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    Would it not just be easier to hand over your season ticket book at the turnstile and they take the voucher out? This is instead of everyone trudging over to the club shop where they in turn take the voucher out and give you yet another ticket.
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    Vigers best position last season was on the bench!
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    Disgusting, anti social habit which selfishly impacts on others. Should be restricted to the smoker's private home provided that there are no children.
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    I was in a similar position to you Dan, only I had called at the stadium before the tickets were released, I was treated very cordially by a young lady named Kristine who explained the situation and was kind enough to take my voucher with the intentions of leaving my ticket for collection closer to the match day. No complaints from me I was impressed. I do agree however that there should be a simpler system available for us out of town Fans, it isn't always easy to make two trips and after all if you inform the Club you are attending the match then provision should be made to ensure your seat is reserved for you. The ticket / seat, in theory, belongs to the voucher if the Club has been notified by the season ticket holder.
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    Played 38 conceded 71 so less than 2 a game .
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    I would imagine that getting them in advance and being issued a ticket is to guarantee your own seat in the stand.
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    I believe his deal runs until January. Odd one. I believe it came about last summer when he signed a 1 year deal with optional year extension. Due to injuries etc he wasn't going to automatically trigger the extra year but in December Foran decided to offer a separate 6 Months until Jan 2018 that wasn't tied to the original deal. Currently he's probably able to talk to clubs about a pre contract. It's one I'm undecided on. He's a favourite and part of many great memories. The goal v celtic and singing on stage with the guitar at the cup parade being right up there. Hes a wealth of experience as well. However if he's no longer able to truly offer to the first team it might be better, for both parties, to severe ties. We'd have a substantial earner off the books, and able to use it towards new recruits and Dave the Rave would be free to continue his career elsewhere. That's not to say I'd not be happy for him to stay, but, he has to be able to offer an input to the first team on the pitch. We don't have enough room in our budget for sentiment really. As cold as that sounds. This is why the likes of Tokely, Russell and Munro were eventually released. Because Butcher felt their best was behind them and he could get better people in to do the job on the money. You could say he was justified with the signings of Warren and Meekings.
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    I think the club is in a much more secure position than you imply. There is little chance of the club struggling to exist with the careful work robbo is doing. It will be interesting to compare last years wage bill to this years at the end of the season and compare the quality of the players we had for the money. A lot of the players we had in were on very inflated wages. We paid for mercenaries because we couldnt charm them to come. That us what robbo is doing now. Not withstanding elgin result there is an incredibly positive and enthusastic feel to robbo, the players and the media presence. If you have not seen them look for the exchanges between meekings , brad and mcnaughton to name a few on twitter. 'Great to be around such positive people' Maybe there was only one bad apple....
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    To be honest, I wouldn't miss him too much. I think Hughes was onto something when he was going to be let go. Seems to be 50/50 and on his last legs, imo. Definitely not the player he used to be.
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    We did ok first half but when we went 3 at the back for the second half we were awful. We did the opposite at Brora and went to a back four and we improved. I understand Robbo is trying out different things but I hope 3 at the back is not one he is considering
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    There must be an opening for you at the club Renegade Your suggestion would save a bit of money too .
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