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  2. Oh sorry, I thought you were on about Brad going to ground near the end. For some reason, people are on about there being a handball within that, that's why he was booked...
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  4. He probably needs to be careful about where, in Inverness, he goes for a haircut.
  5. Can you update the list to show McHattie rather than Tremarco, please. I was going to give McHattie one, then realised I couldn't. Thank you. <<My Bad! Sorted, thanks tm4tj>>
  6. The club probably picked who they thought were the most consistent performers, and didn't leave it open to all players so they wouldn't be left with egg on their faces like the year Raven was voted player of the year, when had hardly played and was told he was leaving by the club. It should be an open vote with everyone one included. Everyone has a different opinion of every player in every game. Just hear the gasps from the crowd when they announce the sponsors man of the match, that rarely coincides with what the majority of supporters think at the game.
  7. My Dad had a classic Austin Morris Mini. It is in the same shape as Nathan.
  8. That's the first part of the job done in securing a play off place notwithstanding yesterday's result. We need to negotiate the final two games of the regular season without injury or suspension. These play off matches, potentially six of them, will be the the most important games in our twenty five year history and that includes our two major finals and two European games. The only way we will prevail is if the team, management and fans are all fully focused and fully committed. I understand that the matches will be televised live. Despite that, as many of us as possible need to make the effort to get to as many of the games as we can and to offer full and vocal support from first whistle to last. We really need to avoid another financially disastrous season out of the top flight.
  9. Doofers Dad---I like your posts. Common sense like. As for the goalie's position , if Mr. Ridgers leaves then sign OFW to a one year contract and bring him back into the team.
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  11. Can't argue with the replies above and fully understand, also, why Scotty would want to severe the sponsorship links. Defo go with a home grown youngster and not a journeyman.
  12. Game 35 SOS 379.2 Mrs Gringo 318.5 Joonya 288 Tichy_Blacks_Back 259.7 MrCaleyjag 244.1 CaleyCanary 240.7 Caley Braveheart 222 crownjaggie 198.2 Scotty 174.2 RedCard 142.7 Gringo 139.5 CDN Girl 42.7 mcdonnell761 12.5 old caley girl 0 ictrmd 0
  13. NPL Review for Game 46 Home defeats should be banned. Poor result but at least we’re in the play off’s. The NPL will be alive [kind of] and kicking for the Play Off’s by the way. No maximums in the Correct Score section for this game. If fact, no correct scores at all. Robert got the Crowd Section bonus points – just 6 under. Gringo holds top stop for another week on the Leaderboard. Total Entries 25 Predicted Match results H: 16 D: 7 A: 2 The Results HT: 0-1 FT: 0-2 1st ICT: -- 1st Opp: Safranco Crowd: 2971 Correct Predictions HT: 0 FT: 0 1st ICT: -- 1st Opp: 12 Crowd 5 pts: 5 Crowd 10 pts: 0 Crowd Bonus 2Pts: 1 Bragging Rights 10 - Robert Jokers Played None Your Points Robert 10 bughtmaster 7 crownjaggie 7 RedCard 7 CaleyCanary 6 DoofersDad 4 Kingsmills 4 caleycalum 3 caleyjag 3 Mrs Gringo 3 old caley girl 3 Scotty 3 caleymac 2 Cal's Thistle 2 JodieC95 2 Joonya 2 lilmissictbabe 2 SOS 2 Tichy Black's Back 2 Doofer 1 Gringo 1 Ictross 1 MrCaleyjag 1 Caley Braveheart 0 CDN Girl 0 TABLE - 46 01 - 253 - Gringo 02 - 247 - MrCaleyjag 03 - 231 - DoofersDad 04 - 225 - Cal's Thistle 05 - 222 - CaleyCanary 05 - 222 - Kingsmills 07 - 217 - Ictross 08 - 216 - caleycalum 08 - 216 - Mrs Gringo 10 - 215 - caleyjag 11 - 208 - Robert 12 - 199 - Caley Braveheart 13 - 196 - bughtmaster 14 - 189 - Tichy Black's Back 15 - 188 - RedCard 16 - 187 - Joonya 17 - 186 - crownjaggie 18 - 181 - Doofer 19 - 178 - Scotty 20 - 173 - JodieC95 21 - 171 - Caley Mad in Berks 21 - 171 - CDN Girl 23 - 170 - lilmissictbabe 24 - 147 - old caley girl 25 - 146 - SOS 26 - 141 - JockWatt 27 - 134 - caleydawson 28 - 132 - mcdonnell761 29 - 123 - caleymac 30 - 68 - Andrew Fraser 31 - 7 - Kind of Blue 32 - 3 - Hiro 33 - 2 - Gavroche 33 - 2 - ICTPAISLEY 35 - 1 - Weekend Hacker
  14. Time for him to go. A change of scene will probably be the making of him I reckon. I don’t hold him in the god like status some do but when on his game, he certainly made the team tick. However no one player is bigger than the team, so we move on and wish him all the best for his move.
  15. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: White DU: Clark Crowd: 3069
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    Easter themed. The Disciples are a bit sorry for Jusus as they appreciate that he's in for a tough few days. They decide that they will club together and pay for his meal at the last supper. They book a table for thirteen at a local Japanese restaurant and, Judas Iscariot apart, they all ate heartily and had a great time. However, when the bill arrived it appeared that, in addition to the food, Jesus had consumed two extremely expensive bottles of rice wine costing more than the food. The twelve decide that while they were happy to pay for Jesus's meal they were not going to pay for the wine. Jesus himself had no money. Eventually the waiter exclaims in exasperation "well who is going to pay for Christ's Sake?!".
  18. Winning 4 out of 5 after the split put a gloss on things? faint praise indeed. Do you recall the injury list we had that year? and as I said in an earlier post how do you replace Watkins, Shinnie and Christie within our budget restraints? you can't, no wonder things slipped, players are hardly falling over themselves to join ICT so we sign injury prone players like Dargo or last chancers, players with a bad attitude to training, referees, lifestyle, authority or an old head like Scott McDonald going to Thistle who still thinks he has something to offer and probably has at our level. We are a million miles away from the level of Pele's teams but then the level of Scottish football since those days has also dropped dramatically we are the backwater of Europe in footballing terms.
  19. Scotty

    Ryan Christie

    Ryan is scheduled to go for surgery today to address the horrible facial injuries suffered in the other semi-final. On behalf of CTO (and myself) I just want to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and to hope that Charlie and the rest of his family are not too stressed out. Its never easy to see relatives in medical distress, especially your children !
  20. A number of survivors and relatives of the dead have criticised the enquiry for not attributing or apportioning blame. I can sympathise with them but that was never the remit of the enquiry. The remit was to investigate the causes of the fire and to recommend measures to prevent a similar catastrophe in the future which it did very comprehensively. As for Laurence's 'suspicion' that there was a build up of combustible material under the floorboards of the stand, that was confirmed by the enquiry. If Laurence is interested, he can obtain a full copy of the report from HMSO.
  21. We received a note from the club for the player sponsors' night on Tuesday 30th April, 6pm - 9pm. If anyone who is part of our player sponsorship group wants to go you can read more details about it in sponsors area here: I need to know by next week so I can let Emma know. If no-one in the sponsor group wants to claim the free dinner by say next Thursday, then we can open this up to other site members who are not in the group. If you are not in the player sponsor group and would like to go, please mention it in here. We will make a decision Friday (or tell the club no-one wants to go if we get no takers). As with previous years, the gift of a signed top from our sponsored player (Polly) will be drawn at a later date and will include all player sponsors in the draw from both far and near. It will not form part of this sponsors night like it does with local sponsors.
  22. Correct even if what Jack says and we bottle it and lose our next two games we go into final game of season against Dunfermline 3 points ahead.
  23. Strictly speaking, the club could but the income generated would then be fully taxable which is why such things are generally organised by committees at arms length from the club.
  24. Here is the latest update ICT H2H Highest Scorer 93 Nite Rovers Lowest Scorer 36 Icy Tea FC Highest Score Game 142 Keira FC 49 - 93 Nite Rovers League 1 Stokie Chap 75 (2112) 2 Calthis 66 (2066) 3 The Jaggies 64 (1954) 4 Lobobar 63 (1941) 5 Real Stoke FC 57 (1897) 16 Nite Rovers 47 (1730) 17 Keira FC 45 (1892) 18 Relegation Favourite 33 (1698) 19 All The Smallings 31 (1734) 20 Icy Tea FC 25 (1704) Classic Highest Scorer 104 The Bhoys Lowest Scorer 36 Icy Tea FC League 1 Stokie Chap 2112 2 Calthis 2066 3 Cailtidh Chaos 1978 4 The Bhoys 1974 5 The Jaggies 1954 19 All The Smallings 1734 20 Bayer Neverlusen 1716 21 Icy Tea FC 1704 22 Relegation Favourite 1698 23 Jonahict 1509
  25. White (Thought he was a good target man on the day and held the ball up well but no one supported him) McCart Chalmers
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