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  1. Always thought it was Jim Holton. Six foot two - eyes of blue - big Jim Holton's after you
  2. I would imagine that getting them in advance and being issued a ticket is to guarantee your own seat in the stand.
  3. I was told you need a ticket. If you present your season ticket you get issued with one. Not sure if that's correct or if it is. When do you have to get them by
  4. Personally I think it's very hard to judge with pre season games. The true tests will come in the weeks and months ahead.
  5. Make that 2-0
  6. 1/0 Elgin just now
  7. Cheers. Wouldn't it be good if his Uncle came even once to see him play
  8. Any relation to the great Clarence Seedorf?
  9. ^
  10. Great suggestion moog. I seem to recall previously that Laurence mentioned Kingussie Newtonmore area but don't quote me on that #getlaurencetothegame
  11. Well done on your battle hope you stay well.
  12. St Mirren v Clach 5-0. St Mirren v Nairn 9-0. Looks like they have found their shooting boots early
  13. Would be heartbreaking seeing him in one of their strips.
  14. Maybe offer pay per play deals as an option rather than a long contract with a chance of them not playing
  15. Plenty time to make more mistakes yet unfortunately