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  1. I had also wondered about the camera. What happened to the wonderful highlights package Andy and his team put together for matches previously, from the other side of the ground? It seems a shame that we've waited so long for a win yet three days later there's no sign of footage of two of the goals, let alone a highlights package.
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  2. Maybe it was sold off in part payment of debts?
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  3. Was wondering about that myself. Andy and his team did a great job and it was always good to watch the highlights of the game whether you had been to the game or not. Watching the highlights is just another little thing that connects people with the club. It probably helps to encourage people to attend an extra game or two, or buy some ICT merchandise from the shop. At least there was a report of this week's game on the Club's website, which is more than can be said of our previous victory which was against Stirling Albion in the Scottish Cup! That meant there is no mention on the Club's website of what, I believe, was Max Ram's first goal for the club. On the subject of the report of last Saturday's game, I note it was written by someone called Marko Srsen. I know nothing about Marko but I am assuming English is not his first language. Despite that, he has written a very good report. However, although his use of English is generally excellent, there are a few things which don't read well. It would have read much better if someone at the Club had bothered to spend just a couple of minutes with Marko in editing it. Not only would that have made it a better read for us punters, it would have been a great help to Marko in further improving his grasp of our often confusing language. These little things matter to people and make them feel valued. It is just another indication of things not being right at the club.
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  4. Don't think Andy and team have been at club this season sadly.
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  5. My attention was caught more by the utter laziness of the defender who just stood and let it happen!
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  6. And offer Dodds a new contract?
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  7. Billy’s hat trick: look at the ground he made up to be on the spot to turn his third in after it came back off the post from Doran’s header: and Danny’s goal: It’s a pity they’ve not put the own goals on line. I’d like to see them again, particularly the second one. It was a good laugh at the time!
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  8. If it was just struggles on the park, then I'd be right there with you! My worry is that if we allow deeply ingrained problems, with team and club management, to be swept under the carpet every time there's a good result then we will just keep spiralling. That isn't to say we shouldn't have hope, and I'm definitely not calling for booing of players, but Dodds, Robertson, Gardiner, Morrison etc. need to be held to account as they have delivered NOTHING, not even close, to anything they said they would. Quite the opposite in fact. That's not grounds for optimism.
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    • Player of the Year 2023-2024
      The winner for this season voted for by you is our very own local player Cameron Harper. Will that ever happen again I wonder?

      CTO PotY with 69  points is Cameron Harper  

      2nd with 68 points Alex Samuel
      3rd with 58 points Cameron Kerr
      4th with 53 points Billy Mckay
      5th with 51 points Max Anderson
      6th with 50 points Nathan Shaw

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    • Kelty Hearts Training Statement
      What a farce we have become, a laughing stock: Did you hear the one about the footbal team from the Highlands of Scotland that want to train at Cowdenbeath? Unfortunately, unlike our board, this is not a joke. Our board are trying to rip our identity from the Highlands and replace it with shared training at Kelty Hearts. I kid you not, this is not a drill and the clowns that run our club appear to be delighted at this coup.
        • Thank You
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    • Relegation Statement
      RELEGATION STATEMENT: This could have been said ten minutes after our defeat to Hamilton three days ago. So far, this is not the news that we on Caley Thistle Online wanted to hear. Pleased that we will still function as a club, disappointed that resignations have not been offered yet. Keeping fans waiting in silence for three days is unforgivable and relationships are drifting further apart than ever before. Silence is not the way forward, we deserve better as fans.
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    • Inverness CT 2-3 (3-5) Hamilton - Play off final (relegation)
      RELEGATED: Despite Inverness needing to get off the mark quickly, it was Accies that killed the tie inside the first fifteen minutes with strikes from Kevin O'Hara and Lewis Smith. Cammy Kerr reduced the leeway with a good strike from distance, but O'Hara struck again with a penalty before the break to diffuse the revival. We struggled to create anything of note and this reporter could not stomach any more and left the stadium. I'm told Alex Samuel pulled a goal back in stoppage time, but like the rest of the season it was too little too late.
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    • Hamilton 2-1 Inverness CT - Play off final 1st Leg
      A better showing from Inverness in the second half, especially with Lawal and Pepple on the park but it's Hamilton that take a one goal advantage up the A9 on Saturday. Lawal has been the standout performer in our last few games and surely he must start on Saturday. Pepple also did well, scored the goal, had an effort saved and got in a few balls across the box from tight positions.

      Still, a shocker of a first half and we must be up for it from the start on Saturday.
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