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    love to hear drapes on one of these.....
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    #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers The Caledonian Stadium lights up to say thank you to the NHS and Key Workers The Caledonian Stadium was an incredible sight to behold in the early hours of this morning as the Main Stand was lit up in stunning blue light to say thank you to the NHS. The club came together with Inverness based KBE Event Services to run a number of stunning smoke and light programmes which entertained the unsuspecting traffic on the A9 and Kessock Bridge. The climax being the NHS tribute in blue. ICT CEO Scot Gardiner commented: "The KBE Event Services team began work at 7pm and on my arrival back at the stadium for the final touches at 11pm, it was still too light due the fantastic clear skies. It was all wrapped up just after 2am as we had to wait for real darkness but it was definitely worth the wait and the results are amazing." "It was just a shame that we couldn't shake hands as we all had to social distance the entire evening. We will have to do that in the future once we get through all of this and get to work with Kai and his team once again in the future. It was worth it to say our small thanks to the NHS and the key workers doing so much for the Highlands and beyond."
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    I think at least part of this is to do with the optics. The Rangers are, often with very good reason, widely disliked and distrusted in Scottish football. Generally speaking, I tend to dislike them and certainly distrust them myself. However, even the worst and most corrupt of organisations can sometimes be in the right and, in this instance at least, the Rangers seem to have a very valid point. Something certainly smells but because, at least partly of who is asking for the enquiry many are resistant to it and we are in part at least, being vilified by association. It is a great pity that this enforced hiatus could not be used as an opportunity to dismantle completely our tainted, incompetent and distrusted administration structure and start afresh based purely on sound administration, good marketing, fresh thinking and sporting integrity. Sadly however, the corrupt, inept and self interested forces in control would never allow that to happen as a result of which our game will eventually emerge in as unfair and mismanaged a state as ever. A missed opportunity.
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    Without doubt this has been the most shambolic era in Scottish football history . There are many things which have upset me but by far the most is the reaction by certain members on this forum ( before anyone tells me , I know they are all entitled to their opinions .) Every Tom , Dick and Harry in Scottish football are lining up to have a pop at our club !!! And for what ? Because our chairman and ceo acted honestly and for what they thought was in the best interests of our club . It must stick in their gut when they see how some of their so called supporters perceive them .
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    Interesting article by Tom English. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52646285 In it, he says "Scottish football missed an opportunity to examine itself three years ago and it has missed another opportunity now. Strip away the bile and all the inter-club warfare and ask a simple question - can we do better than this? If a neutral party put that to a vote and asked club leaders, players and supporters to respond yes or no, what would the result look like? Can we do better? The answer, surely, would be an emphatic yes. This is the problem, though. When you try to lift the bonnet to have a look at how things are done, the thing that some want to know first is who's doing the lifting and why? What's their agenda? Who are they acting on behalf of? What are they really trying to do? That mentality chokes progress. It protects the status quo. Clubs have it in their gift to introduce radical change to the game if they so wish, but they don't want it - or don't want it enough. People like to talk about change, but not many are brave enough to see it through." Seems to sum up the situation pretty well.
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    We've just published the Polworth pod. Great chat with Liam yesterday and hopefully you all enjoy it as much as we did recording it.
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      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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