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    As for the trialists. Chalmers - I wasn't too sure on. Can see why he got some stick last season from Motherwell fans. Leitch - I was very impressed with, I hope we offer him a deal. Lovely left foot and ideal replacement for Tansey, I think. Elbouzedi - Again, very good. Techincally very good, good balance and can dribble. Worth a deal. Davidson - Liked the look of. Don't know how bad his injury was but I think he's worth another shot at Brora if fit. Oakley - wasn't too impressed but worth another go. Foy - At 17 years old, I was impressed. Would like to see him again. If we go in with a starting XI like below against Dundee United then I'd be content. I think we'll sign Chalmers as cover until Tremarco is back so I've included him. Ridgers Raven Mckay Warren Chalmers Polworth Draper Leitch Elbouzedi Foy Davidson/Baird Incidentally, with Boden and likely OWF off the wage bill, I don't think I'd be alone in loving to see Josh Meekings back. Especially with us looking for defensive reinforcements. If we had a back line of Raven, Meekings, Warren, Tremarco come October it would be like a throwback to when we were good...
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    Something to do with bread?
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    Would be heartbreaking seeing him in one of their strips.
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    Reported Club turned down a £50,000 offer for Draper from across the bridge. Delighted to hear it as he is key to success.
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    Hopefully the cohesion in the team will get better (it has to!), planning along to either Nairn on Fri or Elgin on Sat - see what's what. Given the rather large rebuilding job which Robbo is undertaking just now, I'm not expecting anything too dramatic...
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    Tell them we'll take their £50,000 but for OFW instead.
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    If true, here's hoping that is with a view to keeping him and mounting a promotion challenge rather than squeezing another ten or twenty thousand out of County or indeed anyone else.
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    The playing strip looks the dogs b#llox! I want one of those shirts...be fun to wear it to Palace home games!
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    Kingsmils, the Caley starting 11 were as on the team sheet list above. Mitch Foy was the only sub used, coming on for the injured Davidson. If you were asking about the Forres starting 11, they were Knight, G Fraser, Groat, Moore, L Fraser, Pollock, MacPhee, Duncanson, Howarth, R Fraser and Soane.
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    I was there early enough to get a team sheet. Caley- 1 Esson 2 Raven 3 Chalmers 4 McKay 5 Warren 6 Leitch 7 Polworth 8 Draper 9 Davidson 10 Oakley 11 Elbouzedi Subs 12 MacDonald 14 Lawton 15 Stark 16 Chalmers 17 Foy 18 Wilson 19 Ridgers (GK) No 23 for Forres was Callum Howarth, who used to be with Caley.
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    Was at the match today. No.3 looked ok. No.6 Leitch. Seemed to be decent. Would like to see more of him. Strange seeing soeone else wearing numer 6 though. No.9 Davidson. Bit lightweight for me. N0.10 Oakley. Seemed strong and with support could be decent prospect. No.11 Have to say didn't see anything exciting, although others did. N0.13 Ridgers. Seemed commanding and confident in his own box. It was Forres though. No.17 Foy. Pacey and direct. Would like to see more. Saw Mulraney and Doran pre match. Wonder if them along with Baird and Vigurs and any others will be on against Brora. Usual commitment from Draper. Hope he is staying.
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    Who was playing for Caley Thistle ?
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