friday night. Thanks to those involved and I am looking forward to the next one.
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    That's where your wrong my man early doors I said the big fella would be mint in a front 2 just not his style been a lone striker! Was 1 of his biggest fans after xmas the man improved big time credit where credits due! I would question letting him go if we played a lot with 2 men up top for sure ! He's SPL bound and gonna say he'll be a handful if the team play 2 his strengths
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