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  1. I think Foran will be gone within the next couple of days.
  2. He was offered a new contract very early in the season then vanished. Very odd
  3. Doesn't look like this season will have a happy ending. A hugely disappointing campaign and one which leaves lots of unanswered questions and finger pointing. However it is also got me to thinking that maybe it's just our time. We are real football fans who experience the highs and the lows. Apart from Celtic, every team in the split have either been relegated or flirted with it. The cup win and Romania tasted so sweet as we had already tasted the bitterness of relegation and look likely to again. I have enjoyed our journey and will continue to regardless of what division we end up in. Apart from Romania and the cup final, all my favourite away days have been in the lower leagues. Regardless of whether we go down or not I look forward to the next chapter.
  4. Ritchie looked and sounded like a broken man after Saturdays game.
  5. Matchday Thread

    Today was the first time that I have lost faith in the team and the manager. The starting line up was horrendous. Every punter in the stadium could see we needed to make changes after we scored but not the manager. And how Vigurs continues tunes to get selected is beyond me. I believe we have the players and ability to stay up but I fear Foran's inadequate management will be what tages us down. I'm off to get pushed now.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Today was also the first time that I have seen police dogs used during an ict game.
  7. Matchday Thread

    Anyone know why we had several first team guys missing today - Horner, Draper, Meekings, King, Mulraney and Fisher? Surely they can't all we injured after a 3 week break?
  8. Return train ticket from Inverness- Elgin available for tomorrow. Reserved seat at a table. Departing sneck at 1057 returning at 1857. £12.30. Only downside is you are sharing a table with Seoras and spljaggie. This is the train all the loons are getting too so there should be quite an atmosphere.
  9. matchday thread

    I was intrigued by Foran's demeamour throughout the match. As a player he was passionate and very verbal, however he appears to be the exact opposite as a manager.
  10. Widely rumoured on social media that Andrew Shinnie will be re joining the club before the weekend. - thoughts?
  11. Unfortunately I never got the win! The Dr stopped the fight between the first and second round due to some heavy damage I took in the closing seconds that left me with a bleeding nose that wouldn't stop. My opponent was the better man, but I did shake him early on. Very proud of myself despite getting beaten up as thanks to people like you guys I have raised an incredible amount of money for a charity that supports families like ours who have gone through hell. Thank you so much to those of you who have donated. For anyone else who may still wish to contribute, the page remains live for a month after the event. I'm off to tend to my two black eyes and broken nose (not joking) :)
  12. Only matter of hours to go now. Feel free to sponsor me if you can.
  13. Yogi to hibs?
  14. See ya