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  1. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    It was summed up perfectly by someone sitting close to me yesterday. He's simply here to pick up a wage
  2. Transfer in and outs

    Strong rumours that David raven is to sign for oldham
  3. Transfer in and outs

    Elbouzadi confirmed as having signed a 2 year deal.
  4. Transfer in and outs

    Has it been confirmed that we have signed elbouzadi (sp)? I was sure that I read it a few days ago.
  5. Transfer in and outs

    Colin Seedorf has just been announced as a signing
  6. Transfer in and outs

    You heard it here first. And ribbon should if course be robbo!
  7. Transfer in and outs

    There is ypung lad from hearts that ribbon was coaching think his surname is Bikey. Dundee Utd were after him.but apparently he is ready to sign.for us. Ribbon a big influence on him.
  8. New Manager

    Jorg Albertz will be named as manager tomorrow
  9. Merchandise Suggestions.

    Saw this today- hearts are selling personalised scarves with your name on them. Think they would sell really well. Have a photo but don't know how to attach it - duh
  10. New Manager

    Heard that Jorg Albertz was interviewed by the club today
  11. New Manager

    Scott Macdonald player/manager. You heard it first here.
  12. New Manager

    Chris Sutton
  13. Clear out

    Yeah I saw that too.
  14. Clear out

    Reading online on p&j this morning about all those that have left the club. The ones they state have left are - Meekings Fisher Ainier Billy Mackay Ebbe Cole King Laing Horner Brown And the new chairman is on holiday!!
  15. New Manager

    I understand that Henrik Larsson travel to Inverness following the celtic legends game at the weekend to express his interest in the position