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  2. It's a lot nearer Sneck than the last two posted
  3. He did sign a new contract some time after relegation so would not have been on a Premiership wage.
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  5. I think the Dundee hokey cokey vote is going to be a very keen point in this matter
  6. Cheers for the tip Lizi. Never been past Poppy's coffee shop. Nice cakes.
  7. So here is the latest update ICT Classic Highest Scorer 89 Biscay Bandit Lowest score 28 Fastbuck League 1 Stokie Chap 1893 2 Cat 1857 3 Calthis 1849 4 The Bhoys 1836 5 Lets try Again 1832 22 ICT Paisley 1569 23 Fastbuck 1544 24 Bacon Sane 1535 25 Bored cold communist 1509 26 Craig's Duffers 1449
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  9. Gringo

    New ICT Podcast

    Brilliant Steve. Not a bad team he's picked there.
  10. wynthank15

    Old Kits

    That's the one, clearly you liked it too?
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  12. Never grew up in the Sneck so I'm lost with most of these! Wish I'd taken pictures if I knew how much it would change though.
  13. I would rather have John Hughes manage my team than Levein and, for those familiar with my views on Yogi, that really is saying something !
  14. That happened to me last week ... in Elgin 😁
  15. Why on earth have the SFA waited so long to raise their heads above the parapet? As the responsible body for the game in this country they should have been more involved from the beginning. And they wonder why they're no longer relevant...🤔
  16. have to say the new audio voice tweets by twitter is cool am now able to test it out and its cool is every one going to use voice tweets when it comes out on twitter
  17. Thanks. I might have another look at my Dad's photographs. I did have "Inverness Remembered" in the back of my mind when I originally scanned in all his pictures, but I didn't think that they were good enough. However, those above have been through just the lightest of processing with a very old version of Photoshop - brightness, colour balance and minimal sharpening - and improved immensely. My Dad himself has appeared in "Inverness Remembered" a few times - usually old Boys Brigade pictures - and my grandfather, aunt and uncle, and sister have all been in it. About time we gave something back!
  18. Depends which tool in black owns the eyes!
  19. 100% agree with this. There may be some overlap but it's great for ICT fans to have all this stuff to listen to especially just now in the absence of football. At the end of the day we'll both probably be subsumed into The Athletic anyway...
  20. I only collect Scottish Cup and those 3 seasons are a bit sparse in the Mantis collection ... 😉... if you're willing to fish them out and give the rest to somebody else. ... or I'll just take the lot if it makes your life easier.
  21. IBM


    The blue and red cars are both Vauxhall Viva Mk2 & the yellow one is a Ford Capri. In Stornoway there is an Austin Maxi and green Bedford CF van
  22. I think saying their a miserable failure is incredibly harsh and disrespectful. Most to get that close will have trained and played for nearly 12 years. You need ability but also a huge amount of luck for it to be the right time and place with managers who will trust youth and give them a chance. Frankly speaking playing at any level be it full time or part time is a massive achievement when you consider how many people attempt it. Once they drop to part time its always going to be the case they struggle against full time players. If you gave some of the part time players two years training full time at a club they will undoubtedbly improve.
  23. Aye, ruined by the lack of VAR!
  24. And the winners: Fans player of the year: Rooney Players player of the year: Ridgers Fans young player of the year: MacGregor Players young player of the year: MacGregor Can’t argue with that. Well done to all three.
  25. Silver linings wev lost 2 of the worst players to ever wear our mighty colours White and Trafford that alone is cause for a skinful the night!
  26. Strong words from Kingsmills, but accurate , which few would disagree with, or at least admit to disagreeing. This issue has been bubbling just under the surface for decades. I too remember the horrific scenes in the 60s, and on other occasions since. It has never properly been dealt with, even under Obama's Presidency, when many thought more would have been done to address it. Now, with Trump, there is no chance. It is clear where his sympathies lie. I fear it will get worse before it gets better.
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