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    CTO Preview has been published.
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    My mistake I thought it was the uncovered section didn’t realise they had some undercover as well. Thanks
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    Doesn’t seem fair that Quay get the uncovered section. I don’t suppose for a minute they will be many of them but at least give them a roof over their heads. What happened to our highland hospitality
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    Aye McDonald looks an exciting prospect. Disappointingly McCauley looks slower than a week in jail.
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    Let's get the pain out of the way early this weekend... Morton @ 2.15 ta
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    Whilst it's a nice idea, everyone would miss them, especially the clubs in the prem, the lower division teams in the cups and the FSA, that's why nothing has ever been done in the past nor will anything be done in the future. Fact is, the SFA can sanction clubs for fan behaviour, they choose not to.
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    Catherine Street car park is about 10 minutes walk from the ground and is free.
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    Speak for yourself. I doubt that many people on this site have behaved in such a dishonest way.
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    Shorty , you quite obviously have no idea what the Travel Club is about If you would like to pop into the Sports Bar at any home game we will be more than happy to explain how it's run . You can't miss us our table is right opposite the main entrance to the bar.We look forward to meeting you .
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    Calls from United for a minutes applause on the 31st Minute on Sunday
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    Aye, don't worry. Will only be a battle against the Sheep, the Bears or the Bhoys if we get through. One of which we are more famous against 😂
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    Just read Gerard's defence saying he thinks it should be sorted out in football in general? As far as I can see this is mainly a West of Scotland problem and is not only a football issue. However since Rangers has risen back to the premiership it does appear to be getting worse and worse. Rangers (and Celtic) are the problem and as far as I can see are just playing lip service to solving this issue as are the SFA and SPFL. Doesnt need a new OFBA but does need enforcement of existing legislation. Cant see anything changing fast sadly. Is it only me that prefered football when Rangers were in wilderness? Calmed this stuff down considerably
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