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    Amazing how Russell Latapy seems to have become this coaching guru in the eyes of many since he left. Speak to folk who came into contact with him and they'll tell you his influence on the team was next to nothing, hence why he was removed from his position.
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    No but he will know that, whatever divisions the respective clubs are in, he will be being paid more and playing in front of larger home crowds at Tannadice. A harsh financial fact.
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    Really? 3 successive promotions. 2 with Alloa, 1 with Dundee. Then took Dundee into the top 6 in their first season back in the Premiership. Take out the last 7 games and he has a fantastic record.
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    No great loss there promised a lot but delivered next to nothing, Mulraney is a far better long term prospect and can only improve next season.
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    if we are fortunate enough to get to the play-offs v DU I don't think he would be in the squad.
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    What a strange situation to ponder though, just theoretically imagine we get to the play offs, against DU and its 10 mins from final whistle, currently a draw, Billy happens to be in a scoring postion.....what does he do!!! What a decision to make
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    Hartley wouldn't be a bad shout, He was close last time, and crucially is available, so could get on with the rebuild straightaway. Otherwise we could spend months trawling candidates. A lot more convincing than Foran, which is all I care about at this stage, and a decent record in getting clubs promoted.
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    IF Foran was to go, I'd not be too upset having a look at Russell Latapy as the new manager. He's been looking for a number 1 slot for a bit and it could be argued that we had by far our most successful season ever when he was around with Yogi. Who knows, maybe his time to shine. As another "rookie" manager it might be seen as a bit of risk. But you don't get anywhere if you don't occasionally risk your neck. Either way next year we need a bit of a squad clear out. We'll likely lose Meekings. But we have to consider who is worth keeping. If, and realistically it's almost certain, we are a championship team next term I'd like to see the midfield built around Polworth. Give him his chance to shine.
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    Yes. Kenny Cameron.
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    Is Richie Foran linked with anyone?
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    I can only partly agree. Gambling can be an addiction and those afflicted deserve sympathy and support. However, nobody is addicted to wagering on their own team to lose. That is letting down your employers, your colleagues and the fans for no other motive than personal greed which is unacceptable and unforgivable.
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