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    Dear All, I would like to call on all people viewing this thread to express to the management, players, backroom staff and indeed anyone connected to the club that there is NO EXPECTATION placed on the players with respect to winning cups, European places or even finishing in the top six of the league. Anything above 12th place in the SPL is a bonus. If this season finished now, it would still go down as one of the most legendary seasons we have had in our history. We are lucky to have been blessed with an SPL side in Inverness and right now we should enjoy our glorious place in Scottish football. The point of this post is to let everyone know that we have a sense of reality and we want the players to go out and enjoy playing football in the Highland capital. Long may the roller coaster continue! Wise men say......
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    Reading this weeks North Star at the in-laws just now. Rather amusing. Adams still bleeting on the same old rubbish and the North Star completely agrees with him lol! I agree with DJS that someone ought to have a word very soon about his behaviour, buts lets be honest here, this is County we're talking about. The whole region north of the bridge is seething in bitter jealousy because they thought after last year they were now the Highlands best. But sadly after only 3 games against us they are beginning to realise that its still the same and we are actually better than ever. And they are seeeeeeeeeeeeething about it! And what im i doing? Sitting back, watching the turmoil, laughing my tits off! :D WE ARE CALEY
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    Once the international patent comes through for my walk on water Moses flotation sandals, Im going to invest in ICT big time. I was thinking of buying Samaras and Brown as backup incase any of our guys werent well In the meantime league cup, Scottish cup will do this year I suppose.
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    Maybe he could give Adams a pen so he can go and sit in it
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    Tokely must have won. Adams has a new job And the camera never lies.
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    I think ill change the title of the thread to "The Pressure Thread".
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    If we don't do the treble then Butcher should be sacked.
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    Down your way, what about Charles McHardy butcher in Stonehaven? Make their own pork pies. They look quite small so you buy two then realise your mistake!
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    Around the 2:37 mark, Tokely attempts to body check Andrew Shinnie and comes off second best.....pleasing!!!
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    An older wiser head. That makes a change from the rest of us immature ignorant posters.
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    Their sleepy wee forum's fair getting a boost with all you guys in the past fortnight....... To be fair I had a look myself and most of them accept they've got a limited squad and doing OK considering, but one or two roasters eh. Every ref and linesman in Scotland's got it in for their multi-talented squad and plotting to stop them winning a clean sweep this season. They don't hate us much though.
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    That is why he is now plying his trade over the bridge.
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    To borrow a line from A film ..... "...He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow....."
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    Fair point. It's good to have a nice piece of PR with a local school - especially when there are press cameras about. But do any of our players or management show up at any of the many Caley Thistle 'Hotshots' training sessions for local kids (who pay for the privilege)? The answer is ..........no!! This area of PR neglect by our club needs sorting!!
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