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  1. Jorg Albertz will be named as manager tomorrow
  2. Saw this today- hearts are selling personalised scarves with your name on them. Think they would sell really well. Have a photo but don't know how to attach it - duh
  3. Heard that Jorg Albertz was interviewed by the club today
  4. Scott Macdonald player/manager. You heard it first here.
  5. Chris Sutton
  6. Yeah I saw that too.
  7. Reading online on p&j this morning about all those that have left the club. The ones they state have left are - Meekings Fisher Ainier Billy Mackay Ebbe Cole King Laing Horner Brown And the new chairman is on holiday!!
  8. I understand that Henrik Larsson travel to Inverness following the celtic legends game at the weekend to express his interest in the position
  9. Hot this from a source witjin the club. Straight after the Killie game there were people within ICT who wanted Foran to go. He was using the same tactics, unable to change the team & had no plan B. It was like players were not responding to him. One player was very critical of the defensive tactics - zonal marking. It's the man who scores the goals, not the space/area. We had changed from man marking under Hughes to zonal marking under Foran. Goals & the manor of them, same problems every week, points the finger of where the main problem lay. Foran refused the change this tactic. Once heads to down & confidence goes it's hard to get back. Players, coaches & board members raised this same concern with Foran but he stuck to it. Some senior players had been approached by a director about how they felt about taking over the team in the event of Forans sacking. My source told me the players refused to discuss this, as although many weren't happy - Foran was a friend & team mate & wouldn't stab him in the back. My source told me one of the players told Foran of this discussion and co-incendently one of the directors then resigned. After Dundee sacked Hartley, i was told that Foran had been summoned to meet the board. My source told me he thought Foran could be sacked but suspected the club has no money to do this. He also told me that what Foran needed was an older head to hold his hand.... I was told this BEFORE Malpas was confirmed so it shows how good my source was. Both top team goalies were carrying injuries... but Foran ignored advice & signed Ainier - why? Not signing a goalie & playing 2 guys carrying knocks cost ICT many points. It's no coincidence that ICT picked up after Malpas came in. Is that Forans or the board's fault for not acting sooner? Foran talks about bad apples??? Who are they? My source is direct from the dressing room. He told me there is a dressing full of bad apples because very few players liked Forans style, tactics & methods. He couldn't change games. He didn't listen to advice until Malpas came in. These players spoke out about all these issues - not because they're bad apples but because they care about the club. Yes, loan players didn't perform but how could they? The whole team were struggling & didn't agree with much of Forans set up. There was no leadership & players started doing things they thought we're best. Perhaps, in the words of my source... the only bad apple is the person staring back at Foran when he looks in the mirror. 2 young loan players mentioned on the radio on Saturday hated Foran & wanted back to their clubs but Foran refused because the clubs wanted the finances of the loan agreement honoured - regardless of they stayed or not. Fon Williams is the other. He was injured & being forced to play because Esson wasn't ready. He was prepared to take a pay off & walk from his contract. Greg Tansey felt really let down by Foran & the club. He told the club about going to Aberdeen to discuss the pre contract. Aberdeen informed ICT & everything was conducted above board. Tansey had a holiday booked which over-run when his contract expired. As is common, he signed the pre-contact. This is a pre dated & signed contract which can't get registered until the date. Many players are on holiday in situations like this. That is why they pose for photos in their new clubs colours when they sign the pre contract. Aberdeens press department released that photo off their own back without consent from anybody, least of all Tansey. Aberdeen gave a formal apology for that to Tansey & Inverness. Tansey & many of his team mates felt very let down by Foran & the board of Inverness because although they knew Tansey had done nothing to instigate this, they happily stood by & watched him face the wrath of the fans. Tansey felt they did this to deflect the pressure on themselves. That's why Tansey gave "That interview". Players had no chief & were doing things in a way they knew weren't working. Tansey gave his all for the club, even when off form he still gave 100% effort. The club hung him out to dry when they knew fine well he was completely innocent. That's why he said what he said in that interview. Interesting.
  10. It's all in the title!
  11. Could be something a whole lot worse
  12. Why was Richard smiths reputation tarnished? Anyone know why he resigned??
  13. Amidst all the doom and gloom I haven't heard anything about who won the player of the year award. I can only assume that it was Tremarco with Fisher in second place.
  14. Is he a bad apple???????
  15. I'd play the development squad team