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    I thought the broadcast was decent enough, apart from when the ball was not in play like waiting for a corner and the AI went in search of it. The commentator has a difficult job without a sidekick or a support team in his ear and was ok with that in mind but just wasn’t adequately familiar with the players on the pitch. That needs to improve and he could have been better prepared in terms of recognising them.
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    Brad Mckay surely. If he goes who the feck will we be able to slag off, so for that reason, he is indispensable.
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    Come to realise the camera's thinking the baldy linesman is the ball 😂😂😂
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    No number 9 in the number plate. Makes it look incomplete.
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    I’ve got no problem at all with you having an opinion, and in fact I broadly agree with your opinion that Brad McKay probably isn’t good enough for any team with hopes of promotion from this league. What I do have a problem with is your repeated name-calling and personal attacks on our manager. What exactly has a man who has achieved successive third and second-place finishes, against better-resourced teams with a reduced budget each season, done to warrant being called a ‘stupid donkey’ by you? Frame your criticisms in a respectful manner and no-one will have a problem with them; continue to hurl insults at people and it renders all your accusations of being bullied and picked on as rank hypocrisy.
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    Given that half of our first team are injured the team largely picks itself. Assuming that the likes of Devine, Sutherland etc. are not fit enough to come back I would prefer something along the lines of... Ridgers Duffy Deas McHattie Harper Vincent Welsh Allardice MacGregor Keatings Mackay McHattie was incredibly limited getting forward on Saturday and I think Harper is much better supporting the attack although perhaps he isn't as solid defensively and that will be a test for him given the wide men he is likely to be facing against Ayr. However, I'd be happier with Harper in there and an adjusted defence to get Mckay out of there. Duffy seemed relatively decent getting up and down the right although not as effective as Rooney was last season. Regardless, I'd be up for the LB and RB to be given licence to get up and down as much as they can to support the attack. At times on Saturday it seemed we were playing a 4-1-3-2 with one of Welsh or Allardice sitting. It may be that a midfield trio of Vincent, Allardice and Welsh would provide a degree of solidity and offer additional protection to the defence with / if Duffy and Harper get forward and Welsh is always good for offering for a short pass for the CBs. Vincent and Allardice are very fit and have a solid work rate to help cover the flanks if required. Up front we are limited. Assuming Sutherland doesn't make it I would look to swap MacKay and MacGregor so they are playing on their stronger foot. Macgregor time and time again slowed down attacks on the left flank as he looked to cut back in on his stronger foot. Whilst this can work it is normally helpful to have someone going down the left side to try and pull a defender away to create space but this didn't happen as McHattie sat back and left MacGregor somewhat isolated. The players can easily move around into different formations if we want (it can easily mesh into a 4-2-3-1 for example) and whilst it doesn't have a lot of creativity or goals it's probably as good as we can expect right now given the personnel available to Robertson. Width provide by the full backs and MacGregor / Mackay, a bit more of a reliable CB partnership (i.e. no Brad Mckay) and three midfielders who can all rotate between defensive and offensive duties. ETA: Regarding the rest of your post you need to accept the fact that if you post something on here not everyone is going to agree with you. I don't expect everyone to agree with my suggested line up but I'm not going to get upset about it.
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    I really enjoyed that. It felt like I was at my seat. My low concentration and poor eyesight were mimicked perfectly by the AI. The staring and swearing at the linesmans bald head made me really feel like I was there after another terrible offside. The zoom in on the chances in the box worked fairly well until baldy distracted the camera. Corner kicks were a particular problem that will get resolved. I seen more on here than I would have at my seat. Happy clapper all the way.
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    He was as good at the commentary today as he was at scoring when he was here before so no thanks!
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    Bloody glad we achieved a point after a pretty poor performance, Not much to be confident about on the pitch, Basic tactics mostly consisting mainly of lumping it up towards Todarov ( Brewster he ain't ). I'll put it down to a makeshift team with a sprinkling of young inexperienced players, Combined with a fair pile of wayward passes, But what worries me most is the lack of pace in the side, None of our back 4 would be described as anything more than 'cumbersome ' Of the players out injured only Storey can give us pace, Kennedy might give us something but that remains to be seen. Next weeks game vs Arbroath is becoming crucial even at this early stage of a short season.
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    Shame he opted for no 77 when no 9 is available!!! Lol!!
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    My mind is made up my dear. We should give today's match commentator the number 9 shirt? He would then at least know the name of one ICT player.
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    So in summary, we need Assistant Referee's (Linesman is so last century lol) with a Mullett to officiate our home matches so we can actually see the game?
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    I kept on wondering why there were no fans in the stadium and was grateful to the commentator for reminding me every 10 minutes that the game was behind closed doors because of COVID-19.
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    Camera really should have been on the West side, that’s probably down to ICT. No zooms, no replays, terrible AI, terrible commentator, just ICT getting what you pay for I suppose. Anybody know what cut ICT get from this SPFL deal? Presumably the Pars made a reasonable profit from 1700 subscribers last week doing it in-house.
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    Would be good just to get a picture .😡
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    Joking aside, I will be emailing the club to say I think the footage quality is not good enough. I just hope Dick Campbell wears a hat next Saturday or we will spend 90 minutes of watching his baldie head.
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    Not missing much. All you're missing is a **** game and the back of a Linesmans bald head
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    HT; ICT 1, Ayr 1 FT; ICT 2, Ayr 1 ICT; Keatings Ayr; Moffat Crowd; FirstHalf; 19 watching from the A9 Laybye. Crowd; Second Half; 0 police cleared them all away
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    Seems I am one of an admittedly small number of people who cannot get logged into the SPFL Match Centre due to problems with the Stream AMG platform. Hopefully this is going to be fixed today. ETA: Finally got access sorted
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    I've been in touch with the club this morning and emails will be sent out from today. I'm not sure whether that means everyone will receive them today but it is in hand. It's important to note that before season ticket holders can use their code, they have to sign up with the streaming company. Best to do that as soon after getting the email as possible in case of any problems, and not waiting till 5 minutes before kick off!
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    We had a very short pre season for financial reasons and were playing competitive games after only a few weeks of training. Sometimes certain players are just susceptable to injury and other times it's just bad luck
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    Unfortunately your cousin Aaron's appalling injury record over all the years he has been with us has meant that we just have had to consider him "dispensible". I would reckon that he has missed more than 50% of the games he could have played if fully fit. A great shame as when fit and on form he really could be indispesible.
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    Demands wholesale changes to the starting XI then makes one change. Sound.
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    It's simple if there is a bald linesman play him on the other side or paint a big cross on his head
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    Thank you so much I will try this tomorrow to see how I get on .I honestly can’t remember what I did today but can’t face any more tonight .Cheers
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    Commentator is called Andrew Bannerman Footballer is called Andrew Barrowman Schoolboy error, tut tut.
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    It was me Lizi and I followed your instructions and after a few stop/starts, I eventually got on to the game just as the whistle went for the kickoff. At my advanced years I was really chuffed I managed to get into the system and watch the game. Thanx to you.
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    Dreadful camera work. Dreadful game. Lucky to get a poimt
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    I understand the difficulties involved in setting up coverage from scratch but the quality of that coverage really wasn't good enough for paying customers of any business. The quality of the coverage was worse than the quality of the football which is really saying something.
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    Don't think there will be anything they can do, since contracts will have been signed. They may not even have the option of lowering the price. Just going to have to learn to live with it, and hope that the AI is smart enough to learn about the Scottish game!
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    Kennedy for Keatings, need to change it Robbo, this is awful.
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    We need to get in touch with the Wyness Shuffle podcast team and get them signed up to do games. The club should ask Charlie Christie to do it aswell
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    Can somebody put a wig or a hat on that linesman?
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    Is this guy going to get through the game without naming any players 😂
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    It was cold at Loch Ashie that morning but here is a colder one at the same place when I was on my way back from Gorthleck one frosty morning. When I sent the one showing the temperature outside the van to my colleagues one from Edinburgh phoned me and asked how managed to do that
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    Just happy that you're more talented than me at posting this stuff and grateful for your time running the comp - cheers Gringo! 👍
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    That looks cold! Lovely picture, though. Better than the wee yellow man's...
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    Nothing changed in that time although I did have to renew the certificate for our stats portion of the site. The login state is managed by cookies so the best advice - as always in this situation - is to clear the cookies on your browser for CaleyThistleOnline.com and then log back in. The login info should be stored in a cookie called ips4_loggedin and has a simple 0 or 1 for value.
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    I have a horrible feeling it is because I'm a supporter, my other side Palace, always seem to be top of the injury table! If I was on a boat you'd throw me over-board On a more serious note, it could be coincidental bad luck, but we obviously build our squad from scraps in the lower leagues and cast-offs....one reason for this is maybe some players are more injury prone than others, so can't establish careers elsewhere. To counter this, we'd probably need an additional 5-6 players in the squad.
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    Thanks both. The club statement implied we would get e-mails at the beginning of the week, hence my question: https://ictfc.com/icttv-live-streaming-from-caledonian-stadium
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    You lost me there. And it's only four, anyway. I'm going to regret saying this, amn't I?
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    I was born in the Sneck. I was brought up in the Sneck. My father was born in the Sneck. (Unfortunately, and I'm only whispering this) my Ma was born south of the border! All four of my grandparents were born in the Sneck. Once an Invernession, always an Invernessian (or is it Invernezion).
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    How many seasons now have we been saying this?
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    Concerning is the rate at which our key players are falling foul of injury...why don't our backup players get crocked? Who's next, dare I ask...
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    Strewth, one game in and the long knives are out. Not sure im going to last a whole season like this. Anyway, my stream was decent enough, the score was not what I hoped for, the team are badly depleted and Brad Mckay was no worse than anyone else. He made several good tackles, blocks, clearances. Maybe look at another Mackay who was on his arse most of the game. No standouts for Inverness such was our lack of depth and quality. Such is life.
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    The game tonight was a really good advertisement for the Championship with some terrific goals from both sides. On that form, Hearts are going to run away with the league. Dundee may have got a gubbing but that was more to do with Hearts' very clinical finishing. Dundee scored 2 very good goals and had other decent efforts. If they can tighten up defensively they will be very much in the mix at the end of the season. Without Doran, Carson, Storey or Kennedy available for our opener, we will do very well to get anything out of the game. The number of pre-season injuries is really pretty alarming and we need players up to match fitness and to stay injury free if we are to reach the play offs. This will be a difficult season for us in so many ways. Hopefully Togetherness will see us through.
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