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  1. Captain

    I was sat in main stand and on as real occasions heard him screaming and swearing. Yet when his airy fairy back healers don't come off , he skulls away back to obscurity with his head down.
  2. Captain

    I was surprised to see Vigurs captain the team today. I am not a fan of his but think today summed him up perfectly. Bottling out of tackles, screaming and swearing at team mates, then of course disappearing completely in the 2nd half. No idea what Robertson sees in him at all.
  3. Worst Ict team ever?

    In my opinion I think this is the worst Ict team ever. Thoughts?
  4. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Down to 9 men? Who else was sent off? I wonder if robbo will walk after that.
  5. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Ofw in goal and Donaldson starting. The phrase 'one step forward, 2 back' springs to mind!
  6. Robertsons big changes

    I wouldt pin much hope of seeing Doran this season. I actually wonder if he will ever regain fitness. I was led to but it was a career ending injury. I really hope that isn't the case.
  7. Number One

    I believe ofw is one of our highest earners and i also believe is on a ridiculous appearance bonus. Each time he plays he gets a bonus which isn't a kick in the arse of what is his weekly wage. Can you please edit this poll to include Esson? He would be my number one.
  8. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    It was summed up perfectly by someone sitting close to me yesterday. He's simply here to pick up a wage
  9. Transfer in and outs

    Strong rumours that David raven is to sign for oldham
  10. Transfer in and outs

    Elbouzadi confirmed as having signed a 2 year deal.
  11. Transfer in and outs

    Has it been confirmed that we have signed elbouzadi (sp)? I was sure that I read it a few days ago.
  12. Transfer in and outs

    Colin Seedorf has just been announced as a signing
  13. Transfer in and outs

    You heard it here first. And ribbon should if course be robbo!
  14. Transfer in and outs

    There is ypung lad from hearts that ribbon was coaching think his surname is Bikey. Dundee Utd were after him.but apparently he is ready to sign.for us. Ribbon a big influence on him.