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    With a disappointing start to the season, albeit probably inevitable with all the changes on and off the pitch, there are some issues causing concern to fans. We desperately want the club to succeed and, at the very least, challenge for promotion, but it would be helpful to understand some of the issues that are causing concern. We respect that some items must remain confidential until they can be disclosed, but fans would be reassured with feedback on: 1. The position with Owain Fon Williams and his likely involvement this season. 2. The implied criticism made by Ross County of the fitness levels of our players and our training regime, as quoted in the Press and Journal with reference to Ross Draper. 3. Possibly linked to the above, the run of injuries over the last two seasons. Hopefully you read this and can comment. Thank you.
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    I signed for Grimsby Town as a goalkeeper in the early 60s so do you think I should offer my services
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    Not quite, Fraz. Dougal has attempted to create one.
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    Totally agree Kingsmills. The only implied criticism here is by yourself as I believe Jim McIntyre stated that his fitness was not at the level to play the type of game Ross County wish to play. Given County's recent results and their performance against rangers, maybe he is not the only player at that level
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    In hindsight I wonder if things would have been different if we had released OFW instead of Dean Brill when JH had to make the choice of who to keep. I seem to remember that many on here highlighted the valid point that although Dean Brill was the better keeper OFW would bring in a windfall from his involvement in the Euro's. Not sure how much we made from the Euro's, but probably not enough to justify some shambolic goalkeeping performances that undoubtedly contributed to our slide out of the SPL. IMO Ridgers is obviously struggling for form so bringing in the experienced Esson to try and steady a rocking defence must be an option.
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    Who knows what the hell is going on with OFW. I only see that everybody loses from this. Fon Williams is not playing and his hopes of international recognition goes down the pan. The Club has yet another PR disaster, is paying for a player who won't be played and have a calamity in goal who has been a contributing factor in more than one defeat this season. In fairness, OFW made his own fair share of ****-ups last season (near post free kicks were a particular shambles), but I sense that Ridgers is in his own class ewhen it comes to goalkeeping talents.
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    A complete non-issue and tbh a bit pathetic really. What next ? Having a moan because a player is seen in a good mood in public after a defeat ? Absolute riddy.
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    If only our fans got as worked up about other things going on at the club as they do about the players having some slices of pizza after a game. Jesus wept.
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    A real stickler for rigorous verification of the evidence presented is our Dougal.......
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